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If you missed the intro to the new series; I’m starting to expand both the team that contributes to FatKidOnFire and the sounds that we cover. With that came a new series, imaginatively called FKOF00, and a new author. Lawrence has featured on these here pages before – but has now come on board as both an A+R man for the FKOF00 sounds and also the interviewer.

He recently caught up with “patchwork techno with vocally bits” production and DJ prodigy Enjoyed (don’t worry, the quote will make sense once you start reading). The mix is a refreshing change of pace, sounds and features some of my favourite non-dubstep producers – and the interview makes for pretty good reading…

First off, how’s it going mate? It’s going well thanks. I’m getting pretty excited about the holiday period. I really love it when it gets super cold and dark. I tend to end up writing really sunny music as a result.

How long have you been producing? I’ve been making music since I was about 14 but it’s only been since 2008 that I really started making things that sounded reasonable. Officially I’ve had two EPs out through my own label, Shoes Off. There’s a bunch of older tracks floating around somewhere too.

How would you describe your own music in five words?
Patchwork Techno with vocally bits.

What’s the state of your technical setup? I’m currently rocking a slightly enhanced bedroom setup with my laptop as the hub and a collection of synths, mics and effects going in and out of Pro Tools. That’s all fed through my Tannoy monitors into my cosy studio/lounge combo.

If you could collaborate with another artist in your genre who would it be? One of the greats would be amazing… The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Fluke, Underworld…

But slightly more realistically, I’d love to work with someone like Chad Valley. Nothing compares to the sound of Hugo Manuel crooning in your eardrums. I’d love a chance to write some 90’s style dance music around that.

Can you suggest some other artists we should check out? Yes I can. My fellow Shoes Off peeps, Vanilla & P.SUS, are two extremely talented young beatmakers.

Vanilla has put out three incredible hip-hop albums built around his fine sampling skills and sultry beats – check out his latest ‘Soft Focus’ album for deliciousness.

Meanwhile, P.SUS creates incredibly warming slabs of electronica with some of the best chords and melodies on the interweb – have a listen to his 2011 EP ‘Heart Beats’ or his latest release on Shoes Off, ‘Inner Moonlight’.

Difficult question of the day. Is the internet killing the music industry? I don’t think it’s the internet. The problem is that people are happy to consider an illegally downloaded album as something they own. It’s hard when it’s all so readily available, but I definitely buy a lot more music now as a direct result of being able to listen to it first.

Music is also coming out a lot quicker, which makes it more expensive to keep up with your favourite bands on CD or what have you. I guess that is a result of the internet making the competition more fierce though… It’s a tough one.

Any shoutouts?
Happy Halloween, I guess!

Oh, and keep your ears dilated for a special release from Shoes Off on October 31st.

Another (relatively short) interview but another truly awesome mix in the FKOF00 series; featuring music from Hot Chip, BT, Underworld and a whole host of other brilliant producers. Free download as always!

As I mentioned in the FKOF001 post, Lawrence and I will be splitting the duties on the new FKOF00 series, so if you’re a producer or label pushing the sort of sounds featured below drop me or Lawrence an email!


Track list:

1. Hot Chip – Motion Sickness (Enjoyed remix)
2. BT – Smartbomb (Plump DJs remix)
3. Underworld – Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight remix)
4. Futureshock – Frequency
5. Daft Punk – Rinzler (Kaskade remix)
6. Moscow Youth Cult – Iris (Enjoyed 1995 remix)
7. Chemical Brothers – Come With Us (H Foundation remix)
8. Sasha – Boileroom
9. Fluke – Amp
10. Lone – Aquamarine
11. Layo & Bushwacka! – All Night Long
12. Enjoyed – Milk

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