Pimpalicious Living x FatKidOnFire - Interview #14

Pimpalicious Living x FatKidOnFire

Interview #14

As is often the case, the next brand I’ve interviewed found me via Twitter. Once I’d taken a look through their website I knew I had to get the scoop on them. Combining positive attitudes with an intense typographical background, this international brand has to be seen to be believed…

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Based in the city of coffee shops, art and the one of the only places where you can legally window shop for women (or men if that’s more your style), Pimpalicious Living is a brand with a great heritage and an even greater name. The PL family is headed up by economy student, web builder and young entrepreneur Glamma and graphic/ typographic designer, and “terrible college drop out” Pieter Ceizer. After spying the S/S ‘10 lookbook entitled “Chase Your Dreams”, I knew I had to get in contact with the brand, so I sat down with Pieter to find out more…

Who/ what is Pimpalicious Living? Pimpalicious Living is an Amsterdam-based brand by typographical artist Pieter Ceizer.

Your designs are strong and striking – do they have an underlying theme or do you consider these designs to be your main brand image? Or is it flexible? You offer more than just tees – varsities, New Eras, crews and hoodies. Is this something you will continue? All my designs, typographical or cut and sew, bring empowerment. My personal mission is to spread positive energy and motivation for the new generation. In this way I’m hoping to inspire others to pursue their dreams, like how I’m living. Pimpalicious Living is a state of mind. I’ll definitely continue on this, each year I drop a collection and each collection is bigger and brings more various styles than the last.

What does/ will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK/ European streetwear pack? Well the thing is all the brands out there are, I think,but focused on themselves – but my label is focused on the cosumers, I want them to appreciate and enjoy my work.

Other labels want to do well for themselves, you understand what I mean? Plus I bring typographical designs, with a positive message that separates me from the rest.

Who/ what influences you in your work? At first I was inspired by the Dutch graffiti scene which I was a part of about ten years ago. All different kinds of music also inspire me to write graphics.

What’s your take on the UK/ European streetwear scene at the moment? You know they say streetwear is dead, but I’ve never been better actually. The scene is not dead but a lot is changing, because of the changes all brands are forced to develop and evolve, I think that’s great because it brings some extra pressure – which may lead to new solutions in the design process.

Where do you see you and Pimpalicious Living being in 5 years time? A lot is happening right now. My first shirts, jacket and a shoe collaboration with Dipper will come out in three months. I’m working hard to make my label a full brand which you can wear from top to bottom. Also I’m doing exhibitions of my typographical art . In five years my label will definitely be a full brand with more than 100 exclusive retailers and next to that I’ll be doing a whole bunch of exhibitions in different countries. In five years I hope the world will be a better place because a lot of people will be in a Pimpalicious state of mind!

Where can people expect to catch your work, any UK stockists to watch? No UK stockist yet, right now only Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, France. Just visit my webstore. [Pimpalicious Living is also available via Fresh Cotton UK]

Top 5 favourite albums?

  • Too Short – Life is Too Short
  • The Dramatics – Another Dramatic Experience
  • Al Green – Green is Blues
  • Zapp – Zapp
  • The Isley Brothers – The Heat Is On

Shoutouts Artist Lisa Smidt, keep doing what you doing! Statik Music Team, Mr. Sham, Wladimir, Young Sjim, Glamma, Pad, photographer Lo Andela, rapper Kleine Viezerik and everybody else who’s chasing their dreams. And last but not least all the shops and people I’ve worked with and who believes in me. And all y’all remember; anything you believe and your mind can conceive you can achieve!

I am really feeling the positivity and sick designs that Pimpalicious are continually dropping. Pieter and Glamma really know what they’re doing and their designs reflect that knowledge! If your wardrobe is in need of resetting for this year’s S/S head over the the PL webstore and sort yourself out with some new threads. Remember to stay locked for the Dipper x Pimpalicious Living collab drop later this summer, I know I will. I’m a sucker for Varsity jackets at the minute, can’t seem to get enough of them! So here’s what’s on my next shopping list (bring on the student loan this Monday!)