Down The Mine - Duku & Sibla x FatKidOnFire

Down The Mine

Duku & Sibla x FatKidOnFire

Having first met the duo during my Lithuanian dubstep adventure, and experiencing their skill behind the decks, I’ve been keen to feature Duku and Sibla here on FatKidOnFire in some form or other since returning from Vilnius. The duo co-founded, and are responsible for, Brighton’s The Mine – one of the most highly regarded dubstep events in South East England and are both extremely accomplished vinyl-only DJs.

Ahead of their upcoming event with Leon Switch in a few weeks, I talked to Andrej and Albis about their history, their talents and their future. And we’ve got an exclusive dub-littered b2b mix from the duo as well…

Occult & Sibla at The Mine, Brighton (photo by Ben Donoghue Photography)

Easy guys, how’s it going? Hey Wil, all good, enjoying the spring on the coast. How are you?

Great thanks! Your event collective has a pretty respectable reputation for quality dances in Brighton. How did The Mine come about? Other than you, who’s involved? Do you think having a team helps with events? Thanks, always nice to hear good feedback! We work hard and try to deliver the best experience to the listeners.

Sibla and I are behind The Mine. We launched nearly two years ago now. The name was our homie Specta’s (aka Pablo Don) idea, it’s actually not the first name he thought of, but was the one later used by mates (in this case us). We think that a team is very important, combining different people’s ideas to create the quality. The organisational part of things, artists selection and everything else is Sibla and my responsibility. We worked with Irie Pixel Media to deliver the visual experience from day one and Henrikas H2 designed the objects for our 3D visuals and joined us after moving to Brighton.

We started hosting nights back in 2010 in Luton. Occult has been involved as a resident DJ since the start. Gweni MC is on the mic hosting the night. In the first year, we experimented with most venues, bringing in different artists from across the UK as well as local DJs and our Lithuanian homies (who have good taste in music)! We gained quite a lot of experience and met our sound engineer Roger, who has built his own soundsytem and was known locally as “Roger on the B line” back in the garage days.

We recently changed the location to Brighton. It’s one of the best places on this planet, where the scene was big in the early days of dubstep. We discovered that there was nothing regular happening at the time (apart from the rare Goonie Island event) and decided to have a go at hosting our own night.

What’s the venue you’re based in, The Volks, like? The Volks is one of the oldest, most-legendary underground venues in Brighton. It has no sound limitations and is popular for its tolerance to electronic music. It’s open until the party lasts and when you exit you see the sea in front of you – and also makes for a very nice afterparty spot in the warmer months.

What’s your system like? Any secret ingredients or is it a fairly simple set up? All in all, around 30K for this venue. The location has changed but the team hasn’t. We worked with Roger since the first night we met him. Even though he lives in Luton, he still brings his rig exclusively for our night. We use in-house Turbosound soundsystem with their amplifiers together with an additional 16 bass bins (similar to Mungos Hi-Fi’s, but smaller) powered by hand-made amps and Roger behind the controls.

Soundman down! At The Mine, Brighton (photo by Ben Donoghue Photography)

What are your key ingredients for a good rave? Hosting a night, you need a constant quality that you maintain in any venue. You need a balanced soundsytem that is heavy enought to create the pressure that dubstep is all about. The key ingredient of our signature event is sound quality and the choice of artists. We book our artists because of their sound, not because there is a hype around them. People with experience and difference as well as fresh and upcoming producers.

You just had Goth-Trad down for an intimate event, how did that go down? It was more like VIP with mates and the heads who are true followers of this sound. We were in the 10 below venue with 100 people capacity, 10K of Roger’s rig and maestro Goth-Trad on the decks with local support from Trojan F and the residents (me, Sibla & Occult). Gweni MC was on the mic and we had special guest Toast MC hosting G-T’s set. It’s was a night to remember. Goth-Trad is next level, both his live shows and DJ sets. He’s a wise man as well.

Who can we expect to see grace The Mine over the next few months? Our next event is on the 26th of April with (the man who doesn’t need an introduction) Leon Switch headlining. We’ve also got Syte, a DJ who has been around for many years and has done a lot for the scene, our German friend Gnista (who runs nights in Dresden and is one half of collective TRVE), a live hardware show from our Latvian fellas, Occult, local vinyl provider Donga from Well Rounded and us two.

Have you got any advice for new promoters looking to start out? Concentrate on a quality soundsystem as well as the vibe you are looking to deliver to the crowd. Don’t jump from one thing to another, stay focused and true to what you are doing.

Irie Pixel Media at The Mine, Brighton (photo by Ben Donoghue Photography)

You have close ties to Soundboys in Lithuania, how did that relationship start? Well, we have met in 2011 at a rave in my hometown of Klaipeda, they were providing the soundsystem. I got in contact with Nikita and was observing how great is the scene back home. I liked their approach to soundsystems and was inspired by their “people have to feel it” philosophy; which is exactly how dubstep producers want their music to be felt. Occult and I were invited to play at the 4th birthday. After that, my sets became pretty regular and I was offered an artist management role as well as building the lineups for future gigs.

You went and saw the result of our work over there, didn’t you!

Indeed I did. Still can’t wait to go back! You’re both wicked vinyl DJs – what are your three favourite tunes at the minute? DUKU: Wen’s Road, Batu’s Eraser and Commodo’s F_ck Mountain.

SIBLA: Kahn’s Way Mi Defend, Goth-Trad’s Cosmos and Digital Mystikz’s Coral Reef.

Hunting for the right tune at The Mine, Brighton (photo by Ben Donoghue Photography)

What can you tell us about the FKOF mix you’ve put together? We decided to record a studio mix to showcase some of the productions from our close friends that are part of our community. Most of the tunes have never been played out so enjoy some exclusives! We’ve also included some tracks by the producers we’re feeling and some free tracks to fulfil the spectrum of sound.

Any final words – or shoutouts? Big up FKOF! Thanks to everyone who is involved, to those who attend every night we host, for those who do it with us because of the idea. Shouts to Irie Pixel Media, to H2, to HBIIIART, to Solution Hz crew, to Teffa and shouts to all the artists we have booked so far!

Duku at The Mine, Brighton (photo by Ben Donoghue Photography)

Click to DOWNLOAD (108MB)

Track list:

  1. Trve – Tempest [dub]
  2. Sibla – Slow-Motion [dub]
  3. Teffa – Erike [dub]
  4. Unknown – Untitled [dub]
  5. Biome – The Scent [Free]
  6. Occult & Enno – Skynet [Dub]
  7. Klax – Link To The Past VIP [Uprise Audio]
  8. Teffa – New Era [dub]
  9. Sibla – Untitled [dub]
  10. Occult – Kuru [dub]
  11. Unknown – Untitled [dub]
  12. Teffa – Sonar [dub]
  13. Asylum – Afterlife [Free]
  14. Trve – Test Subjects [dub]
  15. Unknown – Untitled [dub]
  16. Trve – Slug [dub]
  17. Asylum – Embryo [Crunch Recordings]
  18. Unknown – Untitled [dub]
  19. Sibla – Regret [dub]
  20. Wen VS Epoch – Hydraulics [Egyptian Avenue]

Thanks to Ben Donoghue Photography for the wicked imagery
The Mine’s next event features Leon Switch, Syte, Occult, Gnista and the residents. Tickets/ info here.


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