ZR CRAZY WEAR x FatKidOnFire - Interview #7


Interview #7

I took a chance (some exciting stuff in the works, but more on that when I know) yesterday and decided to drive up to Scotland to visit some family. Whilst I love coming home, it’s always a bit of a shock – the grandparents have no wifi and I have little phone signal at their house. Cleansing, shall we say, I think it’s always to give technology a bit of a break. I’ve another three posts for your enjoyment, but forgive me as it may take a while before they get put up! I’m now having to share the use of my grandfather’s laptop; I stupidly forget to pack my charger!

I’m always on the look out for brands who are closer to home (home being south London this time). The next brand I’ve interviewed do things a little differently…

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ZR Crazy Wear caught my eye on Twitter (there’s a recurring theme going on here if you’ve not noticed yet!) and whilst it seems all but one of their tees have sold out when I took a look at their webstore I was impressed with the slightly different, “crazy” designs. More importantly, I was amazed at the fact that the brand prints their designs using water-based inks on 100% organic cotton tees – something everyone should be looking to do in my opinion! I sat down with JP, one of the guys behind the brand, to find out more…

Who/ what is ZR Crazy wear? We are a new streetwear brand in the UK, based in south London. The name says it all – we make crazy clothing with a difference; it’s cotton like you’ve never seen before. We believe we give you instant swagger and make sure you are always “Wearing The Hardest”.

Your tee designs are strong and striking – with a strong basis in graffiti and “urban” styles, do you they have an underlying concurrent theme or do you consider those designs to be your main image? Is it flexible? Our main style is street life culture but we don’t really have a fixed style – our designs are really anything we can think of that both looks crazy and is unique to our brand.

What does/ will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK streetwear pack? If it’s either designing or making our clothing we try to do things different from everyone else. Our main difference is that we are ecofriendly and use 100% organic cotton, I can’t think of any UK streetwear brands that do the same.

At ZRCW we do our best in making the quality of our products to a very high standard. We may be only starting out in the clothing world but we think that should not stop us from making quality products – we are in it for the love, not the money.

Who/ what influences you in your work? We are influenced by street life and graffiti culture in London as well as the UK’s grime, hip-hop, dubstep, drum and bass, and the underground squat party music/ rave scenes.

What’s your take on the whole UK street wear scene at the moment? The scene is pretty strong at the moment look at Boxfresh – they are a big player in the UK right now and some of the smaller brands are working their way up the ladder. I personally like Benjart Clothing, they do things differently. All of their products have a story and meaning behind them. The good thing about all the UK brands is that they make clothing that is different from each other – no one is trying to copy some one else’s ideas. It’s all as original as possible.

Where do you see you and ZR Crazy wear being in 5 years time? In 5 years time I see us continuing to do what we love, which is making crazy clothing! We also hope to get into the cut and sew world and we will be working towards getting our own high street shops.

Where can people expect to catch your work, any stockists to watch? You can check out info about us on blogs [like this one!] and our website (which is also the only place where you can buy our clothing at the moment). Some small high street shops that we know have offered to stock some of our t-shirts so we are working on that, but we like to keep the brand limited/ exclusive to where you can buy it. We feel it makes a brand more special and different when you can only buy it from limited stockists. Plus we believe a brand should never be in it for the money and try cash in as fast as they can. I think it makes the brand look cheap and worthless and you lose the love from making and seeing people in your clothes.

Top 5 favourite albums? I don’t really have a top five I listen to all types of music. But I would say my top 5 UK artists I listen to all the time are:

(In no particular order)

  1. Skepta
  2. Big H
  3. Pablo
  4. Lil Dee
  5. Devlin

Shoutouts Big up to all the UK’s street wear brands and music scene players! We have got loads of crazy ideas coming up in the future and beyond so stay tuned to our website and Twitter.

So there you have it. A homegrown UK streetwear brand that prints on 100% organic cotton tees using ecofriendly water-based inks. Pretty cool huh?! Lets just hope that ZR Crazy Wear restock their current line of tees or release new designs in the near future so we can support this south London brand who are doing things a little differently