V.A.S. Music x FatKidOnFire - [Special] Interview #21

V.A.S. Music x FatKidOnFire

[Special] Interview #21

After taking a break from technology and spending the weekend ruining my liver, I thought it’d be best to celebrate the return to civilisation (no offence Deal but I like having phone signal everywhere I go) with yet another first for FatKidOnFire. I’ve been meaning to kick off the next genre of interview here at FatKidOnFire HQ for a long while and have finally got around to doing so. This next interview isn’t with a clothing brand, but with a talented young British lyrical and musical artist…

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I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting brands to interview, but recently I thought I’d extend the banner of interviewees from just brands to other new and exciting people flying the flag for the UK and all the talent we have. A prime example is V.A.S. Music. After seeing his video for “Beat Up” which he produced and raps on I had to get him down for an interview. Read on to find out more….

Who is V.A.S. Music? ME! Well I go by the name of V.A.S. (a.k.a. Ajile) and I rap, produce, sing, dance and act. I’m from the UK but I don’t plan to keep it to a ‘UK style’, I plan to be different and take it my own way. 

What got you into writing rhymes? What started me off was doing English in school. I was interested in some of the poems I had to study and thought I would love to have an impact on peoples lives using words. I wanted to have an effect on people where I can still touch them without being there in person. I started writing poems and then combined those with my music coursework. 

I started to produce and thought ‘I could actually live my dream of performing on stage’. I didn’t want it to be a dream any longer so I wrote more rhymes and started take it seriously. 

What does/ will make your music stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK hip-hop being dropped these days? First thing is the beats I produce. I plan to drop crazy beats which don’t sound like your average songs. Another thing is I don’t swear or use any bad words in any of my songs, so thats a difference to some of the UK hiphop artists. 

Also with my songs I create a different vibe and style, and I’m not strictly JUST hip-hop. I mix elements of other genres with it. I feel it’s working as I have frequently been told by people who listen to totally different music (such as rock) that ‘I have been converted to your type of music’ or ‘your music is different, I actually put it on my iPod’ or “…it’s my ringtone”.  I guess the fact that I’m an unsigned artist at the moment and people are putting faith in me means alot, as it’s hard to put faith in new unsigned music these days.

I also believe my stage presence is different. I don’t just perform or entertain, I really feel the music – I become as hyped as the crowd and join in with them in a way.

Who/ what influences you in your work? First I’d say Stevie Wonder! I listen to his stuff all the time. He takes it to another level! His voice and the compositions he performs influence me. When I produce, I tend to make it either simple and catchy, or more complex beats. And listening to Stevie influences the complex but catchy stuff.

Michael Jackson – as I was growing up his music and the way he performed influenced my dancing and my music in many ways. 

Pharrell Williams – I think the fact he produces, sings and raps showed me its possible to use many of your talents and be known for each one of them. N*E*R*D are my favourite band. 

I have many influences to push me to pursue my dreams, and they helped to create them, but I don’t do what they do in the sense I make sure I’m totally different.

What’s your take on the UK music scene at the moment? I think its going well at the moment, loads of artists are getting recognised.

I hear a lot of catchy choruses so people are doing the right thing. I don’t think it’s getting noticed enough though. There are loads of artists I’ve heard of who I want to work with who aren’t really recognised enough.  Hopefully it will change. Theres been a rise in UK music being noticed so I’m glad thats happening.

Where do you see you and your music being in 5 years time? Hopefully at the top of the Billboard Charts! I really do put in work so I plan to do really big things working with both big American and UK artists. I hope to be touring… doing big collaborations and on a worldwide platform! I say this because I am really focused.

Where can people expect to catch your music? My official website, my Mediafire [free music!] and you can follow me on Twitter. You can also catch me on Youtube.

Top 5 favourite brands? Right now, I’d say (in no particular order)

  1. Ice Cream / Billionaire Boys Club
  2. A Bathing Ape
  3. KidRobot
  4. Stussy
  5. Apple… (can I say that? That is a brand so I’ll say that! But if we’re talking just clothes I’ll say New Era as I collect their caps!)

Shoutouts Hi MUM! (hahaha!)

Shout out to my family. Shout outs to NWORD my producer and Annie S my best friend (they’re like my family anyways)! Shout out to all the people that support me and don’t just say it, and actually do help!

Also thanks to you, FatKidOnFire. It’s a great opportunity to have done this interview – so shout out to you too!

And last but never least, THE FANS! I would be nowhere at all if it wasn’t for you guys.

There you have it – another underground British multi-talented artist. I recommend keeping your eyes and ears out for V.A.S. as I reckon you’ll be hearing a lot more of him.

Peep the “Beat Up” vid below. I’m still enjoying the fresh way it’s put together and the track is a heavy one!