Orien - makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #16


makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #16

Continuing the slew of updates from FatKidOnFire HQ is the next instalment from the makeitgood x FKOF series. After the (continuing) successes of the Fused Forces and Tehran Bass features and exclusive mixes, we’re proud to release another interview (and 30 minute exclusive mix) from none other than Dub Police’s producer/Dj Orien. Huge big up to Orien for taking the time to spin us a mix, really appreciate the support! If you’re on Facebook (who isn’t these days?) catch Orien’s profile and be sure to tune into his weekly radio show (listings on the page). Peep Orien on Twitter and be sure to catch him on Myspace.

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How long have you been producing music for? I’ve been producing for about 7/8 yrs now.

What got you into producing dubstep? I was always more into the darker sounds, used to be into drum and bass and  grime and progressed from there.

What software do you use to produce your tracks? Fruity Loops and hardware…

Turntables or CDJs? Turntables MK5 Technics 1210s.

Best set you’ve played has been? Fabric Room 1 when playing with DubPolice.

Any new releases we can look forward to? Release on DubWar Records consists of Fighting Machine, Time To Skank Out and Violent Outbreak.

Release on Heavy Artillery consists of Motor Hand and Never Forgotten.

Release on my label Poizend Audio – PA003 is forthcoming song to be announced shortly…

[Most of these new releases feature on Orien’s J’aime Le Dubstep mix]

Do you think you will stick to producing dubstep, or do you think you will mix it up? I’ve already started… Started mixing it up a year ago – I produce all types of music. I like to make music for everyone!

What music are you listening to at the moment? Any recommendations? I listen to all types of music – I am very versatile and enjoy every genre there is.

Best producer/ Dj you’ve played a set with? Theres been so many and I would hate to choose one over another – I’ve been privileged to have worked with loads of fantastic producers/Djs.

Any advice to upcoming producers/ Djs? Produce your own sound – don’t try and follow anyone – make your sound unique… And never give up.

You’ve had the words, now have the music. This mix is dark, heavy and does not take any prisoners. Play this in a darkened room and be prepared to get your fright on. You have been warned!

Orien x FatKidOnFire minimix by FatKidOnFire


Track list:

  1. Orien – Knickers (Poizend Audio 002)
  2. Orien – Look At My Eyes (Dub Police)
  3. Orien – Damaged
  4. Orien – Mods (Poizend Audio 002)
  5. Toast – Trouble (Orien remix)
  6. Orien – Shell Shock
  7. Orien – Lurking In The Darkness
  8. Orien – Love Come To Me (forthcoming Poizend Audio)
  9. Rossi B and Luca – Music Money (Orien remix)
  10. Orien – Heart Of The Jungle (forthcoming Poizend Audio)
  11. Sound Proof – B Town (Orien remix)
  12. Orien – Violent Outbreak (forthcoming Dub War Records)
  13. Orein – That Place In The Sky

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