Villainous Visard x FatKidOnFire - Re-Interview #1

Villainous Visard x FatKidOnFire

Re-Interview #1

Seeing as it’s FatKidOnFire’s six month birthday month (that makes sense if you look at it long enough) and we’re still reeling from being nominated for the 2010 Guardian Student Media Awards, we thought we’d change things up a little bit. To coincide with all the good things that are happening at here at FKOF HQ, we thought we’d share the love and go back to basics.

The first brand ever to feature on the site, the graphic designer responsible for the FKOFing amazing FatKidOnFire logos – the reasons why we love Villainous Visard are pretty much endless. The timing’s pretty much perfect, seeing as Binz has just dropped his latest line. We sat down for a catch up; to chat about what’s changed over the past six months and what’s in store for the brand in the next six months…

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It’s been six months since the Villainous Visard x FKOF feature, what’s changed for the brand since then? Well over the the last six months there’s been a lot of leg work going on and this has included (but is not limited to!) networking, hangouts with peeps, showcasing and getting the product seen by the right people.

So far it has been all love and people are really starting to understand that we are trying to do something different to the current scene. The name is being spoken about more so the brand awareness is building.

Our website has also been updated with a new look and feel which ties into our concept. We wanted to keep this simple; nice and clean as it’s the tees that do the talking.

We have been gaining a lot of Stateside interest which is a great thing. I am really stoked about this, expect to see cool-ass peeps wearing the Villain in the US!

You’ve just dropped your latest line of tees; “Live from Planet X”. Are you still designing using the same influences as you were six months ago? What caused the colour change from black basic tees to white, a change of heart from the villain? In answer to you question, yup the designs will always focus around the mask and that is the most important thing to us. Our intention is to always keep the mask and the villain theme as the focal point of the design when designing. So now the story focuses around a new threat Planet X! This time round we also wanted listen to what our followers, which can be a dangerous thing – but I think we struck the right balance with the new designs.

The decision to flip the designs to white basic tees was because they were supposed to be a summer release. As we were consistently modifying the designs it kept leading to the drop date being pushed back, so we thought that it didn’t matter when the tees were released… As long as we feel the designs are true to our vision, release dates do not matter. It’s not like people don’t wear tees during the A/W season haha!

When can we expect more from the Villain – any exciting collabs or further designs to look out for in the near future? Over the next few months we have got some special things cooking up and we promise not to leave it so long this time for the next drop.

Collab wise, this kid called Studio RUDO has just emerged and things just seem to click with this dude in terms of vision and long term plans, so expect something special. We are looking into other avenues as well as tees; I have so many ideas but they’ll only happen if the quality is correct, so keep your eyes peeled [and your fingers crossed!].

Has your opinion of the streetwear scene in the UK changed? My take on the UK scene is still the same as last time round (if I remember rightly), without being to negative I don’t think we have anything here that can be compete with the best of the overseas brands, excluding maybe Maharishi and Silas in terms of quality.

The UK is just waiting for that brand but is has to grow organically at its own pace and it can’t follow the herd, and if it’s nurtured right it could turn out to be something special. The thing is Stussy, GoodEnough, BAPE, BBC/Icecream, FUCT, XLARGE and Supreme etc have set the blueprints in terms what labels can be and even if it’s not to your taste you have to respect what they have achieved. A lot of the UK brands act like they don’t know, hence they have no brand direction, ethos and most of all quality – because if you really look at it, we are all the bastard children of these brands, like it or not.

For more information on Binz’s latest line and what’s going on with the Villain, hit up their website, webstore (for that all important cop) and blog.

If you have any thoughts on what Binz has had to (re-)say, or thoughts on anything else you’ve read let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).