AudioBomb - makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #9


makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #9

As with normal FatKidOnFire features, all’s been quiet on the makeitgood x FKOF collabs. This next collab interview is the Chris and Josh from Oakland, California who make up the amazing dubstep and electro duo AudioBomb. If you’re unsure as to what sort of sound these guys are pushing, peep their Soundcloud bio:


Nuff said! Peep the interview and catch their exclusive 5th July mix below…

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When did you guys start producing music together? Chris: We’ve been making tunes together for 3 years now, but we’ve only been producing dubstep for about 3 months.

Josh: We originally worked on some live PA/electronic music, and shifted to electro/house about a year ago, only to be swept away by the whomp!

Did you guys do separate stuff before you became AudioBomb? Chris: I played bass in a ska band called Minus Vince for 7 years before I started producing electronic music on a couple of Korg Electribes and Propellerheads Reason.

Josh: I have been playing keyboards, running the sound and writing songs for metal band Weslester since 2006. Weslester and Minus Vince shared a studio in ‘06 and that’s how Chris and I met.

Since then, we’ve been working together using Ableton Live, Reason, NI Massive, and Antares AutoTune to produce dubstep, electro, and house together.

Whats the dubstep/grime scene like in USA? Has it been getting bigger and bigger? “West Coast Whomp” is on the rise

Turntables or CDJs? Chris: Whatever’s at the venue if we’re not playing our custom Ableton Live set!

Josh: If I had to pick from the two, I’d go with CDJs. There’s less moving parts and it’s immediately easy fun! Turntables are fun too though. I like making music without having to worry about the tools I have around me. When DJing, I enjoy not having to worry about the equipment – all whilst having the most fun dynamically reacting with the audience is what I look for in my performances.

First ever dubstep track you listened to? Chris: The first couple dubstep songs I heard were whimpy whompy, but then I heard Borgore’s “Ice Cream”, and my tongue hung out of my mouth, like this :P~~~~~ [haha]!

Josh: The first dubstep track I actually listened to was Rocksonix’s remix of Flux Pavillion’s “Voscillate”. The lyrics got me at first, and then the upbeat solid whomp got me making dubstep in no time.

Do you both produce the tracks together or does it vary? It varies. Sometimes we’ll complete a tune together, from start to finish. Other times we’ll start one individually and then send it to the other to work on, and trade back and forth until we’re happy. Whatever is easiest to get songs made!

Any new stuff coming from you guys on Helicopter Showdown/ D-Fault Records that we can look forward too? Absolutely! We are always pumping out new music, so keep your eyes peeled at to see our new originals and remixes that you can buy or download, along with any other news you oughta know!

How long do you guys spend on average producing and editing a track? That also varies. Sometimes a song happens out of thin air in a matter of hours, and sometimes what we want to achieve is more difficult to accomplish than we originally thought and it takes a few weeks or even a few months to finish. We always want to represent the songs at their finest, so no matter how long it takes we’ll work it out.

If you use samples, where do you source them from? The Internet is a hell of a thing!

Best set you’ve played has been where? Our Filth of July Mix at the Filth of July Campout is definitely the most fun we’ve had performing, and our best mix so far! 



You’ve had the words, now get down to the music. This hour long mix is murky. Peep the mix and free download below.

Be sure to catch AudioBomb on Myspace (deadspace), Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook. Expect to see many more makeitgood x FatKidOnFire interviews dropping over the next few weeks (stay locked for another exclusive minimix early next week from a special dutty dubsteps production/ Dj duo)!

AudioBomb Filth of July Mix 2010 by AudioBomb

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Track list:

  1. OMNOMNOM – From the New World (AudioBomb Really Really Filthy remix)
  2. George Lenton – Jungle Whomp
  3. Marco Del Horno & Last Japan – Pilled Up Again (Tomb Crew remix)
  4. AudioBomb – The Filth
  5. Cheshire – Good Time
  6. Noisia – Split the Atom (Bar9 remix)
  7. AudioBomb & Helicopter Showdown – Get Tuff
  8. The Builder – Banana Phone Remix
  9. DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion Remix)
  10. Dubba Jonny – A Brief Tutorial on Dubstep Production (AudioBomb fix)
  11. Borgore – Shamen
  12. Ultrablack – Puff
  13. Vaski – Get Down
  14. Rusko – I Love You
  15. Tek-One – Broken String
  16. Sidney Samson ft. Lady Bee – Shut Up & Let It Go (Bar9 remix)
  17. AudioBomb – Can I Get One More Whomp?
  18. AudioBomb – Everyone is Doing It
  19. Datsik & Excision – Swagga (D-Jahsta remix)
  20. Ultrablack – The Naughty One
  21. AudioBomb – This Is Why We Whomp
  22. Louis La Roche – Malfunction (The Killabits remix)
  23. Shrillex – Fucking Die 1 (AudioBomb remix)
  24. Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Bassnectar’s Mega Bass remix)
  25. Thunderskank – Lately (AudioBomb Edit)
  26. Shekel – This Is Not Our Planet
  27. Zed’s Dead – White Satin (AudioBomb edit)
  28. Sublime – Doin Time (Zed’s Dead Summer Grime remix)
  29. Dreadzone – Gangster (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
  30. Doctor P – Sweet Shop (Radiex Remix)

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