Back in the day, I created a brand underneath FKOF, alongside Chris Remy, that was meant to live life as an iPad magazine (back when they were a thing). Distinct from the main FKOF label, but very much part of the same universe. Long story short, as with a lot of similar projects at the time, it ended up not coming to fruition – but the design work Chris and I did was shelved for a rainy day project.

Fast forward to 2016 and I got chatting with Olaf (who you’ll likely know as Korrupt). We were doing a tonne of FKOF Promos at the time, to the extent that they were starting to overtake everything else we were working on. After some discussion, we decided to separate the promo work we did into two approaches. FKOF was to continue promoting material, artists and imprints we loved and wanted to support – and the newly resurfaced Signalfire was created to act as a PR agency for the labels we wanted to support but weren’t able to under the FKOF banner. Olaf’s taken SF and run with the concept over the last few months, and I’m delighted to see he now represents and works with some of the best creators in our genre.

If you’re a DJ, producer or record label in need of a range of PR-based services, I’d recommend Olaf, George and the team’s services. You can find out more below or visit the SF website here.

SF was created by Olaf de Rooij, a Rotterdam-based audio engineer and label & marketing manager at FatKidOnFire (FKOF) – a chart-topping record label and one of the UK’s leading digital culture publications. Fresh out of SAE Institute Rotterdam, where he received a Bachelor of Honours in Audio Production, Olaf has worked with some of the biggest music producers, DJs and record labels in soundsystem music.

He’s highly regarded for his in-depth reviews, sought-after feedback and professional approach to the community. Having joined FKOF as their reviewer 5+ years ago, today sees him as one of the label’s A&R managers, responsible for finding the freshest and most exciting producers in bass music. He also writes for the award-winning website and manages a 50,000+ strong community alongside FKOF founder Wil Benton.

Olaf lives and breathes Signalfire – creating written, design, audio and audiovisual content on a weekly basis.

He’s also a professional DJ who’s played across Europe and the UK – and is well known for offering a helping hand to an aspiring DJ or producer. Signalfire epitomises Olaf’s mission to help DJs, producers, labels, and the soundsystem community itself, to evolve and prosper.

Signalfire – ‘Fuelling the music industry.’