“London soundsystem culture is our main influence” - Fearless Dread x FatKidOnFire

“London soundsystem culture is our main influence”

Fearless Dread x FatKidOnFire

With an ever-increasing wave of new producers rolling in — all of whom come with their own signature sound — we sometimes discover a musician whose vibration really takes us by storm.

One of these producers to recently catch our attention is Fearless Dread, a mysterious duo comprised of two rather gifted gentlemen. Gaining recognition with their recent SoundCloud uploads; it was I & I and N4 that suggested these two musicians were worth keeping tabs on. In fact, both tunes still cause the walls of our FKOF HQ to resonate on a daily basis…

After introducing ourselves and having a short back-and-forth, we were keen to sit down and have a short chat about the Fearless Dread project, alongside their future prospects and an intriguing upcoming vinyl release (on a newly established label no less). As ever, we strive to bring you the latest and best producers in the sound — so we’re blessed to introduce you to Fearless Dread via an interview and an exciting FKOF Free Download. Read, listen & enjoy…

Fearless Dread

Hey Fearless Dread, how are you doing? Good thanks bruv, busy as always! Hope you are well too. Thanks for asking us to do an interview and give away a FKOF Free Download!

Introduce yourselves! We’ve both been making and mixing music for a while. We love soundsystem culture and we both live in London.

You seem to be all about ‘letting the music do the talking’. Why? We think it’s easier for someone to give an honest opinion of a tune if they do not know who’s behind it. It doesn’t matter who has made it, if a good tune is a good tune, then what else matters? There are so many amazing producers around these days — it can be hard to stand out and be heard, so we like to just concentrate on the music and let it speak for itself.

So that’s why you guys operate anonymously? Basically, we love dubstep and UK bass music — but it is ever so slightly ego driven…

Not that it’s an issue but we just want to go back to the old days of dubstep; just mates making nice music and having fun. That way, we never get caught up in the politics, only ever in the vibe!

Will you ever reveal your identity? Haha probably! For now it’s really fun. I think only 3 or 4 people know who we really are — there’s two of us and that’s all we’ll say.

You’ve been uploading some pretty exciting music to SoundCloud… How have you found the reaction so far? The reaction has been very surprising — definitely not something we expected at all. It’s been amazing! Thanks to all the listeners and re-posters!

The reaction we got from our first tune we made (I&I), really spurred us on to make more tunes; we knew we were doing something right. N4 has been the tune that has had the most attention. There have been a lot of requests for that one, it’s nice to see people eager to have the beats you have built.

What influences your sound? London soundsystem culture is our main influence. Real dubstep, dub, reggae and all kinds of bass are some of the others.

What’s your formula? How do you guys tend to make music? We first tried to make beats individually and then send to each other over Facebook. That was okay but hard to really tell what kind of tune we wanted to make at that specific moment.

Now we meet up and make beats in the bedroom, N4 we made with one speaker working, but didn’t realise till it was finished haha! One of us tends to work on the drums, the other on the bass and synths. Then we just meet in the middle and construct the rest of the tune.

If there was to one favourite Fearless Dread track, which would it be? I love I&I as it was the first tune we made together! But N4 gets me going… We made it with only one speaker working, both of us on different computers, referencing each other in this hot room. Then we put it all together and played it and we just sat there smiling. It was the best feeling.

What can we expect release-wise and what labels would you like to release on in the future? N4 is actually forthcoming on vinyl via a new record label. Nothing can be said about the label yet, but watch this space!

We are really looking forward to the release. It’s difficult to pin-point the labels we would like to release on though. If the label is passionate about our music, then that’s what matters.

If you could take 5 tracks to the other side, what would they be?
Mala’s Alicia, Goldie’s Inner City Life, Coki’s Ruff Lovin’, Kromestar’s Kalawanji and Skream’s Disturbin Toyz.

Anything else you’d like to share with us? We’re currently working on loads of new bits so keep your eyes peeled! Big love to Olaf, FatKidOnFire, Beezy, VGB, Moodis, Chuckman and everyone else supporting – bless!

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The FKOF review:

“The mythical Fearless Dread project a raw and gloomy ambiance with their debut FKOF free download — an ambience that instantly draws you to the golden dubstep days. Days where a dark room and massive rig would be the vibe of the night. You can feel how sophisticated the duo’s music is by listening to the way the bassline is crafted, hitting the eardrums and sits heavy on the chest plate. Naughty samples fill the militant pace they’ve set at a half-time, which actually results in double the trouble. Their refreshing sound invades, builds a bridge between old and new, and confirms to us (once again) why they’re musicians to watch very closely. They know how to compel listeners from the very first moment through a deadly formula of vibrant frequencies, rhythms and a quality interpretation of high-end bassweight…”

Make sure you keep an eye on this exciting duo. These guys have been stacking some wonderful dubs — tunes we can’t wait to test out and own on vinyl. We’ve proud to bring you their first interview and hope you’ve enjoyed every second of their already infamous sound.

Peace, love & respect.