Dub Ass Music - makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #6

Dub Ass Music

makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #6

We’ve got big love for international talent here at FatKidOnFire HQ. What started out as a purely British endeavour into music and fashion has morphed into a movement incorporating people from all over the world.

This next makeitgood x FatKidOnFire feature is with two lads who go by the names of Skuzzy (aka Jacob Fleming) and Pinque (aka Tyler Raymer), both of whom call Houston, TX their home. Skuzzy and Pinque produce under the name Dub Ass Music, and as per usual we reckon these guys are definitely two artists to keep tabs on.

Mixing dubstep, electro and other filthy underground bass music, if you don’t know get to know on Soundcloud and Twitter. Catch makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #6 below…

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How long have you guys been producing dubstep? Pinque: I’ve been producing dubstep for about two months, now. But I’ve been producing all types of electronic music for about nine years… Makes me feel old, and I’m only 20!

Skuzzy: Um. I’ve been producing dub for about six months. Both of of us have been long-time listeners and fans of it, but we decided to take the plunge and start producing it earlier this year.

What got you both into it? Skuzzy: I actually first got into dubstep with the tune “Nothing’s Wrong” by Subscape believe it or not. I liked the build, the bass, the production value… But Skream is what really got me hooked. I dabbled in it for a long while but then I heard “Blue Eyez” and went nuts.

Pinque: I followed UK garage for a long time. But I kind of fell out of it and turned more towards House music and such.   <p >When I looked back at where the Garage scene had gone, people were all like “OMFG DUBSTEP”… I didn’t know what to think ‘til I checked it out. And right then, I fell in love.

What software do you use and where do you source your samples? Skuzzy: We both used FL Sudio 5 and 6 for years and years but we upgraded to FL 9 literally a few weeks ago. But I’ve been using FL for at least 5 years now. Pinque’s been on FL 5 for ever… Our samples? that’s Top Secret. At least for now! But of course we create and re-sample the basslines and synths ourselves.

Have you always produced music together? Or did you start off individually and then link? Pinque: Actually, Skuzzy and I have been talking about collaborating together for literally the past 5 years. But we started as solo artists, producing vast amount of tunes in many different genres. Our discovery of Dubstep was something we shared with each other right off the bat – so it only felt natural to start producing with him Probably why our tunes are such a mixed bag of big tones and nastiness.

What’s the dubstep scene like in Houston? Skuzzy: Dubstep in Houston is relatively small. But it’s building. There’s promotional teams like Gritsy that really blast dub all over the place. But our goal is to really increase awareness of dubstep in a predominately hip-hop driven city. It’s funny actually, the majority of people listening to our tunes are from the UK and elsewhere. It’s a surreal experience.

Pinque: dubstep in Houston is um… Looked at curiously. Like Skuzzy said, there’s definitely a strong spark and core building slowly here, but it’s not to the point where we can just pick up shows anywhere and not be looked at strangley… For me, that’s what motivates me. Just pushing this noise into all the corners of this city and beyond.

Have you guys ever produced other genres of music? Skuzzy: Yes yes yes. I’ve created everything from bunk house music, to not-so-hot trance music, techno-house, and for a very long time I was exclusively producing hip-hop beats for local artists. I also dabbled in mash-ups for a while.

Pinque: Oh yeah, of course… hip-hop and rap really did it for me. I did a few exclusive beats for some local rappers and such in the early days, nothing huge. The old school sounds I really let bleed out in my tracks… I actually spend a lot of time outside of dubstep producing Minimal House and Trance. But I loved producing some strange, ambient music with a fat beat dropped over it. It’s a sound that I feel is quite unique to me, I think. No matter the genre, however, I always try to deliver a sense of power or some form of infliction… nothing moves a soul better than music!

Any particular dubstep artists you’re feeling at the moment? Skuzzy: Erm, Bar 9, Skream (o’ course), Banana Bomber, Trampa, I dig that ‘Mad’ tune by Magnetic Man, Dayn, Tomba, a boy from Arizona we know by the name of Skrubz is droppin mad tunes, Modestep, Flux Pavillion, you name it – I’m diggin’ it.

Pinque: Oh boy – Excision, Flux, Datsik, Klippa, Eddie K, Funtcase, Bassnectar, Our mate Skrubz puts out some wicked tunes, Uhhhhh 16Bit.

How long do you guys spend on average on each track? Skuzzy: For me, it changes constantly. I’ve made tunes recently like the Pursuit of Happiness remix which took me around 2 hours to produce, and then there’s tunes like our Peace remix that took a solid week to complete. It just depends on the track!

Pinque: I work strangely… I’ll start a track and leave it alone for up to three or so months before coming back to it. Sometimes, I’ll sit down and pump out a tune in a matter of hours… without eating. It’s just a matter of how clear the idea is in my head. Never a planned route. Ever.

Turntables or CDJs? Pinque: We mix on tables… I think there’s a sense of nostalgia there. In addition, using timecoded vinyls on the proper software can really take live mixing to the next level… Which is where we like to be.

What was the dubstep track that got you hooked? Skuzzy: First dub tune! Erm, Subscape – “Nothing’s Wrong” was the first I listened to. But believe it or not, Rusko’s “Cockney Thug” was the first I ever jammed to. Still love that tune.

Pinque: First? Uhh… “Africa” by Caspa and Rusko. But Rusko’s “Woo Boost” really hyped me up about dubstep… Blasted my face off, actually.

Ya’ll Know Me (WIP) by D.A.M. DUBSTEP

We’re currently jamming away to this track in the FKOF office, if you head over to the original post on makeitgood you can grab a free DAM track. Big up guys!

Be sure to catch Skuzzy and Pinque on Myspace (deadspace), Soundcloud (make sure you give their Lady Gaga remix a listen) and Twitter. Expect to see many more makeitgood x FatKidOnFire interviews dropping over the next few weeks (another one to come at some point today)!

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