Villainous Visard x FatKidOnFire - Interview #1

Villainous Visard x FatKidOnFire

Interview #1

What do you get if you take a strong background in graphic design; influences ranging from Daft Punk to Golden Era comics; and a liking for villains?

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The UK streetwear industry has long been lacking any of the high end “luxury” brands that other countries have (Japan’s A Bathing Ape and America’s Billionaire Boys Club are two prime examples). This could be attributed to many factors but, thankfully, it’s all about to change. I first caught London’s up and coming Villainous Visard at Margin earlier this year, and couldn’t get the designs out of my head. There are currently 7 Villain designs available that are so sharp and fresh that they are blowing most other UK designs out of the water. I linked up with the head villain, and brains behind the brand, Binz, to find out more…

Who/ what is Villainous Visard? Everyone wears masks in society, so that’s where the idea comes from. It’s releasing the mask to show the person underneath – anyone can wear a mask so that’s where the slogan “We Shall Cover The Mask” comes from.

<p >Your brand image is strong and striking – where does it come from and how can it be translated to a personal level? Everyone wears masks in society, so that’s where the idea comes from. It’s releasing the mask to show the person underneath – anyone can wear a mask so that’s where the slogan “We Shall Cover The Mask” comes from.

What does/ will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK streetwear pack? I don’t want to just make nice images, I want it bold, very graphic (my background is graphic design). Clean and bold graphics – black and white (a strong palette) because Villains see everything in good or bad so that’s why everything is black and white. All new drops will have the same black and white, bold images and there’ll be a running theme in the designs (so they all link through) – so you’ll know a Villainous Visard piece when you see one!

Who/ what influences you in your work? Comics, anime, anything visual basically. A lot of the Golden Era comics, like the Jack Kirbys. All the classic, classic 60s and 70s illustrations.

What’s your take on the whole UK streetwear scene at the moment? There’s a lot of good stuff out there, but sometimes I think the brand messages are mixed up. The graphics and the tees are nice, but I think this is where the US and overseas brands are much stronger – if you see a Mishka tee you’ll know its Mishka or Bape will be instantly recognized as Bape etc. Whereas a lot of the UK stuff, not dissing any work or anything, when you see the graphics you can’t tell who’s released them and can’t link them to the parent company or brand. Saying that, there are a few Villainous Visard collabs with other UK companies dropping soon so keep watch for that, should be interesting to see where it all goes!

Where do you see you and Villainous Visard being in 5 years time? I’d love to open my own store, here in London. I want to move into sweats and hoodies, but I’m strictly tees at the moment. I’ve got so many ideas just waiting to lift off! Just waiting on the right people taking notice and building up the followers!

Where can people expect to cop your work, any stockists to watch? Bakery store in Sheffield are stocking; Well Gosh in Leicester are looking to stock, maybe Hideout in London (maybe)!

Top 5 favourite albums?

  1. Nas – Illmatic
  2. Notorious B.I.G. – Ready to Die
  3. Jay Z – Black album
  4. Michael Jackson Thriller
  5. Daft Punk – Discovery

<p >I’m a big old school hip hop fan but I listen to a wide range of genres! Thriller’s got to be on there, and Discovery definitely influences my work so I’ll have that as my last choice. <p >
<p >Shoutouts Suffocake, Grizzle and Synamtix at The Daily Street, Margin UK, Dan, Chris and Ben at Well Gosh, Rich at Bakery Store, Hugh, Teef, Brian at Garmoury Store, Phil at Newnewhype, Hustlehard mag, Fresh 2 Def, Self Gained Treasures, Bassment Store, Fatgold, Planet of My Own, Dan at Urbanindustry, Kyle at Wholesome, Andi 45 comic and JWest Productions. Big up all the usual suspects!
<p >I was so impressed with Binz’s ideas, drive, passion and the ethos behind what he’s doing. The 7 designs are all printed on black cotton tees, with a great cut and fit to them. I definitely recommend heading here and copping a few! Each order comes with a sticker, polythene tee bag as well as a high quality carton bag with a spot varnished logo so you’re definitely getting your moneys worth. <p >I’ve taken some pictures of the tee I got, just to highlight the attention to detail and to show how slick these tees look! <p >The really fresh carton bag that the tee comes in <p >

The (front) print of my tee – good solid vinyl!

<p >

The sticker on the polythene bag the tee comes in – details like this are really neat

<p >There are some big plans for Villainous Visard. Keep watch, you’ll be sure to see and hear your local villain loitering on a dark street corner near you sometime very soon