Jilted Royalty x FatKidOnFire - Interview #45

Jilted Royalty x FatKidOnFire

Interview #45

A week has past since the last FatKidOnFire feature and it’s time for the next; the 45th to be exact! It’s still pretty hard to believe we’ve got this far, six months on and still going strong. We’ve got big love for all the support you guys are giving us – we’re planning on still going strong for another six months (and more)!

Anyhow, this next brand has been two years in the making and we’re pleased to say they’ve come through with their first collection – which, incidentally, is fully cut and sew. You read that right, fully cut and sew for a first collection. That’s just one of the distinguishing features of this new British brand. Peep the introductory vid below and read on to find out more…

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Jay Read’s Jilted Royalty is a new line coming out of Birmingham. Jay’s a designer and a model and has finally started producing his own clothing line (long after producing exclusives for himself over the years). Jilted Royalty’s first collection consists of four tees and crews cut to Jay’s specific size and are packed with loads of neat little details (and as you know, we’re all about the little details here at FKOF HQ)! We sat down with Jay to find out more…

Who/ what is Jilted Royalty?Jilted – Cast aside without warning. Royalty – Power, Status and authority… My life has been a rollercoaster from the lowest of lows to the highest of heights and my label represents all aspects of me, myself and I.

Your SW1 designs are all strong and striking? Do you have a definitive brand image or are you just producing sharp visuals? What made you go in hard with full cut and sew with your first collection? The brand is just like me – raw and real. I design everything myself and the designs are either drawn when I am in one of my many states of mind, or as a direct innuendo that I have chosen to voice in the form of an image on garment. Either way, everything I release comes from inside this head of mine and is one way or another a representation of myself!

Everything I release is cut and sew made to exact Jilted specifications. Brands start small and work their way up whereas I always like to start a party with a bang and make a proper entrance!

You set a standard from the start in anything you do and you always have to maintain this standard or even raise the bar. Another reason why I decided to go all out from the beginning was the fact that unless the garments are good enough for me to wear I wouldn’t sell it or expect someone else to wear them. These days you’ve got to dress to impress. I’m into style, not fashion!

What does/ will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK streetwear pack? What’s the Loyalty List?Let me just say that I’m not here to try and prove some point and get in competition with anybody; I’m just here to do my thing and show what Jilted’s about. Anyone who can relate to this and wants to join the family then get involved, if you don’t that’s your choice – it’s cool.

I think many brands create a reputation and a following and then seem to live off it all, too easily throwing out designs expecting just because it has their stamp on it that it will sell. For me that isn’t enough; I want every piece I release to have a background story or a meaning attached to it – or at least be a reflection of what Jilted’s about.

For the first few months I am only making 50 of each design and I think this will sell out pretty quickly, so I have decided to make a ‘Loyalty List’ of people that can basically have priority beginning from the release of the firstSW1 line.

I like the idea of a limited number of my designs going out into the world. My designs and the spirit behind each one are special, and I think the love and the ideas behind each one get lost if everyone on the street is wearing it. It’s because of this that I’m only going to release very limited stock of each piece i.e. 50 of each; and when it’s done, it’s done.

The SW1 line (nothing to do with the postcode) will be released primarily through my exclusive (subscription) mailing list. I want to be loyal to the people who are loyal to me and who support Jilted and can relate to what the label stands for. The only way of getting onto my mailing list is if you’ve already invested in one of these first pieces.

I update the list every month, so the most recent clients that have invested in the brand float to the top and get priority and the others drop lower down the list.

I’m blessed that I have a following of some seriously diehard fans – as the pieces are so limited edition not everyone will be able to get access to the pieces fast enough which is why I’ve put the Loyalty List together. I’ll always stay loyal to those who are loyal to me. That is what the label is all about – RESPECT!

I haven’t lied since I was 25 so believe me when I say this: even when Jilted spreads and we’re producing stuff on a lot wider scale, the list of 50 will always remain and will gain priority over everything I release.

Who or what influences you in your work?I don’t know and have never really thought too much about what inspires me. I just go with my own flow, never following other trends and things just always seem to fall into place.

My day to day life goes down many different paths and involves many different circles but whatever it is I’m doing, I just let things roll and it always works out for the best!

I have suffered from multiple personality disorder since I was a child so at any given time my mind can begin to completely change and my thinking with it. Therefore my style changes and I will design from a completely different angle, although through years of constant self analysis and diagnosis I have gained a strong hold over my condition so I am 75% of the time in control of things but it continually pops up and surprises me with outcomes both good and bad! I suppose for my brand it’s a good thing because the style of my designs will only ever be the same for a short period of time.

I do buzz off looking at what other labels and artists (tattoo/ graffiti / all sorts) are producing or doing. Admiring their work always keeps me on my toes to try and be one step ahead of them – I think the chase to achieve this keeps me moving forward and helps sculpt my artistic mind.

[Jay in the “Start Wars” crew]

What’s your take on the whole UK streetwear scene at the moment?To be honest with you I have been too busy with the 50 different projects that I have going on in my life to be keeping track of who’s doing what. However, to me streetwear in the UK is massively on the rise and a lot of brands are coming up and being recognised internationally but I feel we have still never had a SUPER BRAND!

Travis Barker owns Famous, Rogue Status and DTA along with a few others… To me all three are super brands, maybe verging on being classed as commercial high-street brands but still they have all smashed it and are internationally known; something I don’t see any UK brand having fully achieved yet!

Even though I admire and respect these brands, I have no intention of following in their footsteps. Jilted will never be a mass-produced brand like them because for me it’s more about artistic expression, quality, and exclusivity! This isn’t about money, it’s a family affair!

Where do you see you and Jilted Royalty being in 5 years time? Jilted is for friends and friends of friends – this isn’t going to turn into a commercial sellout brand. I have been held up for almost 2years for a few different reasons but now everything is finally in place and I feel the sky is really the limit! I have interest from retailers and distributors from all over Europe and the US, the offers are just from speaking to me and going on the small pieces they have seen so far. Once the new lines start flowing I see no end to where the brand could end up!

On a personal level, I’m aiming to get to the moon and back! And I plan on taking Jilted with me!

Where can people expect to catch your work, any stockists to watch?There are many stockists in the loop waiting for my call but for the first few months, stock will only be available through myself and the Jilted webstore. You may see a few pieces popping up in stores here and there across the UK but as soon as these appear they will disappear!

I have my fingers in many pies and according to some rumours that I’ve been hearing I’m due to open a streetwear store in the new year… Of course, anyone on the priority mailing list will know before anyone else about what’s going on with Jilted Royalty!

Top 5 favourite albums? I’m into every type of music but can’t remember the last time I listened to a full album?! My iPod’s blank as well, I’ve never uploaded a tune! But a list of random old CDs I’ve got lying around are:

  1. The very best of ‘The Stone Roses
  2. Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury
  3. The Horrors – Strange house
  5. The sound of ‘THE JAM’

[Details from the “JR logo” crew – each crew is specifically cut to Jilted Royalty size and features details like woven labels, side panels with pockets and underarm metal air holes]

Shoutouts Just one, shouout to FatKidOnFire for the interview [Big up!]!

After waiting years to get our hands on Jay’s limited edition designs, Jilted Royalty has dropped online and has not disappointed us! The four tees and crews are a sight to behold and we definitely recommend jumping in on the JR family. At 50 pieces a design, these won’t stay around so don’t sleep! Catch the Jilted Royalty blog and peep Jilted on Twitter to find out more about the brand.

If you have any thoughts on what Jay has had to say, or thoughts on anything else you’ve read let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).