Art. Daley x FatKidOnFire - Interview #27

Art. Daley x FatKidOnFire

Interview #27

It’s late Friday afternoon, the sun is shining (sort of) and it’s time for another FatKidOnFire feature before I begin this weekend’s alcoholic assault on my liver. Continuing the theme first kicked off with V.A.S. Music, this next interview is with a British hip-hop artist who pulls no punches when it comes to writing dope rhymes (pun intended). He also has a penchant for ink and the greener side of life (if you know what I mean)…

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I first met Art. Daley at The Reset when he came over to the Second Son stall I was helping run for the day. After we had a chat, he handed me a copy of his feature length mixtape “High Stakes and Ice Bracelets“ which I listened to that evening. I was impressed with his lyrical skill and after chatting to him again he was down for a FatKidOnFire feature. Read on to find out more…

[If you’re easily offended, please forgive the colourful language but I’ve done my best to edit the worst… Artistic license and all that!]

Who is Art. Daley? A classic car salesman (if cars were music that is), nicknamed Arthur Dales…. If music was film (which I studied) I’d be referred to as an Auteur – basically handling all creative areas of my music apart from the beat making whilst also dabbling in a little fashion accessory designing. I used to be hyper as a teen but then I fully embraced weed and everything that goes with being a stoner… Now I’m chilled as FKOF [haha]!

What got you into writing rhymes? Ghostface Killah. I also wanted to exhibit my abstract thoughts – I see movie scenes in my head which are reflections of real life situations I experience but they’re move stylistic/ dramatised/ entertaining. So I approacj my writing like a screen writer, always trying to paint or make a scene. Either will do, as long as they provoke a reaction!

What does/ will make your music stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK hip-hop being dropped these days? Well firstly, the fact I don’t really give a FKOF – about any of that mess. Niggaz are trying too hard nowadays; everyone’s trying to “blow”. Can you believe the cheek of some rappers, trying to make “hits”. That sh!t makes me sick. All my team and I do is try to recreate the sound that was the soundtrack to our childhood – ‘95/’96 era player   pimp era sh!t; g-funk; Wu-Tang. All that good stuff! Some hating suckers say I sound American, I’d say I have a more wordly flow than some UK rappers who tend to “spit” too fast for our cousins across the water. This is important to me because I’m conscious of the universe around me and I’d like my music to be universal, if you feel me!

Who/ what influences you in your work? Nowadays mostly haters, the sh!t is ridiculous. I’m a Travis Barker fan; yeah I’ve got a lot of ink but the way bitches be calling me a “Lil Wayne wannabe” is just ridiculous. Some people are so narrow minded and retarded it puts me in a position where I have to break down what it is I really do and exactly what haters can do (eat a dick and die).

[The Crook Street Gang: Sky-i, producer Death Ro and Art.]

What’s your take on the UK music scene at the moment? It’s wash, these niggaz look like Robinson’s GollyWogs if you ask me… Made to measure pop tarts; no creative control. Stylists and hipsters – it’s all sh!t mate. I’m into niche movements like FatKidOnFire; I can FKOF with that; that’s art. Just like Crook Street Gang, it’s a lifestyle, like the LowRider Culture or the biker culture; it’s our own scene so we’re not even involved with that mainstream mess. Saying that, the underground is a bit sh!te to be honest. A lot of new “rappers” have no roots or teachings in hip-hop. For example Ghostface Killah brought me on stage when he performed at the Coronet. That made my career but that doesn’t mean anything to these new dudes – they were all like “Who is Ghostface?”! Who is Ghostface?! Who the FKOF are you more like!

Where do you see you and your music being in 5 years time? 62 feature tapes deep, a couple pressing and distribution deals on a couple of major release albums, let’s say two. I’d also like to incorporate my saxophone into my tapes and live PA’s; a touring contract and an annual Crook Street Block Party BBQ for everyone who was down from the gate!

Where can people expect to catch your music? Crook Street’s Youtube account and I’m on TwitterDatPiff for my new mixtapes and catch my old ones for free.

Top 5 favourite brands?

  1. Ask Your Girl
  2. Crooks and Castles
  3. Diamond Life
  4. RéRé’s Couture
  5. Vans

[The cover of Art.’s latest tape “Daily Bread”]

Shoutouts? The whole Crook Street TomaHawk family; Death Ro, Sky-i, Dj Classic, Mykal Million, Chuka Fella (CEO from HMP); RéRé’s Couture; Ask Your Girl; Pablo Ritmo, Sulli Tha Don, Stax, Kevin Spacely, Big Son, my Weed Connect and finally FatKidOnFire [dope]!

One last thing – your ink! What’s your favourite piece and where’s your favourite shop/ artist? My favourite one for now would have to be the Old English script above my right eyebrow. It says “Udo” in Ibibio (an ancient West African dialect), which is the title of the Second Son of the Warrior King (which is the title my dad holds in his village; I am his second son).

It was done by my favourite artist and good friend that I also share musical endeavours with, a young lady by the name of Laura Satana of Exxotic Tattoos Paris (who is also the sole female member of Low Rider Tattoos LA). I met her at London Tattoo Convention 3 years ago and we’ve been cool ever since, to the point where she’s given me tips on tattooing (yeah, I’ve got my own guns!). I go over to Paris for work and we’re even releasing a mixtape together soon – she’s a big Wu-Tang and Westcoast hip-hop fan too!

I got love for my local too, man like Rickey Lopez of Vibrant Ink on Garrat Lane in SW London. He’s a fine quality artist.

Shouts to the whole V.I.T. family, shout out Tattoo hotspot Yogie Gomes and Denise, they did a lot of my early work – Virgin Mary Jane with the stunner shades is a classic piece. FKOFers still biting it to this day!

Can’t forget Dave of No Regrets Tattoo in Newport, I go to Wales to get inked and stoned; it’s a pretty cool arrangement!

Last but definitely not least; artist on the rise and one to watch – Amy Browne – natural talent!

Keeping your eyes below the radar of mainstream life here in the UK will reveal all types of “niche movements” – artists like Art. and many of the underground brands featured here at FatKidOnFire. This feature reminded me of the tagline for F*ckTheMacro – “dedicated to not giving a f*ck about the mainstream”. Staying true to who you are and not listening to the haters is a big look. If you’ve got the haters you’re doing it right (in my opinion anyway)!

Peep the video for “Church / She Fell in love ft. Nutty Nrg” (from “High Stakes…”) below and if you’re feeling it hit up DatPiff and download Art.’s two tapes. Support one our biggest hidden talents – he deserves it!