Disonata - MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #138


MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #138

It’s that time of my week – where I finally get around to uploading the feature to go with the latest MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire mix that went up almost two weeks ago. Luckily there’s a great interview to go with Disonata‘s mix (to make up for the delay in getting the feature up) and the feature that’s coming after is just on another level. Hold tight!

I’ve been hearing bits from Karl Disonata in mixes and from other producers for as long as I can remember; he’s released tunes with some of the best smaller labels and been on collabs that have been long-term residents on my iTunes archive. I’m pretty pleased to finally caught up with him and added him to the list of producers we’ve featured, I’m just sorry it’s taken this long…

How’s it going Karl, all good? I am very well thank you!

Awesome! Disonata – who and what is he? Disonata is the name of my electronic music production project, mainly focusing on the 140bpm area (with a few variations from time to time).

How would you describe your sound? Well, it’s hard to say as I don’t always stick to the more aggressive “dancefloor” stuff or the darker or more melodic side of things. I always like to use melodies in my music – and create a type of energy. Whether it be one that makes you want to jump about or one that makes you want to sit and just listen to the soundscape that’s been created.

People say that they can tell when a track is mine, but I don’t know what it is that makes them say that or defines it as a Disonata track. So if I ever find out I can let you know haha!

What was the first dubstep tune you ever heard? I think it was L-Wiz’s ‘Girl From Codiene City‘, or at least thats the first one that made me sit up and be like “what the FKOF is this?! I need more of it in my life”!

When did you decide you wanted to produce as well as listen? For me it wasn’t so much a decision of “I want to be a producer” as much as it was a natural progression. I always played in bands and stuff and when I started college in 2008 I had access to computers with DAWs and just started messing around. It wasn’t long before I realised I could make a finished product without having to rely on other people and shifting loads of gear to different rehearsal studios, so I got myself set up at home and just cracked on.

How do you go about building your tunes? I have no set formula really, I rarely even start a tune knowing how I want it to sound. It will usually just be messing around with samples or different synths to just get that one line or sound that sparks off the rest of the tune. Drums and percussion are the main thing I do early on though, once I’ve got a rough idea of any musicality down I usually start building my drums and build on from there.

What’s your production setup like? Pretty basic really, I don’t have loads of analogue equipment or anything like that. I use Reason 5 (but about to step up to 6.5), KRK VXT8s, Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, M-Audio Oxygen 49 midi keyboard and AKG K240 MK2 referencing headphones.

You’re affiliated with some of the best smaller labels in dubstep, and have had support from some of the biggest DJs in the scene. How have you found getting your beats signed and supported, has it been a relatively easy process? I think it can be difficult with so many people sending people tunes on a daily basis, the bigger the name of the person the more sh!t they get flooded with. I think that the music always speaks for itself though, if you’re getting noticed then it’s for a reason. You just have to network and be nice to people, if you get criticism then take it on the chin and work harder. It can’t hurt to have high standards!

Another standard question you’re probably bored to death of. Do you prefer turntables or CDJs for playing out? Does it matter? I prefer turntables, but that’s because I’ve never actually used CDJs! The unfortunate thing is though, that because they’ve been somewhat phased out the maintenance on turntables in clubs is getting increasingly poor so it’s getting harder and harder to play on them. From my experience at least, this is what I’ve found.

Generally though, no I don’t think it matters what you use. It’s a way for people to play the music they like to others.

How long have you been playing out? If you could pick any of your recent bookings, what would be your favourite – and why? About 2 years now, and I’d have to say Bassliebe in Cologne, Germany. Just because everyone there was so friendly and I was over there for a few days and the city was awesome too. So it was just a great experience all around!

Have you always produced dubstep? Ever tried your hand at anything else? Yeah pretty much, there has been a couple of tunes nearer the 132/134bpm mark which are little more funky house/garage like but mainly it’s been dubstep yeah.

Do you think producers need to make more than one genre of music these days? Not necessarily, I don’t think they need to but I do think it shows good versatility when a producer can nail all sorts of different genres. 

Where do you see the dubstep ‘sound’ moving to over the next year or so? Hmmmm… I’m already seeing a lot more of the techno influenced stuff make its way into the light, so for the darker sounds I can see this direction maybe being pushed. I think the commercial stuff will still be there but the people who are interested in discovering the truer sounds will take the time to find them.

Other than the recent releases discussed earlier, have you got any tunes forthcoming we should be looking out for? Anything physical? I have a lot of things lined up for the next few months, including tracks with Bassclash, Requiem Audio, Second To None and other labels I can’t confirm until it’s 100%, but there are things in the works. There was a physical release due, but as a result of the volatile physical music market at the moment it’s at an uncertain status so I can’t really confirm that at the moment.

In terms of advice, what are your top points for new producers and DJs looking to get heard or signed? Take your time, I can’t tell you how many people I see post stuff you can tell hasn’t had the time it needs. Other then that just speak to labels that release music you like and make connections and be friendly.

Tell us about your MIG x FKOF mix… In a nutshell, it’s a collection of the more chilled out music I’ve been sent that I like. I don’t get much opportunity to play as much of this side of dubstep as I’d like so I took the opportunity to focus on the more melodic and atmospheric material.

Any shoutouts? Just to all the people that listen to my music and give me the support to keep doing it!

3 producers we should be following are…? I honestly can’t narrow it down that much, but just check out all the artists in the mix I did. They’re all making awesome tunes!

Best dubstep track ever produced is…? Ugh, what a horrible question! Haha…. I’d have to say Cher Lloyd’s ‘Dub on the Track………. because I can’t think of an actual answer.

As you do…?! Anyway. Best producer in dubstep to collab with is…? For me the easiest I’ve worked with is Anex, we’ve made a few tunes and they all seemed to just click.

66 minutes, 39 tracks and 38 of some of the most ridiculous dubs I’ve been fortunate enough to hear for a long time. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Track list:

1. Brownz – Think [dub]
2. Jafu – No More [dub]
3. Anex – Bella [dub]
4. Perverse – Obtuse [dub]
5. Geode – Aliased Fever [dub]
6. Percept – Khalka [dub]
7. Deadweight (Disonata & Anex) – Jigsaw [dub]
8. Dubapes – Africa Calling (Sparxy remix) [dub]
9. Caski – Infested [dub]
10. Perverse – Fucking Insanity [dub]
11. Gantz – Lifebound [dub]
12. Wayfarer – Spitting Fire [dub]
13. Taiko – Kukhuri [dub]
14. Klax – Lost Levels [dub]
15. District – The Shift [dub]
16. Twisted & Rakoon ft. Beezy – Secluded [dub]
17. Aelho – The Alliance [dub]
18. Droid Sector – Centipede [dub]
19. Perverse & Eleven8 – Cryosphere [dub]
20. Fable – Untitled Dub [dub]
21. Deadweight – Scratch The Surface [dub]
22. Congi – Disorder [dub]
23. Standard Procedure – Dusk (Disonata remix) [Drop Dem Records]
24. Geode – Get Dem [dub]
25. Vaun – Love & Learn [dub]
26. Nanobyte – Want For Nothing [dub]
27. Wayfarer – Shaman [dub]
28. Occult & Vantage – Contagion [dub]
29. Caski – Sandstone [forthcoming ****]
30. Disonata – Overload [dub]
31. Eleven8 – Catch Your Breath [dub]
32. Blynk – Phonic [dub]
33. Jafu – Devil’s Night [dub]
34. Tallan – All Night [dub]
35. Pheral – Tribesman [dub]
36. Deadweight – Bring Me Down [dub]
37. Catacombs & Knowledge – Old Town (District remix) [dub]
38. Disonata & Badklaat – Colossus [dub]
39. District – Kraken [dub]

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