Segal - FKOF003



It’s been a long time coming, but after a few months’ wait the latest FKOF00 feature is here. We’re going to be pushing a new mix and interview once a month here on FatKidOnFire – today’s is with legendary electronic producer Segal. If you grew up with Skins, you’ll know of Segal’s work via the following…

Segal is 26 year old Matthew Simpson from Lincolnshire. Having already self-released 2 EPs (‘Clutch EP‘ and ‘Tenthousand Needles‘), he has recently put the finishing touches to his debut full length ‘The Fens’. In his own words: ‘The Fens is the album I’ve always wanted to make. It is the sound of some bloke in the city dreaming of the country; thousand-yard-stare music’.


Lawrence caught up with Matt late last year and talked production, collaborations, the internet (always an interesting topic for us) and more.  Don’t forget to check the mix as well; 35m of audio brilliance.

First off, hows it going mate? Everything is going very well thank you. I’m in New York at the moment. Great city.

How long have you been producing,? I started writing music on my own when I was about 18/19. But I was in bands before that. Most of my friends at school were much more musical than me, but I used to pretend to be as good as them and just about got away with it. Most of my mates had instruments; mine was the drums.

How would you describe your own music in five words? Messy. Warm. Untechnical. Lofi. Mournful (maybe).

What’s the state of your technical set up? Literally: a fast desktop/laptop and some speakers. I keep it simple. Oh and a comfortable chair, that’s it. I am not of the opinion that a lot of gear will make you a good musician.

If you could collaborate with another artist in your genre who would it be? Good question. Probably Brian Eno, he is someone I admire. He has a musical philosophy that he stands by – and I respect that. Steve Reich as well, I’d love to do a track with him. 

Can you suggest some other artists we should check out? What am I listening to at the moment… Thundercat, Dave Monolith, Wisp, Tim Hecker, Mastodon, Future Sound of London (always).

Difficult question of the day. Is the internet killing the music industry? Absolutely not. But I’m against not paying for stuff. It even gets to me when I see people fare dodging on trains…..

I think to a certain extent the industry didn’t know how to react, because the internet became a viable outlet for music (both commercial and pirate) very quickly. But I think it has finally started to catch up, and there’s now far more emphasis on live performance than there used to be. Then there’s the music-to-picture angle, which I’m familiar with. Musicians are basically being asked to evolve or die.

The flipside to this is that artists who prefer to stay behind the scenes and create bodies of work are being forced out of the industry, in favor of sunglasses-wearing-exhibitionist-DJ-hipsters playing live (with vests and necklaces), here one week and gone the next. Longevity is hard to come by these days.

But here’s the bottom line: consider how many artists you would never have heard of if it weren’t for the internet.

Any shoutouts? Shoutout to Tom Martino.

As I mentioned in previous FKOF00 posts, Lawrence and I will be splitting the duties on the new series, so if you’re a producer or label pushing the sort of sounds featured below drop me or Lawrence an email!


1. Tim Hecker – The Piano Drop
2. Wisp – Picatrix
3. Untold – Stereo Freeze
4. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor remix)
5. Dopplereffekt – Master Organism
6. Segal – Tits and Beer
7. The Tuss – Synthacon 9
8. Dave Monolith – Zunker
9. Outputmessage – Glintz
10. Segal – Lincolnshire
11. Lil Wayne – A Milli
12. Clark – Dirty Pixie
13. Shitmat – Front 2 Da Back
14. Lorn – Ghosst

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