Kiroku 001 at The Silver Bullet - [Event Highlight]

Kiroku 001 at The Silver Bullet

[Event Highlight]

As we continue the hunt for the freshest upcoming producers and DJs, we often overlook the upcoming promoters looking to support our sound with new dubstep dances. It’s an area we’re looking to expand upon (so if you fall into this category, please get in touch) and luckily we’ve discovered a new events team in London we think is worth shouting about.

Kiroku, started by DJ Chuckman (with a little help from his friends), is a new night aiming to give “a real taste of that underground sound that was so good back when it all started“. While we’d argue it’s all good looking back given there’s so much good new bass music being created these days, we’re always interested when a new promotional outfit starts up. We’ve been there and it’s a hard thing to do – but when you get it right you get it really right.

Charlie and the Kiroku team are launching the brand tomorrow night with a free event at The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park, featuring a solid line up of established and newer names. They’re aiming to provide a platform – much like FKOF – to give upcomers a taste of what it’s like playing out to an audience. It’s an admirable concept (and one we hope does well), so we sat down with Chuckman to talk it through…


Yes Charlie, how are you man? I’m good thanks man, keeping busy! Got a few days off now so last minute preparations for Kiroku Thursday night. Hope you’re well mate.

All good thanks! How did you first get into DJing? Vinyl or CDs? Does it matter? I first got into Djing around four years ago when I started uni. I came up to London to study after spending most of my life in Oxford. There is no dubstep scene in Oxford (at all) so as soon as I got to London I could already tell there was something different about the music, it was really new to me. 

I met Albert, who is now a really good mate of mine, and he had some Numark turntables in his uni room and a whole load of vinyl. He had all sorts (from DMZ to Nightslugs); all this new music was really sick! I can remember going around his a lot and having a few beers and try and mix, it was proper tricky haha! But from then I was hooked.

I didn’t really know what vibe I was mixing until Albert showed me the 5 Years of Hyperdub album. The Mala track on there (Level 9) had me completely hooked. Since then, that’s what has been my main, I don’t know what you can really call it, sound? Just a feeling really, anything that makes me feel like that day when I first heard that tune – that’s what I like to DJ. I looked for some Technics on Gumtree and went to pick some up in South London. Knocked on this geezer’s door and it turned out to be Spectrasoul

I try to keep it strictly vinyl, I just love the in-the-moment adjustments keeping you on your toes and I’m a big lover of cutting dubplates so I try and cut them as often as I can. But it’s so expensive, an expensive addiction haha! I don’t think the format matters at all though, I use traktor too – because there are so many tunes out there that are only available digitally.

You’ve put together a FKOF mix, alongside Moodis, for your new night Kiroku. When did you two start working together? It was pretty much this time last year, we have only known each other about a year, but to be putting on a night together just proves what music can do. 

It’s funny actually because I never realised he was into the same tunes until one day I saw him in the break room at work with a baggy white and red FKOF t-shirt on! So big ups Moodis and FKOF.


What can you tell us about Kiroku? What made you want to run your own night? Since getting more into DJing I’ve always been looking further into playing out at clubs, I suppose there’s only so long you can be a bedroom DJ before you want to play somewhere else! But having a vinyl preference and also not really a name for myself, it’s difficult to play out anywhere. Also not being a producer (yet – watch this space haha!) I think it’s harder… 

This is what the night’s all about, new DJs and producers who are trying to do what they love, who are fresh on the scene and giving them that experience and joy of playing at a club in front of a crowd and maybe the chance to spin their own tunes for the first time.

You’ve got a pretty solid line up for the launch event! Why have you booked the artists you’ve got? I’ll start with Snooks first. He’s a top geezer. I’ve been chatting to him for a while now. Every time I pop down to BM Soho to pick up some vinyl, the atmosphere in there is amazing, easily the best record store in my opinion. And he’s the best guy to chat about tunes with! I told him about putting on the night and he’s been proper supportive from day one; flyers in the shop, promoting it on Twitter etc and I just said to him if you want have a set I’d love you to play and he was well up for it. He’s going to be doing a roots set so should be a real nice way to start off the first night. 

The rest of the guys on the lineup I have been chatting to for a while now too, some of them having been sending me dubs etc. They are all proper nice people, really good to see fresh talent in the scene and I really wanted to give these guys a chance to play out. I started a group chat with them one day and told them I was thinking about starting a night and they were all really on board with the idea, this was about three months ago, so thanks to them it’s been a lot easier to start a night! It’s nice to see people like Maes and Fybre, Lighta and Glumz not only produce but to put out on their own label, big salute to them.

For those that haven’t been, what’s your venue like? Any particular reason you’ve chosen the one you have? The venue is really nice. The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park. I was looking for a venue that was small and not anywhere too central – I think the location is key, anywhere too hyped might draw the wrong crowd. After looking around a lot I found The Silver Bullet right literally on my doorstep, I live 30 seconds from it! I researched it and found out they do a lot of similar nights there. One’s called Lionstance with people like Parris and Arkwright having played there. They also put on regular dub and jungle type nights too so I knew the venue was going to be up for it. 

Kiroku 001

In your opinion, which 3-5 producers are making the best sounds in bass music/ dubstep/ 140 (whatever you want to call it) at the moment? That’s a tough one! There’s so many! I’m really feeling Dubbacle at the moment, his tunes are straight fire. They’ve got a real good vibe about them and span across loads of different styles too.

I have to mention Cris Fern too. I spoke to him on the odd occasion, he was such a genuine guy, and he sent me some dubs too. His tunes were unreal in my opinion, such talent… Such a big shame. Rest in peace mate. 

NIGHTS is another sick upcoming producer. I’ve got to give him a special shout for his tunes he’s sent me and also eagerness to help out with Kiroku. Think one of his tunes got played by Keysound on Rinse FM a week back, so watch this space.

In terms of producers that are pretty well known, I have to mention Quest. For me he’s one of my favourite producers and the forthcoming Nebula Music release is incredible; so much emotion and soul in that release. I’m excited for this year, I reckon he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve.

I could easily mention way more than 3-5 producers right now, you only have to look as far as FKOF and OneFortyDeep to see some real upcoming talent. Look at the Kiroku line up, pure talent right there.

What’s your opinion on the vinyl vs digital discussion? I’m always going to be a vinyl head and I enjoy it that way. I do like digital though, it’s a great way for people to access tunes, not everyone can access vinyl or live in a place where it’s easy to go and hear someone play a vinyl set. I also think it’s a healthy discussion; keeps people on their toes and figuring out different ways to promote music. Looks like the tape maybe coming back too eh haha!

The Silver Bullet

Which artists can we expect to see on the Kiroku flyer in the future? How frequently will you be hosting the dances? Haha I’ve got a few names in the bag but nothing concrete yet! We’re going to get the first night over with then move on with that, but talks so far are healthy. The idea of the night isn’t about big names but giving opportunities for emerging talent. 

Don’t get me wrong though, I’d love a few bigger names here and there, that would be sick and I will try and make that happen. It’d be great for the lesser-known guys to play alongside the head honchos! We’ll see, but whatever the lineup it will be vibes! In terms of regular dances, I really want them to be a regular thing, maybe every 2-3 months. But we will have to see if we can make that happen.

Any shoutouts or final words? First of all, I’d like to say a huge shoutout to Andy over at OneFortyDeep, he gave me my first real chance at doing a guest mix and gave me that stepping stone to what I’m doing now, so big ups mate.

I‘d also like to shout out K-man. Before I started uploading my mixes to SoundCloud I would talk to him and I remember he gave me some feedback on my mixes and we still chat today so he’s been a big influence!

One last shout would have to go to Whistla for giving me the chance to have a regular show on the legendary, it’s crazy to think that I’m on a station that’s been around for so long and been so influential to many of the big names today. Proper big ups to Whistla!

Click to DOWNLOAD (132MB)

Track list:

  1. LV ft. Errol Bellot – Globetrotting [Hyperdub]
  2. MRK1 – Steppa Delights [Earwax]
  3. Silas – DP 001 [OneFortyDeep Free]
  4. Maes – Tuff Sound [dub]
  5. Creep n00m – Ya Man [dub]
  6. Digital Mystikz – Return II Space [DMZ]
  7. Kahn – Way Mi Defend [Box Clever]
  8. Cessman – Ghurka [Sin City Recordings]
  9. Mala – City Cycle [Tectonic]
  10. Dubbacle – Stargaze [Free]
  11. Blasta – Black Muscatel [Argon]
  12. Truth & Kromestar – Reality Twist [Free]
  13. Creep n00m – Stomp [Substruct Audio Free]
  14. Eshone – Ups & Downs [Elk Beats]
  15. Kromestar – They’re Just Dreams [Dubstep For Deep Heads]
  16. Creep n00m – Neptune [Free]
  17. B9 – Eclips [Redshift One]
  18. DBR UK – Bushy (Jafu remix) [Free]
  19. Congi & Jafu – December [Chord Marauders]
  20. Jafu – Desperate Falcons [Vulcan Audio]
  21. Rednote – Amsterdam [Free Download]
  22. Geode – We Are You [Chord Marauders]
  23. Deco – True Renegades [Deceast]
  24. Deaga Sound – Let it all go [Echodub]
  25. The Noble K – Arctic Tundra [Prolific Free]


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