Benton does Boomtown - And apparently he's back on the 140

Benton does Boomtown

And apparently he's back on the 140

As the UK summer festival season approaches peak levels, I recently had the opportunity to sit down with long-time FKOF fam Benton (no, we’re not the same person and yes, we do have the same surname) ahead of his latest appearance at Boomtown

“BoomTown rose up from the underground seven annual Chapters ago to become one of the UK’s wildest and most inspiring independent festivals. A sprawling metropolis and home to every species of creative miscreant, its thousands of citizens embark on an immersive audio visual journey of discovery, dancing through its labyrinth-esque streets and plazas on a non stop weekend joyride to a soundtrack of ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate, disco, electro-swing, jazz, blue-grass, breaks, bass, jungle, techno and all in a spirit of unity and freedom!”

Boomtown Festival 2015

Since graduating the school of dubstep with a highly lauded album on N-Type‘s Wheel and Deal, Benton’s been a cutting an ever-busy figure in the Swamps of Loefah‘s burgeoning Brixton-based imprint. With an impressive number of dubs surfacing, radio appearances kicking off and more shows than you can shake a stick at – not to mention his own vinyl label – things are picking up for the producer/ DJ…

Brother Benton, it’s been a while. How you doing? Easy! I’ve been great thanks – busy busy. Good to see FKOF still doing well.

Thanks man. Things seem to be going well for you right now! What are your top three highlights from 2015? Well. Arcadia at Glastonbury with Chunky, Loefah, Mickey Pearce and Paleman was definitely up there! We had to push the set back half an hour because of the famous rain but out of nowhere, as if God had a word or something, the clouds parted, the sun set in and we smashed the opening set.

Then Dance Tunnel for a London Some’Ting, playing on the same line up as Ron & Randall with Mc Moose was quite surreal. Flying out to do 81 Berlin with Loefah & DJ Ron was sick as well!

What’s the one thing you never go to a festival without? My Minirig and a BBS hi-vis jacket.

Benton's Ikea bucket hat

When did you last make a dubstep tune? It’s been a while! Probably Dem A Gassed on my own but there’s some 140 in the pipe line… After DMZ’s 10th birthday I did sit down and push up the tempo once again so maybe you’ll hear something soon!

You’re playing Boomtown this year. Looking forward? Always! Boomtown is a dope festival, I’ve done the last 2 years but this year I’m going back to back with Paleman, Chunks and Loefah. Yeh, you don’t want to miss that.

Once you’ve played, what acts are you going to be watching? Barrington Levi! I’m actually a Kate Tempest fan too, so it’s nice to see her doing well on a big line up. Apart from that, I’ll probably be lurking around the dance tents!

Tell us about the IKEA bucket hat… This hat… I came across a picture on Facebook and posted it. Then my pal Lei-Mai messaged me saying ‘I’m gonna knock some up’ so she did and sent me one. It got quite a lot of attention at Glasto and, best of all, kept the rain off my head!

How’s things with BBS going? What/ when is the next release? BBS is going well, we’ve got a few releases scheduled for September – Brian and Sort It. We’ve got some merchandise coming around the same time and watch this space for my video debut…

The Boomtown promo mix you’ve for us, what can you tell us about it? The mix is pretty much what I’ve been playing this year, with a few dubs an resurrecting some old hardcore.

Any final words or shoutouts? Enjoy the festival and catch you soon Big up Boomtown and yourself fellow Benton! FKOF, SWAMP81 and anyone that’s come to the raves or festivals to see me play!

See you at Boomtown!

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Catch Benton alongside Loefah, Paleman and Chunky at Boomtown next week
Buy tickets here; 18+ tickets start at £155 with a £16.50 booking fee. Full info here.

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