Bukez Finezt - FatKidOnFire Presents #9

Bukez Finezt

FatKidOnFire Presents #9

It’s rare that a tune unites everyone under the dubstep banner, from the deep heads to the tearout bros. It’s even rarer that people proclaim we’ve had the tune of the year a few months into a new year. The following producer, one who’s known for his skill on either side of the deep/ brostop divide, managed to achieve both of these goals with a tune so powerful it’s been supported by everyone worth knowing about across the bass music spectrum… And yes, unless you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard said tune, we feel it is as huge as everyone’s saying it is.

We are of course talking about Germany’s Bukez Finezt and his tune Under Control. It’s a notorious production, one that’s destroyed every dance it’s been dropped at and has managed to get the 140 faithful frothing for its impending vinyl and digital release (date TBA). We caught up with him earlier this year to discuss where in the hell the tune came from, what else he’s working on and where you guys can catch him playing out over the coming months. Oh and we sorted a pretty ridiculous FatKidOnFire Presents mix – and a FKOF free download (to celebrate our 800th upload on SoundCloud) – as well!

So here it is. This is FatKidOnFire Presents #9 – Bukez Finezt

Bukez Finezt x FatKidOnFire

Bukez Finezt x FatKidOnFire

Bukezt Finezt. How are you sir? Hey! I cant and won’t complain. I’m pretty good. Music is going fine and everything else in life keeps getting better! I’m a happy man.

Very glad to hear. I’ve got a few things I want to discuss with you, but first off (because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this answered) where did your name come from? What does it mean? Many, many people ask me this. I’ll try and make it short! I grew up in a village which is called Buke. I started producing Bigbeat and experimental stuff – mainly rap. At that time it was cool to write names and titles with a Z instead of a S. So ‘Bukes Finest’ was transformed into BUKEZ FINEZT… Tadaaa! And I’ve stuck with that name to this day.

You’re based in Cologne these days. What’s the German bass music scene like at the moment? Hmm. To be honest, I can’t 100% tell you because most of the shows I get booked for at the moment are in other countries. Sure, I have a few bookings here and there but right now I can only speak for the Cologne bass music scene – which is great! I love it.

I moved here two and a half years ago, because after experiencing nearly every big city in Germany I was most attracted to Cologne. Open-minded crowds and a huge range of promoters, parties and clubs. Every weekend you can visit a different show and experience different genres. From dubstep, DnB, jungle, techno, house to trap and even more. The scene in Cologne feels so versatile. Whenever I think it’s getting less interesting here there are always new opportunities popping up to enjoy music.

You’re one of a few producers known for a more ‘tearout’ production style who’s started gaining a following within the deeper dubstep sound. Why do you think that is? I’ve always been into all kinds of dubstep – as long as the track idea is unique and catches me. So that’s the same thing I try to achieve when working on new tunes. I was producing and playing deeper sounds before and always was amazed by some of the deeper tunes, they had a lot of energy and created that dark atmosphere I enjoy the most. So for me it seems like my latest productions are bringing something fresh to the table. I’m glad people (especially other big names) are starting to become more interested in that side of my production.

Given producers don’t seem to be sticking to one genre or sub-genre these days, what else are you producing at the moment? You’re right. Same with me, I love to throw different styles about and try new things out. Besides dubstep I’m also working on trap, rap beats, DnB, UK bass and some experimental kind of stuff. It’s just to see what I’m capable of!

What’s your production set up like? What’s the one piece of equipment you can’t live without? I’m currently working with my PC, a pair of Yamaha HS80m studio monitors, Sennheiser HD 24s and a Tascam US-144 interface. I couldnt live without my Yamahas for sure. Since I’ve had them, my skills in mixing down and mastering have grown a lot. Happy to own them! 

Bukez Finezt x FatKidOnFire

Under Control. Quite possibly the tune of 2014 and we’re only three months into the year! How did the tune come about? Haha, people keep telling me it’s their tune of 2014! Damn proud to hear. I don’t even remember how i threw that one down. I think I was watching the movie Metropia where I heard this vocal sample. It made me think of some deeper vibes for a tune. Next up were those two different clap sounds and the triolic synth. The main DROOOOONE everyone’s loving came at the end. At first, I didn’t even want to add anything else! But I’m happy I did.

And yeah, this tune is getting mad support. On one hand from people like Distance, J:Kenzo, Kahn, Hatcha, Coki and more to the totally opposite side like Protohype, Funtcase and others. More to come! 

Subway Music’s Nicon has confirmed Under Control features on a digital/ vinyl release you’ve got on the label. When did you start working with the imprint? I’ve known Nicon for a while now.

I was getting all the old Subway Music promos back in the days. DJ Madd, Noah D and the like. I’ve always been a fan of Nicon’s work. Then he booked me for a couple of shows and we started wanting to work out a release together. He liked Under Control and two other tunes… So here we are! Can’t wait to see this release coming out. So hyped!

Once your knee heals up (wish you all the best for that man!) you’re heading out to America for a US tour. How’s the planning for that going? My knee is going good. A bit of physiotherapy and 2 weeks in a knee brace. Then I should be back on track to play shows. Tony from Future Events was the first guy who was serious about getting me to the ‘States, so when I was in LA in Nov. 2013 I had a sick time and knew Tony is the man to work with. So far the feedback has pretty positive. Cant wait to hit for the tour!

What else can we expect from you over the next few months? I’m working hard on a few upcoming releases. Like I said earlier, I like to produce different styles. That’s why my next release will be the Subway Music one.

Then I’m working on my Firepower EP which would be a huge difference to Under Control and those kind of tunes. I also have an EP lined up on Bassclash and RVRSL. And my album on Sin City. A lot of work ahead! No dates for all those yet unfortunately. I’m sure there will be soon though!

And between all those projects, I’m sure I’ll have a few free downloads for my Facebook fanpage, SoundCloud and more. Keep your eyes open.

Any final words or shoutouts? Hope the knee heals up soon and we look forward to picking Under Control up later this year! Shoutouts to all the guys and girls who support me. From the fans to the artists. From legends to newcomers. From friends to promoters. Shouts to my crew from Cologne BASSLIEBE, my boys from the MONSTERS crew. My good friend and sometimes partner in crime Deskem (check him out!). Also shouts to Tony from Future Events and for sure you guys from the FatKidOnFire crew for working with me. Big up yourself!

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The FKOF review:
“The ambiguously titled Ricky opens with a slow but frequent skank alert that lurches in from the distance to slowly raise awareness of an impending breakdown. Bukez Finezt launches his version of sonic warfare, creating lethal soundwaves as he unleashes a harsh snare and brutal subweight.

“The minimalistic drum patterns maintain a compact structure that allows Bukez Finezt to take full advantage of the listening experience. His signature mid-ranges definitely fit into the spectrum of a captivating set of horns, blasting you away from reality. The abrupt ending of Ricky makes you crave for more German hysteria, created solely to fire up dance-floors for skanking without boundaries.”

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Track list:

  1. Proxima – Fallout [dub]
  2. Eshone – Chuck Finley [Elk Beats]
  3. Dream & Dubfreq – Dama Blanka [Prime Audio]
  4. Subreachers – Wisdom [dub]
  5. The Widdler – Evil Lab [dub]
  6. Distance – Andromeda [forthcoming Chestplate]
  7. Gantz – Salvo [Free]
  8. Perverse – Invasion [dub]
  9. Bukez Finezt & Deskem – Incubus [forthcoming Tsunami Audio]
  10. Clearlight – Circular Thinking (LAS remix) [Subaltern Records]
  11. Perverse – Rogue Wave [dub]
  12. Bukez Finezt – Under Control [forthcoming Subway Music]
  13. D-Operation Drop – Don’t Breathe [dub]
  14. Perverse – Baynan [dub]
  15. Khafu – Rain Dance (Tosti remix) [dub]
  16. Bukez Finezt – Homicida VIP [dub]
  17. Mala – Miracles (Commodo Remix) [Deep Medi]
  18. RDG – Unleash [dub]
  19. Eshone – Ups & Downs [Elk Beats]
  20. Skream – The Blue Crystal [Free]
  21. Impey – Bangclap [dub]
  22. D-Operation Drop ft. Reamz – Siege [dub]
  23. LTC – Shadow Boxing [dub]
  24. Eshone – Flight VIP [dub]
  25. Bukez Finezt – Dungeon Dave [dub]
  26. Congi & Fable – Smokers Dance [Chord Marauders]
  27. Bukez Finezt – Pace Yourself [Forthcoming Subway Music]
  28. Congi & Geode – Flow One [Chord Marauders]
  29. Shu – Distant Past [dub]
  30. Proxima – Trapped [dub]
  31. Bisweed – Aurora Borealis [dub]

We’ll have a FKOF Promo of the Under Control EP in the next few days. Eyes open!
Bukez is playing GetDarker TV (we think for the first time?!) next Tuesday. Details here.

Bukez Finezt

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