Aems One - makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #13

Aems One

makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #13

It’s been a fairly quiet week here at FatKidOnFire HQ, and then today comes along and we have two makeitgood x FKOF features to drop. It’s a bit like buses (or women); you wait around for ages and then two or three come at once… The next feature to drop is with Geordie MC/ Dj/ producer Aems One. We’re sure you guys are as stoked as we are with this one – we’re loving Aems One’s murky dubstep and breakbeat sounds! Aems has MC’d for pretty much everyone who’s anyone in the dubstep scene so it’s a big look for everyone involved…

[Aems MCing for Skream at Durham SU]

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How long have you been producing dubstep? I’ve been making dubstep about 5 years now… I’ve been producing other genres a lot longer though. I enjoy making all different types of music, but 140bpm is the kind of area I enjoy working around and dubstep just happens to be the style i’m feeling the most right now!

What got you into producing? I always loved music and I was always interested how tracks were made – I loved the way old skool and hip-hop used samples from anywhere and everywhere! I got myself a little DAW and sampling program and started making tracks. The more I got into it, the more software I got and the more time it took up! I’d love to do it full time… 

How long on average does it take to produce a track? That totally depends on the track and my mood. If I’m really feeling it and really in the mood to make music it can be as short as two days, but sometimes a track will go weeks before its finished. I scrap a lot of tracks and some get totally changed after a few sessions in front of the computer…

What software do you use to produce your music? This question always crops up! I don’t think it matters what kind of software you use, as long as the music is decent. But for the geeks, I use FL Studio rewired into Ableton LIVE.

Turntables or CDJs? Turntables is the true art form I think. I’ve got respect for people who still use 100pc vinyl. I love vinyl and I think that every Dj should be able to use it. If I really like a track, I’ll buy it on vinyl AND .mp3. However, I find myself playing CDs mainly these days. They don’t skip as much, they’re lighter to carry, you don’t have to rely on the club having a good isolated booth to absorb shock or the promoter having a good pair of needles. I can also burn any promos or tracks the night I get them and play them straight away. I can’t afford to cut every track I get sent to dubplate… And CDJs are ideal for quick mixing…

How long have you been MCing? About 7 years now! I started out doing hip-hop and dabbling in DnB, and then dubstep. The bookings started coming in and now most of my bookings are for MCing. These days I do about 50/50 DnB and dubstep…

Best artist you’ve MC’d for and why? Thats a tough one. I think it would be too difficult for me to pick one artist. Highlights for me are always when I get to MC for Skream, Benga, Breakage, Subfocus, Shy FX, Rusko, Noisia, Blame and Nero… They mix it up, always play a tremendous set and the crowd always goes absolutely nuts. Djs who really enjoy it, communicate with me on what they’re gonna do, and can have a bit of a laugh are always good to work with. I do like to do the more laidback stuff or techy side sometimes and people like Spectrasoul, Loxy, Phobia, London Elektricity, Darkside, Cyrus are always a great pleasure to work with. Recent highlights have been Tomb Crew, Walsh, Heny G, Lost and Bar 9.
I gotta big up Codename:Tyrone – I work with him on a regular basis. He’s a sick Dj (both DnB and dubstep) and we know each others styles really well. I love Djing with and MCing for this guy. He’s got a DnB track out with Jubei on Invaderz Transmissions called “Tremors” – go cop it!

What’s the dubstep scene like up north? Yeah. I think dubstep is large everywhere right now. I reckon by next year you can probably go to a dubstep/dnb event every night of the week if you’re prepared to go to a few student nights… The best parties are usually at Digital though – Turbulence, Heavyweight, Subprime and Modulations. Sick nights.

Any new stuff we can expect? Always! Production wise, I’m working on some original tracks at the moment, some different kinda vibe than my usual output… Got a singer called LKP on vocals for one of them and I have a couple of other vocalists I want to work with.
My remix for the Str8jackets and MC Chickaboo track “Move and Rock” just came out on Big In Ibiza Records, and I’m currently working on a remix for Top Drawer Digital
MCing wise, i’ve been writing to some very nice hip-hop beats recently and I’m supposed to be laying down some vocals for Phobia soon too…

Have you got any advice for new producers/ MCs? Practice, practice, Practice. Enjoy yourself, but if you want it to be your job, then you have to treat it like a job. Be Proffessional. Don’t gossip or get caught up in forums or politics or bitching or any of that sh!te. If money is involved, make sure you’ve got it locked down and be aware of yourself and exactly whats happening around you. It’s not called the “music business” for nothing. Remember where you came from and don’t be an arrogant pr1ck. It sounds cheesy but its true!

PS – You can catch Me MCing for SHY FX and BREAKAGE at Turbulence, Digital Nightclub, Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 24th September.

Big up Miss Aim who puts up with me and is a massive help in absolutely everything. Also shout out to Nikki Acute, everyone at GetDarker, Turbulence and Icon Agency

For bookings please contact [email protected]

Magnetic Man – I Need Air – Aems’ Lets Get Ravey Remix by Aems

Magnetic Man are (rightfully) taking the world by storm at the minute, but it’s always good to hear someone else’s take on their music… Aem’s “Lets Get Ravey” remix puts a new spin on the fantastic original, big sounds!

Catch Aems on Myspace (deadspace), Soundcloud, Twitter and Tumblr.

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