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[For anyone who hasn’t seen the recent updates on the FatKidOnFire Facebook or Twitter accounts, you’ll no doubt be wondering why we’ve been a bit quiet over the past month. I’ve been moving house – and, while the new place is absolutely brilliant, I haven’t got an internet connection sorted yet.]

[Apologies to everyone waiting on posts, uploads and replies to messages and emails, as you can probably understand there’s a bit of a backlog that I need to work through! Luckily the FKOF SoundCloud has taken a battering over the last few days with new mixes, FKOF free downloads, FKOF promos and more getting the upload – so if you’ve missed out on the recent uploads head over and have a look.]

While I sort through the backlog of drafted posts, I figured it was about damn time to resurrect the FKOF00 series. And what better way to do it than with “Digital Soundboy’s bass bad-ass” (a pretty apt quote from DJ Mag!) Dismantle? In the first collaborative post, in what will hopefully become a series of features, with our new friends at Boxfresh, I caught up with the rising bass music star after a recent trip to Stockholm…

“Born in 1989 and sold on the stalls of Greenwich market, Boxfresh is an original streetwear brand. Famed for its musical collaborations, this spring will see Boxfresh embark on an international journey with emerging dance DJ, Dismantle. The series entitled ‘Before Monday Comes’ will be a cultural catalogue across five cities, and documented by Vice magazine. The trip will see Dismantle travel to the most interesting and up-and-coming music scenes in New York, Beijing, Berlin, Stockholm and finally, London.”

FKOF006 - DIsmantle

Easy Will, how are you? All good thanks, I’ve just been enjoying the hot weather and been touring around for festival season!

It’s definitely my favourite time of year.    

You’ve really blown up recently, how have the past few months been for you? It has been wicked. Like I said, festival season is here and I’ve just worked out I’m doing over 20 festivals, as well as doing club sets!

Releases-wise, I haven’t had much out this year apart from remixes but my new EP will be out soon and I’m looking forward to showing that to everyone. 

You’ve played a few pretty huge gigs recently, what’s the one tune you’re playing at the moment that always destroys the dance? Jus Now’s ‘Tun Up’. It’s about a year old now but it came out earlier this year on Gutterfunk (DJ Dies’ label) and it goes off every time! About 10 people from Hideout festival asked me what it was. Bad tune!

Of the recent international bookings you’ve had, what’s been your favourite location? Probably Exit festival or Ibiza. Both are places any DJ would want to play at and the crowd and vibes were amazing! 

How did you get into producing music? What’s your set up like? I got into producing through DJing and wanted to see how tracks were made. I was about 14 when I started.

My set up is pretty simple; 2 sets of monitors, an iMac and some other equipment in a studio in south London.

FKOF006 - Dismantle

Which tune from your back catalogue would you want to be remembered by? I’m not too sure to be honest but I guess most people would say ‘Computation‘. I will always remember the time I made ‘Dots‘, I loved that tune at first and I rarely like my tunes!

You’re working with Boxfresh on the ‘Before Monday Comes‘ project; how did that come about? I got an email from my manager about this project so I went for a screen test in London for it. I got offered the job, took it and am really happy I did as it’s a great experience and steps into different territories outside music – which is never a bad thing.

It’s a random one, but there’s a lot of talk about headphones recently – production and DJing. What’s your recommendation? I hate using headphones to make tunes, which I need to learn to get used to for making tunes on road with the laptop. For DJing I always use Sennheiser HD-25 mk IIs.

Few short questions for you:

  • Best place to play out? Fabric. It’s one of the best clubs in the world and you can never beat a London crowd.
  • Best producer sending you tunes at the minute? If we’re talking new, check out Jello, Pote, Lex Vesper and Jus Now.
  • Best hangover cure? Another beer!
  • Is dubstep dead? No. The original dubstep sound is still there. That’s all I need to say.

Any final words? Thanks for your time! Big up to anyone who has been supporting my music recently! Thanks.

FKOF006 - Dismantle


Track list:

1. Spoils – Bad Things
2. Groove Box – Brooklyn
3. Jay Lumen – Play Cool the Old School
4. My Nu Leng – Contact
5. Oscar Luweez – Hustler
6. Mensah ft. Katy Shotter – Should Have Known
7. Torqux ft. Lady Lushur – Blazin
8. No Doubt – Push And Shove (Dismantle vs Major Lazer remix)
9. Jus Now ft. Bunji Garlin – Tun Up
10. Mario Ochoa – Shadows
11. Hever Jara – Voces Holandesas (Kevin Ayala A Bit Latin remix)
12. Kevin Ayala – Notting Hill
13. Victor Vergara – You Bring Me Joy (Kevin Ayala remix)
14. Shy Fx ft. Liam Bailey – Soon come
15. Eek A Mouse – Wah Do Dem
16. Nightbeat ft. Juliet – Addicted To Your Style
17. Dismantle – Spots
18. Marchmellow – Surprise Surprise
19. Dismantle – Warp
20. Enei – Rotate

Photos by Michael Mayren.
Thanks to the Boxfresh crew for all their help.


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