Eva808 - FatKidOnFire Presents #20


FatKidOnFire Presents #20

The following FKOF Presents interviewee is one of the young artists we’ve watched come up and beat every expectation we had. We’ev been a long-time fan of Eva808 – even working with the young Scandinavian producer on a number of FKOF Free Downloads before she was known under her current alias.

Even in the early days, Eva’s sound was one we knew was destined for great things. And she’s not disappointed us. With a release on our own FKOFUn/Known02 last year and debut (digital and vinyl) releases with our friends at Encrypted Audio, the producer’s earmarked herself as a talent to watch.

There are few musicians that truly embody how fresh and exciting bass music is these days, but Eva808 is one of them. If you’re unconvinced, you need to listen to her contribution to the FKOF Presents series. It’s amazing.

We’ve been badgering the producer for a feature and mix for almost as long as we’ve been working with her – and we’re delighted to finally welcome her to these here pages. And, occasionally happens, the timing couldn’t have been better. ENV001 – both Eva and Encrypted Audio’s debut vinyl release – sold out in five hours late last night. So without further ado…

FatKidOnFire Presents #20 - Eva808

Hey Eva, how you doing? Hey! I’m alright at the moment thanks.

We’ve been after an FKOF Presents mix and feature with you for quite some time, great to finally have you on board! For anyone that doesn’t know you, can you introduce yourself? Haha yeah it’s about time isn’t it.. .But I also feel that now is the right time!

Yeah, I’m Eva and I come from Iceland… I currently live in Sweden and I’m 23 years young. And yeah. I make music.

How did you first get into bass music – what shaped your taste in music? I started listening to The Prodigy and such when I was like 12.

I was always into this cutting edge dark electronic music – I was always much of a loner and had a very big interest in music. I started listening to DnB and then later on I got into dubstep/140. It was around 2009 I think and I have been hooked on bass-heavy grooves ever since.

We’ve been long-time fans of your sound – even before your switch to the Eva808 alias. How would you best describe the music you produce? Hmm I don’t really know. Unquantised grooves, I love to sample vinyl…

Hip-hop/boombap-ish in a way. Grimey, analogue and dusty. Yeah, just my experiments around 140bpm – my take on bass music… Well, not always around 140bpm, but mostly.

We released your track Riddim was on last year’s FKOFUn/Known02. In the months that have followed, you’ve gone on to produce and release numerous ground-shifting productions on a range of imprints. What’s your secret behind your sound’s hypnotic feels?Hypnotic?! Well, if you say so!

Well I think it’s just in the layers and textures. listen carefully and maybe you’ll find out haha!


What’s your process for creating music? Have you got a set structure or pattern you follow for each track? I sometimes start out with drums. Sometimes I start out with a vinyl sample that I work around. It just depends on my mood and the inspiration at the time – maybe I have a certain vibe I’m going for or want to put a certain feel into sound.

I work on getting that groove – one that doesn’t feel too quantised or digital. That also depends on the tempo I’m going (for how I go about it). Sometimes I’ll start by cutting up breaks… It really just depends on my mood and the inspiration at the time! Experimenting with sounds really and putting the chaos in my head into sound.

You’re based in Stockholm and originally from another Scandinavian country. Can you describe the sounds coming out of northern Europe? It’s different vibes from each country I feel. Finnish brothers L A S and Mikael are on that dubby vibe, Kloudmen are on that stuff with twisted mids – it just goes on.

Everyone doing their own thing it seems to me!

You were one of the earliest producers Content and Deafblind signed to their Encrypted Audio imprint. Has working with the crew, has your perspective on music changed? I wouldn’t necessarily say it has. I’m still as inspired as I was to do my own thing… Maybe I feel a little more supported as I have Encrypted behind me supporting my sound and releasing my first vinyl? It’s always good to bounce ideas of each other and get some feedback on WIP stuff too.

In these digital times, with producers able to build a following and release their music themselves (in whatever format they like), what does a record label bring – do you think they’re still needed? Absolutely, I think record labels are still essential… Good labels that you know will always push good music and good artists. You can discover new artists through them and they’re a platform for artists to reach out to each other.

You also know these labels (mostly) will spend money on quality mastering and quality pressing and all that…

There’s nothing wrong with doing things on your own if you do it right and you invest in good mastering and you can for example easily move the vinyl you press etc. Maybe the artist will see a little more money from their music but the labels that have been running for years – and are always pushing forward-thinking sounds – are always a good place for artists to be in my opinion… But new labels have to start somewhere!

Who out of the Encrypted roster would you want collaborate with? Outside of EA, who are you eating at the moment? To be honest, I’m kind of a hard person to collab with because I have such a strong opinion of how I want something to sound. I’m not a fan of collaborating over the internet either… But I’m sure a couple of us will be able to meet in a studio someday and make something.

And at the moment, Commodo is always pushing his sound forward, that guy is a certified boss. Gundam is super fresh at the moment too – as well as DMVU, AGO, EGOLESS… There’s a lot of good stuff going on at the moment around 140bpm. Too many to name all of them but they know who they are! Also just in bass music in general – there’s a lot of stuff going on at the moment.

Eva808 - ENV001

With your first vinyl release now sold out on pre-order(!), how does it feel to release on wax – especially as it’s both yours and the label’s debut! It’s been a dream for so long to release my sounds on vinyl so this is a dream come true. It maybe the first but it’s 100% not the last. It feels great to have my debut on what is also the label’s debut vinyl release. All of us are very excited and I think people will be pleased with the final product!

Are you exclusive to Encrypted? Are there any other labels you’d like to release on one day? No I’m not exclusive to Encrypted. It’s more of a group of producers than strictly a label/business… We encourage each other to release on other labels too.

I’d love to release music on Innamind and one day on DEEP MEDi. If Swamp81 or Hessle Audio would do a 140bpm comeback that would be a dream too haha! As would releases on Hyperdub or Tectonic… There are lots of good labels around, so we’ll see what happens.

What can you tell us about the FKOF Presents mix you’ve put together for us? I think this mix really represents what I’m about – varied and fresh.

Both tunes I’m feeling and my own productions (there’s some new unheard stuff in there). It’s a selection of what you would hear if you saw me play somewhere…

Any final words or shoutouts? Thanks for having me on here and I hope you people reading will like the mix. Shout out to Lágtíðni!

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