Demon x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Demon x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

Two years and five days ago, to the day, I published the MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire feature with grime and dubstep don Demon. Since then, Demon’s gone on to found a now legendary dubstep label, M.U.D, released a stack of his own tunes and supported a few fairly spectacular up-and-comers.

Next month, Demon is returning to his roots and releasing the debut release on his new grime imprint, Unit Jams. I caught up with him earlier this week to discuss what’s happened in the last two years and what we can expect from him and the labels in the future…

Easy Raff, you well? Apart from recently getting slaughtered (hahaha) by the FKOF gang at the FKOF x M.U.D ‘clash, what have you been up to?! Easy Wil, I’m going to ignore that first part of that question and go straight to the second part! Well what with starting M.U.D, practically living in the studio and DJing I’m very much flat out at the moment. It’s the way I like it to be fair; a busy mind is a healthy mind as they say.

It’s hard to believe you were one of the first artists to feature in the MIG x FKOF series, one of the first to feature on the site full stop! What’s changed for you since then? From that first feature everything has changed, I started M.U.D – which completely raised the bar with regards to my contribution to the scene, and in turn it pushed me as a producer and DJ. These last 14 months have been quite a whirlwind, one with no signs of calming down. I’m going to make sure it develops into a full blown storm!

This grime label you’re setting up then. Tell us about that… Ok, ‘Unit Jams’ is being set up under the M.U.D umbrella to re-release alot of the old ‘Macabre Unit’ grime along with both new material and un-released material. My reason for setting it up is to give back a bit to the grime scene (one that gave so much to me in the past).

After thinking long and hard about it, I was feeling that I would be somewhat of a mug if I didn’t use my distribution deal to its full potential, so after submitting a plan to them they agreed to back me and here we are… All of the tracks will be released under the Macabre Unit name but it won’t be just me and 9er who will be producing the tracks; there are many other artists who will be involved in supplying the material!

M.U.D’s doing amazingly well these days! In terms of new producers joining the roster, who are you most excited about? Well I’ve not taken on too many artists from the ones that I originally had on board, however Perverse and Chapta are two new guys to the stable. Perverse I believe we know much about with a string of great releases on some very respected imprints. Chapta on the other hand has his debut release dropping in January of next year, and to be fair to him it’s some of the best un-heard music out there at the moment in my opinion. You will be seeing a lot more from this guy in the future!

Plans for 2013? What should we be expecting from Demon, the M.U.D family and the grime crew? Ok. Well as for myself, I will still be making music to melt your face off and I’m also looking to get well established in the DJing side of things… I want to travel the world with my music.

M.U.D will of course be bringing even more music from the future, all the artists have grown and are continuing to do so as the weeks and months go on. I am quite scared to see what the guys will cook up in 2013!

The grime thing will kind of work in the same way, no matter what imprint, it’s all about good music and making good music available to the masses.

Can you tell us a bit about the awesome Macabre Unit tune you’ve given away as a FKOF free download? The track I’ve given away as a FKOF free download is the eurotrash remix of ‘Horror show’. The original was a track I made in around 2004-5. Off the back of grime this track really was different from the usual grime that was out there, I think this track changed the whole course of my production adventure – I can still hear the original in so many of my current tracks, it’s funny!

But yeah, 9er hit the remix duties on this one and to be fair to him he’s done it proud. I actually though I’d lost the wav for it, but finding it recently on a old hard drive made me smile from ear to ear, so when this feature popped up there was only one track that was suitable for this mission!

Last but not least, can you name three dubstep artists we should all be following? Who’s dubs are setting off the dances? Ok well as you well know 3 artists won’t even scratch the surface. I’m surrounded by such good music at such a high level of production quality… I’m going to not mention anyone M.U.D as you already know my feelings towards my soldier’s music!

  • Indigo – one of my favourite engineers in the industry, the guy can turn his hand to anything and do it with the up most respect. A true G!
  • District – this guy actually makes me feel like a possessed man when his tracks drop in the dance… He has a bit of me in all his music.
  • Gantz – his sound is so unique, so deep and dark… He is one to watch for if he’s not yet caught your eye.

To celebrate the launch of Unit Jams and the debut release, Demon’s very kindly given an old Macabre Unit tune away as a FKOF free download – and also, because that’s just how he does things, he’s offered up a half hour of fresh dubs that you might be hearing more of in the future…


Korrupt’s review of the Euro Trash refix of Macabre Unit’s ‘Horror Show’:

“A nicely layered, deep and emotive pad reminiscent of funeral music opens the track. This feeling is enhanced by a beautiful solid female vocal which fades out with a delay.

“The drop sounds heavy – the high tones are captivating and, combined with the resonating basslines, form a solid foundation to the track. The kick pounds well and the snare hits nicely, along with a great minimal approach to the drum patterns. The low-end sounds warm, giving the mid-range basslines support by adding some extra force. The break is amazing, with a great vocal coming in with a synthesizing sound more complex than the listener has heard before.

“The second drop is nice with a great grime vibe coming off the elements involved – great dynamics all round. This track has a great old-school feel to it; a serious free tune from the Macabre Unit family!”


Track list:

1. Demon – Intern [dub]
2. Demon – Hemorrhage [dub]
3. Demon ft. Beezy – Manipulation [dub]
4. Catacombs – Dimension (Demon 6fbs remix) [dub]
5. Demon – Door 13 [dub]
6. Saffire d’soul – Sweet Music (Demon 6fbs remix) [dub]
7. Demon & Catacombs – Cursed [dub]
8. Demon – Frostbite VIP [dub]
9. Demon ft. Beezy – Blackout [dub]
10. Occult – Sidious (Demon 6fbs remix) [dub]
11. NDread – Oceans Eleven (Demon 6fbs rmx) [dub]

‘Unit Jams Volume 1’ will be dropping December 17th – and you can stream the release on SoundCloud here. Demon’s also got an upcoming release on ICU Audio that drops this coming Monday (26th November 2012).

Both releases will be available from all good stores!

Peace, love and respect.