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New World Audio

DJ Squarewave x FatKidOnFire

Ahead of the latest release on his New World Audio imprint, I recently caught up with founder DJ Squarewave. The producer, DJ, radio host and label owner has a pretty illustrious career – with releases and support from some of the sounds biggest labels and artists – so it’s an honour to have him feature here on FatKidOnFire.

We’ve also got a brand new (and pretty stellar) FKOF mix from Squarewave – which you can stream and download below…

DJ Squarewave

For those that don’t know, who and what is DJ Squarewave? I’m a producer, DJ, record label owner and music and art lover from East London.

New World Audio has been running for almost four years now – how would you best describe its sound? We make sound system music; bass heavy for the clubs and the cars!

What can you tell us about the new release? The latest release Babylon EP features my brother Sukh Knight, myself and friends Shandy, Nuphlo and Digid. We have all known each other for a while (and collab together often) so it’s a family affair!

How’s radio for spreading new music – is it still a good channel for people to hear new bits (compared to the likes of YouTube or SoundCloud etc)? All the tunes on the Babylon EP have been tested in the clubs and on radio and have been going off. We chose the tracks the people messaged us most about and decided to put them out.

The Shandy track, for instance, was made in 2007 and Sukh’s been playing it for years. The people wanted that one bad!

You’ve got a weekly radio show on London’s Kool FM – how did that relationship come about? Chef and Eastman, who run Kool FM, wanted some young blood to bring new flavas to the station, because traditionally it had been a reggae, jungle and DnB station. They hollered at Sukh and I and we started back in the summer of 2011!

How’s radio for spreading new music – is it still a good channel for people to hear new bits (compared to the likes of YouTube or SoundCloud etc)? Analogue radio is still my favourite medium. If you want to hear the freshest tunes then we usually play and test them first on the radio show and then the clubs. YouTube and SoundCloud comes years after when we are ready to release something.

What would you say the best tune (dub or release) of last year would be? Best tune? Well, the one that causes the most damage is Kromestar’s Mere Sher[Out soon on NMG]

When you sit down to write a tune, have you got a specific structure or process? These days, I usually have an idea for a tune in my head when I enter the studio – but for years it was just messing around; spending as much time as possible in there building up my skills.

Now I have the knowledge of how to quickly recreate what’s in my head.

DJ Squarewave

What’s your most favoured piece of kit in your production set up? My favourite piece of kit is my Dynaudio monitors – but with my soundproofed room. They go hand in hand.

In terms of the newer music you’ve got at the minute, which artists are making music that goes off in the dance? The tunes that go off in the dance the most are by Kromestar, Digid, Sukh Knight and Shandy. I play mostly NWA tunes when I play out a dubstep set.

Your mix for FKOF has a few dubs, a few NWA releases and then music from artists you’ve worked pretty closely with. What can you tell us about the mix – is it a good indicator of your vibe when playing out? I went a bit deeper with the mix than I would in the clubs usually, but this year I am looking to make more musical pieces rather than the straight out bangers which we’ve been doing for years now.

Any final words or shoutouts? Thanks for your time and catch you soon! shout out to everyone supporting the label and my music! Tune into the radio show every other Thursday on Kool London and watch out for the NWA club night starting at Plan B in May 2014…


Track list:

  1. Shandy – Distant Intro
  2. Squarewave – Way Of Life [dub]
  3. Shandy – Ganges [dub]
  4. Digid – Time Capture [New World Audio]
  5. Shandy – Crack [New World Audio]
  6. Nuphlo – Backspaced [New World Audio]
  7. Demon – Molecule [MUD]
  8. Occult – Harbinger (DJ Squarewave remix) [dub]
  9. Kromestar – Mere Sher [forthcoming Nebula]
  10. Sukh Knight – Angels [Stripes Records]
  11. Shandy – Herb (DJ Squarewave remix) [New World Audio]
  12. Sukh Knight – Pai Mei Technique [New World Audio]
  13. Kromestar – Despite [forthcoming Nebula]
  14. Mala – Miracles (Commodo remix) [Deep Medi]
  15. Sukh Knight – Babylon [New World Audio]
  16. Squarewave and Elvee – Whispers [dub]
  17. Las – Zaikedelic [BOXCLEVER]
  18. Digid and Squarewave – Untitled [dub]
  19. King Earthquake – Hornsman (Digid remix) [Free]
  20. Digid and Squarewave – Rooftop Stepper [dub]

NWA013 is out now – grab it from Juno here.

Dj Squarewave

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