Fat Gold x FatKidOnFire - Interview #8

Fat Gold x FatKidOnFire

Interview #8

FatKidOnFire is again journeying to foreign waters, continuing to find new and exciting designers for you to read about and discover. This time we’re off to the Mediterranean to discuss music and its influences on a certain brand.

If you know your electro you’ll have heard of The Bloody Beetroots. Here they are below – intrigued as to who produces the sick “I see naked people” tee?

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Fat Gold hail from the sunny island of Malta but managed to hit up Margin earlier this year with a couple of other brands who I’ve already chatted to. I was impressed with the varied, but sick designs that the brand have released (you’ll see what I mean here) so I got in contact with Jon, one of the two brains behind the brand, to find out more…

Who/ what is Fat Gold? We’re Jon and Ken, two musicians, designers and not to mention friends from from the middle of the Med; Malta. After years of playing in a band together, we decided to start up our own clothing label with a couple of tees and by throwing an indie/ electro party. Since then we have been growing slowly, but surely.

Your tee designs are strong and striking – do they have an underlying theme or do you consider these designs to be your main brand image? Music and the lifestyle that lives and thrives around being musicians is what Fat Gold is all about. The occasional design that is too good to pass up which is not music oriented sometimes makes it through to production. We are afterall inspired by what happens around us, but making music, making noise… that’s what its all about.

What does/ will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK/ European streetwear pack? We believe the style, boldness and the theme of the design, work together very well to make Fat Gold appeal to the right people.

What influences you in your work? Everything that’s around us, the music we listen to, the simple daily browse on the net and just chilling with our friends.

What’s your take on the UK/ European streetwear scene at the moment? The past few years were pretty good for European streetwear. There are the big guns like Sixpack and Wesc which produce excellent work and built a name for themselves, and we have massive respect for them. Then there are the wicked fresh brands like Villanous Visard, Lazy Oaf and Elenany that have awesome products that can easily compete with the US market. My verdict on UK/EU = Win. 

Where do you see you and Fat Gold being in 5 years time? We want to produce more that just tees, and have already started our samples for caps and other goodies, which you will hopefully see later on this year. We want Fat Gold to be an international brand and wish to see it have a couple of brick and mortar shops in some key European cities like London and Paris. Need a job?

Where can people expect to catch your work, any UK stockists to watch? We currently have two cool stockists in Malta – Rockabilly and Riot! who have helped us a lot this year and we are forever grateful. As regards to UK stockists, you can find our stuff at the indie online store Urban Couture. If there’s anyone with a cool store interested in carrying our brand, do get in touch!

Top 5 favourite albums?

  1. Daft Punk – Discovery
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  3. Incubus – Make Yourself
  4. Metallica – Black Album
  5. Justice – Cross

Shoutouts Mom, Dad and our one-eyed black cat Sparrow.

Jon and Ken know their stuff – taking their background in music and converting those ideas into tee designs works really well. The new designs are all seriously fresh and people are loving the tees over in Malta. Lets try and get their reputation kick started over here and get them stocked in some shops! Head to their webstore if you can’t wait for their tees to be stocked on these shores and support European talent