FAT Kyds x FatKidOnFire - Interview #34

FAT Kyds x FatKidOnFire

Interview #34

Things are ticking away nicely here at FatKidOnFire HQ. We’re gearing up for FatKidOnFire party #1 (more info to follow on that event) next weekend, we’ve got the date set for the launch of new FKOF website and we had our Innocent smoothie for breakfast this morning. Life is good! Continuing today’s positive theme, we’re proud to release another feature for your perusal. The 34th one so far to be exact! This next brand reminds me of ARDT – very much combining art and fashion into something wearable, memorable and collectable…

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<p >FAT Kyds are a brand making big moves in all the right directions. Printing fair trade organic tees exclusively in the UK using an eco-friendly process and donating £1 from every tee sold to charity whilst working with world-famous artists, these guys are determined to make their mark and raise the bar. I sat down with a few of the guys involved in FAT Kyds to find out more… <p >Who/ what is FAT Kyds? The best way to describe FAT Kyds is an obsession really. An obsession to achieve that feeling you get from knowing that you own something truly unique.  <p > We used to spend time and effort researching, practically hunting in fact, for clothes that would be unique to us. But then came the realisation that we weren’t alone in this feeling. There were others out there like us. We remembered the kids at school who were often ridiculed for being different and non-conformist but really and truly they were thinking way ahead of their time. <p >We wanted to create a label that appealed to this sense of individualism as a means to showing their true fashion potential. Our idea is to cater to these individuals by creating limited run tees as cutting edge, numbered, wearable pieces of art. <p >Your tee designs are stylish, strong and striking – they are designed by renowned artists. Do you consider your designs to convey a specific brand image or is it flexible? Do yo think of FAT Kyds being a streetwear or a “fashion” brand? Our whole aim is not to be pigeonholed as anything. Our brand image is that we are different. We are not streetwear or fashion, we are basically whatever you want us to be. <p >As we continue to strive to be different from the crowd, we will continually transforming direction as our ever changing artistes in residence dictate. Our current Artiste in residence, Athier, has propelled us into our current direction – but the next Artiste will stamp their own identity of what being a FAT Kyd is. Our brand will be as diverse as the Artistes that grace our tees. <p >What does/ will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK streetwear/ fashion pack? I think the fact that we have been meticulous in not settling for second best in terms of the production will speak volumes. We’re proud to be able to say that our tees are one of the very few brands to be made in the UK and are printed using an innovative and eco-friendly water-based method. In every aspect we’ve tried to ensure that we can make the best tee we possibly can. <p >Ultimately though, I think it’s our designs and more importantly the FAT Kyds who understand and wear us which will set us apart. Each tee tells a story and can be interpreted in a way that is totally unique to the wearer. <p >Who or what influences you in your work? Individuals. Anyone who defies the odds and has the ability to create something great and unique, whilst attempting to forge their own path. These include people who have started with a concept and achieved remarkable things and garnered respect as a result and especially those whose circumstances don’t prevent them from accomplishing their goals.  <p > <p >“Robot Love” <p >What’s your take on the whole UK streetwear/ fashion scene at the moment? Our genesis began with the realisation that much of what was available now was mundane, didn’t excite us and was created for the masses purely for the purpose of shifting units. We were born out of the desire to be different, to create something that is far and away from the majority of popular clothing. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that by only selling 250 of each tee design that we are not trying to become a commercial powerhouse! <p >Where do you see you and FAT Kyds being in 5 years time? A tough question to answer considering we are only just about to launch! I hope that we would be enjoying modest and sustainable success, enough that the majority of the focus would be placed solely on the creativity and the FAT Kyds ethic. I would love to create a small community around FAT Kyds where discussions, suggestions and enthusiasm were common; a tangible and ongoing connection with the audience. <p >Where can people expect to catch your work, any stockists to watch? That’s the key really, we are promoting individuality. We’re not looking to get our shirts into department stores and in every shop on the high street. If we were to, it would effectively betray the principals this brand was founded on. <p >The aim is to keep numbers low and cater to those select few individuals who understand what we’re trying to do.  <p >Top 5 favourite albums? Wow this is the question we spent the most time thinking about! As unique as we like to be, music is one of our biggest passions and as a result we listen to a wide range of genres and appreciate all of them. It was difficult to narrow these down to five, but I guess the below all mean something to us.

  1. Fugees – The Score
  2. Michael Jackson – Off the Wall
  3. Daft Punk – Discovery
  4. Nirvana – Nevermind
  5. Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

<p > <p >“Fresh Shoe” [Something we all love here at FatKidOnFire HQ] <p >Shoutouts We’d like to shout out to three of our Honourary FAT Kyds. These guys have been with us from the start! <p >First of all Menis, an up and coming rapper who wore our Promo T-Shirt at the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Bangor back in May. On-stage beside him was another up-coming London based singer/songwriter Kazz Kumar, who’s EP “Dirty Word” was out earlier this year. <p >We also had DJ Stanza from True Tiger wearing our Promo T-Shirt at the Radio 1Xtra DJ World Record attempt in June. They’ve collaborated with the likes of Dizzee Racal and Plan B and have their own album out soon.  <p >

We reckon this is a brand to definitely keep track of – FAT Kyds are doing things by the book (the right book in our opinion) when it comes to making artistic contributions to the often saturated tee game. More importantly they’re looking out for Mother Nature whilst doing so. If your Twitter game is on point, catch FAT Kyds through their account and join their Facebook fan page to keep on top of their updates. Stay locked so you can cop a wearable piece of art when they drop!

If you have any thoughts on what the FAT Kyds gang has had to say, or thoughts on anything else you’ve read let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).