About FKOF

About FKOF

FatKidOnFire was born on March 16th 2010.
Wil was coming towards the end of a somewhat unfulfilling three years studying biomedical science at University, and was looking for things to do that would provide an alternate life path to that of a lab chemist…

The concept behind FKOF was one he’d been sitting on for a while – the UK’s streetwear scene is booming but the support both in Great Britain and worldwide is a little odd. The support that is there is great, but most of the blogs out there appear to be following the tried and tested method set down by the big guns like HypeBeast – someone drops something new and everyone blogs product shots but nothing about the brand.

Wil decided that instead of hyping brand’s products why not talk to the brands about who they were, sort of like an extended “About Me”. The first feature was a five minute chat over coffee, so the rest have followed that sort of template. Short but personable chats about who the people behind the brand are, where they want to go and how they’re going to get there.

What started out as a small blog about the UK’s streetwear scene has grown into much more. Since its launch in March 2010, FatKidOnFire has had hits from two thirds of the world’s countries and has amassed pageviews in the high six figures. Wil’s work with FatKidOnFire has also been recognised by the Guardian and NME at the 2010 Student Media Awards, with Wil being awarded the “Digital Journalist of the Year” title by the judges. More recently, FKOF was nominated, and subsequently won, the ‘Best Website’ category in the 2013 Dubstepforum Awards.

FatKidOnFire has also expanded its reach to not only incorporate worldwide brands; but has also become a hub for designers, musical and new writing talent from across the web.