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Sumting New x FatKidOnFire

We may only be a few weeks into the new year, but we’ve had a pretty good run of hugely respectable artists featured in the FatKidOnFire interviews since the end of 2013.

And tonight we add another big name to the roster. The latest FKOF interviewee might just be one of the biggest artists we’ve had feature in our 666 667 posts, one of the few producers to feature on one of the most important albums in dubstep and an artist who has collaborated with (and continues to) the sounds’ best producers.

As he sees another release added to an already spectacular discography, I caught up with Cotti for an in-depth chat to accompany his brilliant FKOF mix…

Cotti by Huy Cao

Easy guv, how’s it going? I’m well thanks bruva… Keeping it busy in the studio as per!

For those who don’t know you (although I doubt there’ll be many!), can you give a brief overview of who you are and what you do? My producer/ DJ name is Cotti. I run my own labels Sumting New & Bassface and I’ve been involved in the bass music scene, via dubstep, since 2006. I’ve collaborated with people like Coki, Kromestar, Skepta, Pmoney & Plastician (to name a few), and had with releases on labels such as Ministry of Sound, Fabric, MTA and Tempa.

Back in the early days, you had some pretty epic releases just as the dubstep sound was taking off. What were the early days like? Yeah in ’07/08 dubstep was very different in quite a few aspects, although there were still quite a few big nights and festivals which hosted dubstep – right across the globe.

When MTA released their first (12”) Rise the Temperature by myself and Doctor back in 2009, I was on tour in Australia/Nz for the second time and was just amazed with how far the scene had come already. My track The Legacy was also included on Caspa & Rusko’s Fabriclive.37 compilation, which was a pretty major catapult for the dubstep scene back then. It was the highest selling album out of the entire series!

What’s your production setup like? Which one piece of production equipment couldn’t you live without? Well I’m using a Pentium i7 PC with Reason 5, Yamaha HS80 monitors and a Tascam soundcard… I love Reason but I couldn’t do without my monitors either to be honest.

You run both SumtingNew and Bassface Records. When did you decide you wanted to run labels as well as well as produce and DJ? It was in 2007 that I decided to put out the first release on Bassface. It featured Kromestar and I as well as the The Legacy with Cluekid on -30; our label at the time. It can sometimes be hard to juggle both producing/DJing & running a label.


How have you found running your labels? Any pointers for those looking to start up and do the same? Well because I DJ and produce it gets a bit much sometimes and the releases end up being few and far between. It’s also hard sifting through so much music, looking for potential hits to release. The positives are you have full control on what gets released and when, which is really good – as long as you have a good distributor working for your label.

There seem to be lots of new labels popping up at the moment, challenging the more established imprints. What are your thoughts? Will these labels stand the test of time? Yes I have noticed that too… If you have a good business structure, can build a solid fan base and have some good music to offer then I’m sure some of these labels will stand the test of time while the rest fade away. I think it’s good that people want to take the initiative and set up their own label, just make sure your doing it for the right reason and with true commitment.

Of your back catalogue, which track do you feel best symbolises the Cotti sound? I think the Cotti ‘sound’ is a ting that evolves and is never stagnant…. I mean I was very well known for making tracks with a bit of a reggae influence incorporated; tracks like Sensi Dub and I Don’t Give A Dub but generally I like to mix the hard with the musical to create my sound.

You’ve toured internationally, taking the Cotti, STN and Bassface sounds to countries like NZ/ Australia, America Have you got any good tour stories? Of course I have – but what happens on tour stays on tour lol! Shout out to every last person who looked after me while touring, it has been EPIC!

Have you got any dubs that are consistently destroying the dance? Any producers you’re looking to sign to the labels we should watch for? Most of my classics (like Calm Down and Rise the Temperature always mash up da place), but a couple of the new ones do too, like Objection Dub & Papi Chulo – both of which are forthcoming on 12th Planet’s label Smog Records.

For my labels, I have signed EPs from Standard Procedure, Robokop and Hazy. I’m also trying to sort out an EP with Le Lion & another with a singer I have been working with called 2Nice – so look out for those soon hopefully . I’m definitely trying to put more time into looking for new music to release, so producers please feel free to hit me up with demos!

You’ve collaborated with some of dubstep’s biggest/ most-respected producers. What makes a good collaboration work? I think for a collab to work well you both gotta be on the same vibes and be able to take good and bad criticism. I think you’ve both got to have a similar vision of what you are trying to create and how to go about it. Finally, a little patience goes a long way!

Any final words or shout outs? Hope the labels goes well and talk to you both soon! Thanks bruva! I just want to big up all the people out there supporting me; old and new, fans and DJs, bloggers like yourself and anybody else doing their thing to support! Keep giving me a reason to make more music & keep your eyes peeled for lots more from me this year guaranteed!

Please don’t forget to take a few minutes to listen & download my brand new Got Amnesia EP – out now on Beatport via Bassclash Records! Thanks so much for hooking up with me and hosting my latest mix too… Speak soon! Peace!


Track list:

  1. RealTEK – Sea Bird [dub]
  2. Sepia – Wouldn’t Be The Same [dub]
  3. Hazy – Mayan [forthcoming Sumting New Recs]
  4. Cotti – Battle Cat [dub]
  5. Fish Finger – Dirty Skank Dub [dub]
  6. Quest – Visitor [Deep Medi]
  7. Bukez Finezt – Mix up Shit [dub]
  8. Wiley – Step 20 (Mystry & Felix remix) [dub]
  9. Kano & Elephant man ft. Benga – Busketeer [Free]
  10. Vodex & Cotti – Threez [dub]
  11. Standard Procedure ft. Jamakabi – Concrete Jungle [Bassclash Recs]
  12. Standard Procedure & Robokop – Untitled [forthcoming Sumting New Recs]
  13. P0gman ft. Gravity – Boom Bang Blaow [dub]
  14. Cotti & P0gman – Gun Finger [dub]
  15. Bloodthinners – Cryclone [dub]
  16. Hazy & Cotti – In the house [forthcoming Smog Recs]
  17. Cotti – Planetary Invasion [dub]
  18. Cotti – Sedition [Bassclash Recs]
  19. Ganz – Purple Forest [Terrorrhythm Recs]
  20. Cotti – Deletion [Bassclash Recs]
  21. Hazy & Cotti – Chillblains [forthcoming Sumting New Recs]
  22. Faze Miyaki – Fusion [dub]
  23. Vodex & Eddie K – Cosmic [dub]
  24. P0gman & dubloadz – Hustle Life [forthcoming IamAudio]
  25. Cotti – Papi Chulo [forthcoming Smog Recs]
  26. Cotti ft. Killa P – Dub Warrior [forthcoming Sumting New Recs]
  27. Coki & Cotti – Dread Haze [dub]
  28. Cotti – Where’s Tony Gone [forthcoming Future follower Recs]
  29. Cotti – TrapVador [dub]
  30. Cotti – Shell a Dance [forthcoming Smog Recs]
  31. Cotti ft. Badness, Killa P & 2Nice – Soundbwoy Murderer [dub]
  32. Le Lion – Exquisite [dub]
  33. Gh0ul – Mint [Free]


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