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Demon x FatKidOnFire

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It’s been a while coming, no thanks to my lack of organisation me moving house (amongst other things) but Korrupt‘s back here on FatKidOnFire with his latest Interview + Review – this time with an producer, DJ, record founder (is there anything this guy doesn’t do?!) who’s featured heavily on FKOF throughout our history…


When you read or hear the word M.U.D, most of you will be familiar with the label I’m talking about. Raff a.k.a. Demon and 9er’s Macabre Unit has been around, in a number of guises, for almost fifteen years. Starting out as a grime outfit, and then morphing into grime and dubstep and then launching as Macabre Unit Digital (and Vinyl) a few years ago, the label and its members have been involved in shaping the scene to what it is today.

After meeting Raff almost a year ago in person, my love for his label has grown to unimaginable heights. His view on life and music is something I identify with on an extremely personal level. Having finally been able to get to know the man behind a label I’ve been looking up to since it all started has been a true blessing.

The highlight of our time together in Heerlen after his set at Dubstance, was in his hotel room where we discussed the raw sides of life, while having a proper laugh with an evil grin on our faces.

As you may know, his label represents the deep and raw cut that we within the scene call ‘dark dubstep’. With Demon’s next release releasing around about now on the vinyl Macabre Unit imprint, the label is growing stronger than ever. Not forgetting his upcoming (and debut) U.S. tour alongside fellow M.U.D soldier Biome, the producer is getting ready to spread the Macabre Unit virus internationally.

When I recently met up with him in Rotterdam at Blendits (where I had the honour to support him and V.I.V.E.K), we both agreed it was time for a new interview here on FKOF. After a good laugh and a few killer sets, we decided to sit down to discuss a few new developments within the M.U.D camp, while having a raw, rusty drink…

Ez Raff, how’s the M.U.D life treating you? Yeah all good man, the label is doing really well. I’m in a good place with my productions – and I’m getting to see some great parts of the world through the DJing as well.  All good times and a true blessing!

All the heads know that ‘dubstep ain’t dead’, but what are your thoughts on the scene at the moment? Dubstep has a lot of depth as a genre, and has a lot to offer through the many different styles it holds. When you have that in a genre, it will only keep growing without any limits – and of course change and evolve . That can technically cause artists or fans to drop off and seek musical pleasure in other genres, purely because they’re just not feeling where it’s heading.

On the other hand, as the scene grows and changes, it will also acquire new artists and new fans that will bring something new to the table. Personally I think our scene is quite healthy, as so many (upcoming) artists are making so much good music – along with the support of good labels. The DJ circuit is lively and some artists are managing to live off it.

To me that spells out a healthy scene.


There are a lot of developments going on within the M.U.D. camp, what’s going on? It’s growing fast on all fronts: both as a record label and as a brand. With all the artists involved making big music, I’ve been forced to up the output level of the releases in both digital and vinyl format. You will be seeing a lot quality music come from us in the near future! We’re also looking into more label nights within the UK and overseas in the future to share the pure M.U.D sound.

Explain how you got around the M.U.D logo and what does it stand for? The previous Macabre Unit logo (before M.U.D you know as of today) was actually an industrial looking eye. The idea for the eye all came about when 9er and I first started Macabre Unit and were trying to think of a logo for it. We were like ‘see the world through the eyes of macabre’. In the end I think we thought we were some kind of ‘cyber net music warriors’ or something, haha!

We got a pal to draw up an industrial looking eye and ended up being the logo for Macabre Unit up until M.U.D actually came about. When I reformed it into the label it is now, I wanted to bring a new logo in so I hooked up with a designer and explained the same story – but I still wanted to keep the whole eye thing going on.

Ultimately, the triangle image is an ‘Ancient Germanic’ dragon’s eye.

Biome’s latest release has just come out, it’s almost as if he’s recently signed exclusively to your imprint. Is this the case? No, he isn’t signed exclusively to M.U.D, but I am pleased that my label is one of those he chooses to release with. His beats are so high-grade – simply flawless!

Of your productions, what is your favorite collaboration? I don’t think there’s an actual collaboration out there alongside one of my artists that I don’t like. I really enjoyed working with all the lads, sometimes it’s in the studio together sometimes online through the use of stems. In the end, we all share the same kind of vibe with regards to music production, which makes it easy to work with one another.

What does the future for you and the M.U.D camp hold? From the crew, you can expect a lot more forward-thinking music coming out on both our digital and vinyl imprint. The releases will be backed up by loads of new merchandise, label nights & (hopefully worldwide) tours.

As for myself, my aim is to keep making music, keep my label on form and get myself on the DJ circuit full on.

We’ll no doubt be catching up with Demon in the coming months, but until then he’s kindly put together a mix of the tunes he’s feeling, a few of his dubs and few of the forthcoming Macabre Unit releases. We’ve also got a pretty FKOFing huge free download to give away as well. Free downloads below!


Track list:

1. Demon – Parachutes [dub]
2. Biome – Brimstone [MUV007]
3. Demon – Kombat [forthcoming FKOF]
4. Rekta – Champion [forthcoming MUD022]
5. Dcult – Liu Kang [dub]
6. Demon & Chapta – Fate [forthcoming MUV006]
7. Biome – Function [dub]
8. Nomine – Ninjah [dub]
9. Demon – Molecule [dub]
10. Sleeper – Systema [forthcoming CHST028]
11. Demon – Morning Glory [dub]
12. Biome – The Descent [dub]
13. Demon – Physics [dub]
14. Biome – Stuck Loop [dub]
15. NDread – Untitled [dub]

Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

Korrupt’s review:
“Evil soundscapes slowly rise from the surface of ‘Kombat’, energised by organic-sounding elements that also add a sinister feeling to the this brutal production. The listener is introduced to haunting vocal samples that twist around the production – until the drop reveals itself and the aggressive growls start to attack. The crisp and raw percussion reflects Demon’s signature: heavy, minimalistic drum patterns – with multi-layered and panned snares really tightening the effect of Kombat.

“The second drop has been composed intelligently; with the original drum patterns returning, supported by silences, which are filled by twisted samples that set the mind on edge. As the track progresses towards the end, the hypnotising vocals return. New percussive elements appear, adding extra weight. Demon’s prints are all over ‘Kombat’; this is a production once again highlighting he’s a Freddy Krueger-esque nightmare machine, ripping the listener to pieces with his notorious Macabre Unit sound.”


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Peace, love and respect.