The tables turn and FatKidOnFire gets interviewed…

The tables turn and FatKidOnFire gets interviewed…

[Thanks Synamatix for introducing this to me – proper lowkey vibes on this one. Apologies if I’ve posted this tune before, but if so it’s worth a repost]

This week I take a look behind the scenes at the London-based fashion blog, FatKidOnFire. What started out as a small blog about the UK’s streetwear scene has grown into much more over the last several months. FKOF has expanded its reach to not only incorporate streetwear brands worldwide, but has become a hub for designers and musical talent as well.

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I first stumbled upon FKOF on Twitter when I was recommended to follow it by my friend Scooter, who had an upcoming mix of his being hosted on the site. So I followed them on Twitter and took a closer look at the blog. It was still in it’s infancy at the time and was without a logo, but I was impressed with their approach on how they presented these clothing brands. To me, it was much more than your typical fashion blog. I wanted the inside scoop about the site so I decided to talk with Wil, the founder of FatKidOnFire, to find out more.

According to Wil, FatKidOnFire was born on March 16th 2010. He was coming towards the end of a somewhat unfulfilling three years studying biomedical science, and was looking for things to do that would provide an alternate life path to that of a lab chemist.

The concept behind FKOF was one he had been sitting on for a while. He said “The UK’s streetwear scene is booming but the support both in Great Britain and worldwide is a little odd. The support that is there is great, don’t get me wrong, but most of the blogs out there appear to be following the tried and tested method set down by the big guns like HypeBeast. Someone drops something new and everyone blogs product shots but nothing about the brand.” He wanted FKOF to be different, and took notice to sites like The Daily Street, who were continuously pushing the boundaries and supporting both the big and small fish.

That’s when Wil decided that instead of hyping brand’s products he would talk to the brands about who they were. Sort of like an extended “About Me” as he put it. The first feature he did was based on information he gathered from a five minute chat over coffee. The rest of his interviews have followed that sort of template, short but personable chats about who the people behind the brand are, where they want to go and how they are going to get there.

Wil grew up in London whilst being there for school and his musical tastes evolved greatly as the years progressed. First year at school were the student nights, doing the typical pub crawls and 80’s nights, involving neon clothing and bad music. During his second year he was into Trance and House, in the big clubs like Fabric, along with everything “good and bad” that goes with that scene. In his third and final year, as Dubstep in London properly started to take off, he spent his spare time going further and further down the rabbit hole that Dubstep is.

Since he was supporting both underground and more “established” brands, it seemed like an obvious step to start supporting some of the sensational underground DJ/production talent they have in the UK. That was all good and well, and then PUSH Production’s, DJ Scooter started following him on Twitter. They got to chatting and Scooter fired a few mixes over to Wil and the rest is history as they say! Scooter and his hugely talented partner in crime, Jah-Killin, take turns to blast that sound for FatKidOnFire’s weekly Dutty Dubstep Mixtapes, and according to Wil, it couldn’t have worked out better!

Scooter and Jah-Killin are also gearing up to become the sole US distributors for the forthcoming FatKidOnFire shirts, stickers, and a few other plans FKOF has up its sleeve. So if you are here in the states, you can holler at them for the tees and stickers. We’re taking FatKidOnFire and PUSH Productions onwards and upwards!!!

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All [F]uc[K]ed [O]n the [F]atkid by dj_scooter

  1. Akira Kiteshi – Shree Bang Special 
  2. Physical & Xzist – Giant 
  3. 501 – Sureshot 
  4. Akira Kiteshi – Pinball 
  5. Propa Tingz – Wickedest Sound 
  6. WTF?! feat. Dead Prez – It’s Bigger than Hip-Hop UK (full vocal mix) 
  7. George Lenton – Fill Diff 
  8. Dj Madd – Better With You (Akira Kiteshi RMX) 
  9. Propa Tingz – Poor Mans Style 
  10. FX Project – Anger 
  11. 501 – Beast Within 
  12. 16Bit – Shallow 
  13. Diplo – Summers Gonna Hurt You 
  14. Dj Krush – Duality (with Dj Shadow) 
  15. Neil Landstrumm – 20 Pounds to get Home (w/ Si Begg) 
  16. Venetian Snares – CCUK

Until now, FatKidOnFire has been lacking an “About” section. This has now been rectified after I was interviewed by Dj Scooter and Jah-Killin’s fellow PUSH Productions member sKewn. Gary’s running a nice little interview-based blog that’s well worth reading up on. Be sure to catch the sKewn on Facebook and Twitter

It’s a great honour to be interviewed by someone else – it obviously means FatKidOnFire is doing something right! 

Peace, love and respect.