Fused Forces - makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #14

Fused Forces

makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #14

It seems a little odd that we get most of our workload done here at FatKidOnFire HQ once the rest of the street’s population are sound asleep. It’s not something we particularly enjoy but that’s obviously when we work best. Anyhow, it’s that time of night when we’ve finished writing a few new updates for your perusal.

This feature is the next in the run of makeitgood x FatKidOnFire interviews and is with none other than Romford’s finest purveyors of all things dutty dubsteps – Fused Forces. Trust us when we say we are STOKED on this. Peep the feature and an exclusive 30 minute mix from the boys (Adsassin and Moriatti) below…

[Fused Forces photographed for the awesome “Welcome to Romford” shoot by BNTL’s GregTeee]

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What made you start producing dubstep? Well from an early age we was both really into drum & bass and hip-hop, and living on the outskirts of London we’ve always been interested in any new genres that have emerged. From when UK garage came about through to when early grime and dubstep started getting played on all the London pirates such as Rinse Fm. We’ve always been hungry for new fresh new music, and the London pirate scene fuelled our addiction to underground music. We started producing grime around 2003-2004, and our tracks seemed to lean towards the darker, deeper more dubstep style side of things (most probably due to our drum & bass background) and dubstep eventually took president as our favourite genre to produce.

How old were you both when you first realised you wanted to do it professionally? Probably around 2004/2005. This was when we got to the point where we thought to ourselves “we wanna do this for more than a hobby”. We both did loads of radio sets on various London based pirates playing drum & bass, as well as the odd small booking, but nothing major came of it. It was only after a few years – once we got to a half decent standard of producing, that we thought it was time to push it about! It’s only been the past few years where we have seen a major difference between it being a hobby and a profession.

Best set you’ve played so far has been? Why? Wow, there’s been a lot of memorable sets we’ve played! If we had to pin it down to just two, the first would be Stink Like Sock in Cambridge playing alongside Rusko, Benga, and Plastician. It was one to remember! And the second the time we played at Trigga in Tilburg, Holland. Very nice intimate atmosphere and heavy vibes!

Turntables or CDJs? Ahhh we are split on this one! Basically we have mixed with vinyl since ‘94, and feel so much more comfortable mixing on a pair of 1210’s than CDJs. But unfortunaltey when we play out, the high amount of unreleased tracks we play it would cost us a fortune to get dubs cut each week! Compared to being able to buy about 100 blank CDs for a fiver! But we still buy plenty of vinyl and think it’s important to support it considering we run and release our own music on the format. Digital age has killed the aura of a vinyl release, but at the end of the day you can’t beat a physical product.

What music are you listening to at the moment? There’s so much good music out there, across so many genres. To name a few artists we are currently listening to: Macabre Unit, Slaughter Mob, Von D, Tunnidge, Distance, Cyrus, Snipaz, through to Roots Manuva, Marco Polo, Rhyme Asylum, Cappo, OGs, Ghetts, Rudekid, Nerco, Mr Scruff… Far too hard a question to answer with justice!!!!

I’ve heard somewhere on the grapevine that you’re doing a collab with Death Before Dishonor, how’s that all working out? Ahhh yea! We’ve kept this one fairly low key up to now, but it’s true were currently working on a hybrid project fusing music with fashion. Generally unheard of in underground music, so it’s a stab in the dark to say the least! Death Before Dishonor does such a great thing by bringing original, unique artwork to clothing. And after an online link up and chat, we decided to sit down and plan a project involving vinyl/branded clothing. That’s all we’ll say for now, as it’s still in the early stages. But big up to Chris for honouring us with this opportunity.

Who’s the best artist you’ve played alongside? There’s been soooo many! And we feel so privileged and lucky to have done so! Coki, Benga, Rusko, Plastician, Distance, Cotti, Kromestar to name a handful. So it’s hard to point at one and say “Yeah that’s the best artist!” But sometimes it’s not about the big names. Some of the best sets come from the lesser known Djs. 

Do you think you will stick to producing dubstep, or will you try and mix it up? We’ve never really stuck ourselves in the “dubstep” bracket to be honest. Although the majority of our material is dubstep and it’s what we are generally known for, we make a lot of grime & hip-hop as well. 

Any EPs or albums we can look forward to hearing? Yes! Right now we’re working on two CD projects. The first were working on a vocal mixtape entitled “Remain Unlabeled” which will be dropping towards the end of the year. There are a lot of good artists featuring on it including Riko, Blacks, Sonny Jim, Jokerstarr, Vader, M.I.K, High Rise, and plenty more. We hope to expose the more multi-genre side to Fused Forces. Also, we have our album at least 75% ready! This is going to be a

strictly instrumental affair, with very little input from anyone else. We’ve
held tracks back completely from over 2 years ago for this, so there’s no going
back now! Consisting mainly of deep, thoughtful material that makes a statement. Rather than a list of 15 odd tunes in any order. Both should be ready by the start of 2011, if not before.

Any advice to upcoming producers/Djs and new talent? It’s a common answer but so true, just try to be original. Do your own thing, and don’t watch what anyone else is doing. Might take you more effort, or longer to get where you want to be, but carving your our path will make more of an impression on any scene then just generally fitting the mould. Sometimes it’s too easy to follow suit.

There’s no need for introduction for this mix. If you know Fused Forces you’ll know this mix is something to jump on. It is SICK!

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Fused Forces x FatKidOnFire minimix by FatKidOnFire


Track list:

  1. Fused Forces & Dj Cable – Yoshimitsu
  2. Shreddexx – Hardest Last Bounce
  3. Catacombs – Darkness
  4. D-Cult – Visions
  5. Slaughter Mob – Main Frame Glitch
  6. Mensah – Stapleton road VIP
  7. Kromestar – Demon Rockers
  8. Fused Forces – Who U Dealing With
  9. Fused Forces ft. Blacks – Just Do You
  10. Flecta – The Visitors
  11. Matt Green – Untitled
  12. Demon – The Plan
  13. Goli & Ashburner – The Beasts
  14. Dj Snipaz – Mechano Riddim
  15. Von Boyage – Drink Up

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