Seeking The Throne x FatKidOnFire - Interview #18

Seeking The Throne x FatKidOnFire

Interview #18

Now I consider it my duty to do my best to discover new and exciting brands for you lovely peoples to read about, and this next brand is just that – new and exciting. Hailing from the second largest city in the United States, Los Angeles, this brand is most certainly going to make you sit up and take note…

Find out more after the jumpLA’s Seeking The Throne have only been up and running for just over 12 months, but the boys behind STT are already making waves in all the right circles. I linked up with Elias, one half of STT, to find out more…

Who/ what is Seeking the Throne? Jose and I started Seeking the Throne in 2009. Seeking The Throne is a streetwear clothing brand based out of Los Angeles. 

Your tee designs are strong and striking; using cartoon-type graphics – do you consider these designs to be your main image or is the brand image flexible? We would say that the brand image is flexible in a sense because we have shirts that are very cartoon-like, but at the same time we also have shirts that are more refined for the more grown up customer. We want to be able to accommodate kids of all ages.

What does/ will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the US/ worldwide street wear pack? I think one of the things that stands out a lot is our logo. It’s friendly, cartoon-like and original. We try to have fun with it – if we take things too serious then we’ll lose the fun in what we’re doing and it’ll become just work. When people see our logo it brings a smile to their face. Another reason why our brand stands out is because even though its Jose and I that own the brand, there’s really four of us brothers that keep this business going strong.

Who/ what influences you in your work? We have a lot of brands and artists that influence us but here are some of the top people: Johnny Cupcakes, Benny Gold, Dabs and Myla , Craola and Alex Pardee. Pretty much everyone that surrounds us in the urban culture inspires and influences our work.

What’s your take on the whole UK street wear scene at the moment? How does it compare what the US has got going on? There is definitely a difference in the design aspect of it but I think everyone gets ideas and is inspired by one another and therefore styles/ trends seem to go around back and fourth.

Where do you see you and Seeking The Throne being in 5 years time? In 5 years we hope to have a couple of stores and galleries open worldwide.

Where can people expect to catch your work, any UK stockists to watch? Unfortunately we don’t have any UK stores carrying our brand but if you know of any let them know about us (haha)!

Top 5 favourite albums?

  1. Kid Cudi – Man On the Moon
  2. Kanye – All albums
  3. Lil Wayne – All albums
  4. Drake – So Far Gone
  5. Casey Veggies & Rich Hil – Bum Ass Shit

Shoutouts? We would just like to thank everyone that has supported us throughout this process… And a thank you to FatKidOnFire [hells yeah!] for having us.

The first collection to drop from Seeking The Throne has designs to suit both the kid inside us all and the more refined adult we are striving to avoid becoming. Head over to their webstore to check the tees (and beanie!) out for yourself, and if you fancy wearing a design that few others have on their backs at the minute cop a tee or two! As always, if you dig what Elias has had to say, or what he and Jose are doing holla your praise at the STT Twitter account. I’m really feeling the STT logo, check this graffiti-inspired beast!