Egg Chan - makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #7

Egg Chan

makeitgood x FatKidOnFire #7

We’ve had three makeitgood x FatKidOnFire interviews today, so we thought we might as well end the (somewhat productive) day with a fourth. Continuing the international theme laid down by the Houston, TX Dub Ass Music boys, the next feature is with Australian producer Egg Chan. He’s a FatKidOnFire HQ favourite as quite a few of his tracks lean toward to the more mellow side of dubstep. Egg Chan has also just released his EP “Bubble Boy” which is available for download from Juno (we definitely reckon parting ways with less than a fiver to hear the EP – it’s been on repeat since we copped the office copy). Peep the artwork for “Bubble Boy” below and read the interview with Egg Chan below…

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How long have you been producing dubstep? I have been producing dubstep for about 14 months now. Prior to that I used to try and learn DnB production techniques but rarely wrote any tunes. I have played guitar in various bands in Perth and developed an interest in producing/ recording for demo purposes. 

What got you into it? I heard of dubstep long before I heard any dubstep music. From  the descriptions I had read I always thought it would be something I would dig. I eventually got a copy of Benga’s “Diary of an Afro Warrior” and was inspired by the space available at 140bpm, the low heavy subs and unique dynamics. Since then I have written the majority of my music at 140bpm.

How long did you spend producing and editing your new EP “Bubble Boy”? I usually spend about 5-8hrs writing the majority of a song in one sitting. I find the quicker I work, the better I like the results. I then usually spend 4 hours or so editing/ mixing the tune. Lately I have been using just my macbook speakers in the composing stage, fixing up the low end in the editing stage. I have found that I get more interesting results this way. The 5 songs on “Bubble Boy” were my first 5 tunes, and probably took a month of weekends to complete.

What’s the dubstep/ grime scene like in Perth? From what I hear,  dubstep has a healthy scene in Perth. We have always had a strong DnB scene here and I think dubstep appeals to alot of those folk aswell. Having said that I have only ventured out once to a dubstep event. Most of my favourite dubstep producers come from Perth. Check out guys like Vishnu , YLEMJ NitrousAudioRabbit and Cherny.

Was music production something you’ve always wanted to do? I have always enjoyed listening to music and got into writing/producing when a mate and I got guitars when we were 15. I have made music ever since and will continue to do so in some form for a long while yet.

Turntables or CDJs? Ableton. I have no history with Dj’ing but I am developing a Dj/live set so I can play my songs (and my other band the Gunja Brothers’ songs) out. I am going to use Ableton so I can play guitar and record and loop live percussion/ vocals/ effects and incorporate this with my pre-recorded material. I dont have any preference in what other people use to play music. My ears dont really care. I just like tunes.

What software do you use to produce your tracks? I use Logic 8 on my Macbook with headphones. I dont really use midi/software instruments, so stick to mainly audio in the arrange page. I am recording more and more stuff myself, including electric guitar, slide guitar, percussion, spoken szizzle, bass etc. I use Logics reverb, delay, compressor and Eq, but tend to be quite light on the effects.

Do you think you’ll stick with dubstep production or will you produce other genres? I’m sure I will stick with dubstep for a while yeah. I mix it up all ready with a few different projects. Gunja Brothers (reggae/ hip-hop/ parody) The Crook (indie/ psych rock). I am starting to work with a few vocalists on my dubstep tunes including Coopz and Maksim and I hope to use vocals a lot more in the future. My plan is to make alot of music, regardless of genre.

What exciting plans are in store for Egg Chan? My main priority at the moment is to keep making tunes and start getting out and playing my stuff to crew. I have a few releases in future on Monkey Dub Recordings, Permanent Damage Records & DubX Recordings as well as my “Bubble Boy” EP out now on C-Front Sounds. I also am interested in doing some videos for my more ‘experimental’ tunes. The Gunja Brothers will be releasing an album on Permanent Damage Records in September/ October.

What was the best set you’ve ever played? Never played a set, though I have played some cool gigs with bands. Its usually the house parties that rock the hardest.

Nasty – Eggchan feat Maksim by Eggchan

We’re currently jamming away to this track in the FKOF office, loving the Australian production and the London MC skills spat by Maksim! Big look.

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