Soap-Box x FatKidOnFire - Interview #4

Soap-Box x FatKidOnFire

Interview #4

It’s been a bit quiet here at for the past few weeks; for that I am sorry. Uni got a bit hectic towards the end of term (i.e. fifteen solid hours of essay writing in the library sort of thing) but that does generally tend to happen when one confuses essay deadline dates! I’m all done with uni (with the obvious exception of the impending sense of doom that is the final exams, but essays are all handed in, home in the country for Easter) so I can focus my attention on giving you guys something to read on this Saturday morning.

So who’s the next brand to catch my eye?

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UK-based Soap-Box caught my eye a while back whilst I was having a casual wander through the streets of the interweb. They struck me as a little unique – a UK brand that is putting out tees, crews, hoodies, polos and hats but also art prints, vinyl toys and books. Not many others are doing the whole package, but more importantly Soap-Box are doing it well. I linked up with Daniel from Soap-Box to find out more…

Who/ what is Soap-Box? Soap-Box was developed in 2008, with the brand focusing on quality of products and most importantly how we express ourselves through the design in which we deliver each piece. We see the world as a blank canvas, not just for us but all creative’s hence the tag line you will see sometimes ‘The World is Our Playground’.

<p >The images we use are all original concepts and hand drawn so you won’t see any image ripping going on here, on this side of things we want to eventually release a back catalog of all our sketches in one fine package. <p >Your brand image is strong and striking – where did the robots come from? Do you consider those designs to be your main image or is it flexible? The brand logo has some key elements to it and everything has its place like the colour green represents growth; this is because we are always learning new things as people and designers. Then you have the open mouth, which stands for speech, and how one can express them, so again from a design perspective this is our way of expressing ourselves. The Whole robots theme comes from our love for anime and manga. I would say this type of designing is flexible for us to switch up, because we come in like transformers 😉 <p >What does/ will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK streetwear pack? You offer the whole package – vinyl toys, books and artwork – will that continue or are you going to exclusive to one of those? I think this is how we stand out from other brands because we offer more than clothing, this helps because we can be as diverse as we want and offer a range of different things for people to understand Soap-Box that little bit more. For example we have released tees in the past with characters from our graphic novel set for release later this year, this will not only open up the design elements of the tee but the deeper meaning behind the character and most importantly what your wearing, its all down to choice though really. <p >Then we have the vinyl toys to bring which is for the collectors; currently we are working on some custom paper toys for release so look out for those. As the brand grows, each individual category will grow too, like for clothing we have started experimenting with expanding into different areas, which include cut & sew and new design techniques for our current and future releases. <p >Who/ what influences you in your work? Quite a few things, mostly the surroundings of life and people around us, then there’s the influences from Eastern culture like kung fu movies, manga, anime and all that good stuff. To be honest there are so many things but I’d say those are the main ones, oh and comic books how could I forget that one. <p >
<p >What’s your take on the whole UK streetwear scene at the moment? The Streetwear scene in the UK is definitely growing, and I believe there are some really good brands doing big things at the moment, and they all need supporting to keep the scene moving and growing, to be honest I think its only a matter of time before it kicks off like the UK music scene. <p >Where do you see you and Soap-Box being in 5 years time? That’s a tough one, life has this thing of being unpredictable and throwing many obstacles in the way. However, I would like to see our very own exclusive Soap-Box store opened and by that time we should have a full line up of clothing, vinyl toys and accessories. These are the goals we have, but it’s best to take things one step at a time. <p >Where can people expect to catch your work, any stockists to watch? The main source is our website and a couple of others like Sturban Clothing and Urban Venom. Be sure to check these sites out as they get exclusive stuff sometimes. Also you can get our products from a few stores all over the UK – Elementz in Liverpool, Swagga Clothing in Derby and both Wyld Pytch and HQ in London. We are currently in talks with a few other stockists across the country. <p >Top 5 favourite albums? This is in no particular order and I may have a different set of 5 if you ask me tomorrow.

  1. Madvillain Madvillainy
  2. Pete Rock Soul Survivor
  3. Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia
  4. De La Soul – Stakes is High
  5. J-Live – The Best Part

Shoutouts Got to show love to a few peeps like Myke Forte & Elaquent – two super producer peeps. You need to get on their music pronto! The Daily Street for supporting us from day one and UK scene on a whole. Sturbanclothing for always supporting. Everyone that works with us (you know who you are), you guys are dope 😉

Then our extended fam: Mr Honey Badger, Death Before Dishonour, Robot Bunny, Basement Sessions, and the F2D crew.

Finally all the peeps that have brought into and supported the Soap-Box brand, big thanks!

In my opinion, the UK industry should take note – Soap-Box is proving that you can release more than just clothing and be a viable player on the stage. You get the whole package, and an underlying theme that continues throughout the pieces. Daniel and the rest of the Soap-Box crew are occupying a niche that most other brands in the UK aren’t – big up to you guys for doing that!

Make sure you head over to the website and support one of our finest homegrown brands. I’ve seen a few pieces from their latest S/S collection and it is continuing the good form – check them out and support UK talent!

They are also most definitely in my good books for the surprise I got from Ben in a email he sent over, check this out!