Format - FatKidOnFire Presents #3


FatKidOnFire Presents #3

As the FatKidOnFire Presents feature series start to pick up steam, after (you’ll hopefully agree) a truly astounding start, the latest addition to the roster is an artist who we’ve featured a few times here on FKOF.

The young producer’s been impressing us with his recent output – but when we discovered Format had recently signed to a pretty huge label with a digital and physical release, we figured it was high time to invite him back to these here pages and find out more.

So here it is: FatKidOnFire Presents #3 – Format…

FatKidOnFire Presents #3 - Format

FatKidOnFire Presents #3 - Format

Format! What’s good man, how are you? Safe man! I’m good thank you. Slightly suffering with this British weather though!

Introduce yourself in 10 words or less. Hello, I’m Format and I like to make music sometimes. 

You’ve had a pretty good run of releases recently – both out and forthcoming. What’s been the highlight of the year so far for you? Ben Verse deciding to put out ‘Moon Base’ and ‘Nemesis‘ on Crunch has been the biggest thing for me this year.

I’ve been a fan of his music and the Crunch catalogue for pretty much the entire time I’ve been doing the Format project so it’s an honour to release on the label!

My collab with Sparxy, ‘Mutation’, is also forthcoming this year but I don’t think I’m allowed to say who with…

We featured your ‘Furian’ remix, along with a short interview, last year – almost to the day. What’s changed for you since then? Production value mostly. I’m a lot happier with how my stuff is sounding this year compared to previously. Hopefully I’ll look back on this year in a similar way! I’ve had more tunes played on the radio this year, which is certainly a plus. I have finished my first year of university too. Met some sick producers there and it’s all played a huge part in the inspiration side of things!

In terms of new material, what can we expect from you in the next few months? I have some dubstep tracks finished off which not many people have heard yet and I’ve been working outside of the 140bpm spectrum a lot lately too. I’ve also got a few DnB bits stacked up and I’m also working on some 130bpm material too. I also make some orchestral/film music type tracks which are enjoyable to do.

In between that I’ve been writing some metal riffs and drum tracks that I plan to record sometime this year/next year! I find it’s nice to write/produce whatever you feel like at the time rather than feeling that you HAVE to make one style of music all the time.

You’ve only been producing since February 2010, what or who inspired you when you were first starting out? Why dubstep? The diversity of the genre was what first pulled me into it. People like Icicle, Biome and Sleeper + District are some of the artists who first inspired me to start the Format alias. Gotta shout out my good friend Chemist for introducing me to the sound though!

FatKidOnFire Presents #3 - Format

What was your first musical purchase? In terms of music creation; I think it was a Yamaha keyboard that my Mum got me for Christmas back when I was 14 or something haha! I think I spent a year or so on that learning the first few bars of ‘Für Elise‘ before I decided to move on and got my first guitar which was an Epiphone Les Paul!

If we’re talking about the first single I purchased, I can’t quite remember but it was probably something stupid.

What’s your DAW of choice? Any plugins you can’t live without? I used to exclusively use Reason but switched over to Ableton a year or so ago when I realised the limitations of the Reason stock plug ins. Ableton has some amazing stock plug ins and a generally nice interface. I rewire Reason for some synth patches because I do really rate the Reason synths. I don’t use many third party plug ins but FabFilter Pro-Q is a lifesaver and I use Albino for some synths.

I know you’re a fan of the new Proxima bits Yunx is playing – but in terms of the tunes out at the moment, what’s your favourite? Yeah man. Proxima is running circles around everyone else at the moment it seems! He is constantly pushing the bar and it seems like that is a bit of a rarity sometimes.

There are too many good tunes about to pick a favourite from but I’m feeling the stuff guys like Chemist, Subject, Batu, Konvex, D-Operation Drop and Piezo are putting out at the moment. There are loads more too but I’d be here forever!

You’ve collaborated with the likes of FKOF fam Deafblind and Sparxy. If you could collab with any producer – who would it be? Most likely Noisia, though I’m sure it would end up with them doing all the work. Would love to hear a more stripped back, 140bpm track from them! A collab with Konvex is also long overdue…

You’ve had support from the likes of N-Type and Biome on Rinse FM. How important do you think big name DJ support is for getting your name out there?  Hugely important. Most people use radio stations like Rinse FM to discover new music and these guys are pushing the sound to thousands of people who may never have heard your music before. I have a lot of respect for N-Type, Hatcha, Biome etc for playing a lot of tracks from small artists like myself. It’s nice to see established artists give up comers a chance.

Of your back catalogue, which one tune would you want to be remembered for? I don’t think I’ve made that tune yet. I always like to outdo myself with every new production so ask me again in a year haha! If it had to be any track that exists at the moment though, I’d probably say ‘Nemesis’ is the production I’m most proud of. 

Back in your feature last year you hadn’t had much luck with bookings – has that changed? If so, what’s been your best gig to date? Yeah I suppose so! I managed to play a fair few gigs in the last year so I’m thankful for that. One of my favourites was definitely Drop at Moles in Bath. Slack does such a sick job with those nights. Always packed. Big shouts to him!

Any final words or shootouts? Big shouts to N-Type, Hatcha, Biome and everybody else who has been playing my tunes out over the past year. Also out to my good mates Chemist, Konvex, Subject, Scalade, Majora, Batu and others who are all set to have a sick year ahead of them! And of course a big shout to the FKOF fam!


Korrupt’s review:
“Dark growls lurking around the introduction of Format’s ‘Warpath’, while grungy soundscapes take serious shapes before a dark shadow sets in as the tune drops. Format creates ghost-like atmospheres which disperse throughout the mix, warning that something dangerous is unfolding…??

“The crunchy percussion is really on point, as it maintain a solid pace throughout the production – it accentuates the tribal percussion right below the high end. The ever-present synths fade out with thanks to a wonderful set of delays and wide reverb.

“With a huge second drop, Format successfully sets the mind to killer mode. The listener is instantly dragged into a vision of utter destruction. A roller this aggressive opens the eyes to bloodshed and murder. As the listener experiences the final fade out, wandering the last couple of stones down the warpath; they will understand the strength this new Crunch signee brings to the label. Format and family taking over!”


Track list:

1. Batu – Eraser [forthcoming ???]
2. Kryptic Minds – Breach [Osiris Music]
3. Konvex – Ware [dub]
4. Chemist – Pessimist [Euphoric Records]
5. Format – Open Eyes [dub]
6. Konvex – Carrion [Crunch Recordings dub]
7. Format + Sparxy – Mutation [forthcoming ???]
8. Badklaat ft. Beezy – Calling [dub]
9. Konvex – Carbon Copy [dub]
10. Format – The Cycle [dub]
11. D-Operation Drop – Stronghold [dub]
12. Format – Nemesis [Crunch Recordings dub]
13. Piezo – Kaleya [dub]
14. Slaven – Sentinels [Gradient Audio]
15. Deafblind – Switch It Up [dub]
>> ??? – ??? [dub]
16. Format – Moon Base [Crunch Recordings dub]
17. Foreign Beggars ft. Alix Perez – LDN (Eddie K + Statix remix) [Never Say Die]
18. Format + Subject – Chasm [dub]
19. Feonix – Rockery [dub]
20. D-Operation Drop – Slammer [dub]
21. Konvex – Parallax [Wheel + Deal dub]
22. Subject – Pearlescent Waters [dub]
23. Author ft. Quantum Soul + Ben Glass – Gathered [Black Box]
24. Clarity – Counting Hours [Nu Directions]
25. Octane, DLR + Ant TC1 – Lost In Walrus [Dispatch Records]
26. Hentai – Kimoi [dub]

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