Fishing for Deep Tuna - Genetix x FatKidOnFire

Fishing for Deep Tuna

Genetix x FatKidOnFire

After our MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire feature with the duo a year ago last week, Genetix have continued to take both the tearout and deep sides of dubstep by storm. While doing so, they’ve built up an enviable collection of dubs that have recently seen release through their new imprints – Big Tuna and Deep Tuna. I caught up with Matt and Rich to learn more, and managed to sneak an exclusive FKOF Promo of DEEPTUNA001 and an all new FKOF mix from them at the same time…


Easy guys, how’s it going? Hi Wil, we’re very well thanks.

Glad to hear it! It’s been a year, almost to the day, since your MIG x FKOF feature. What’s changed? Well besides launching our label, everything’s the same. We’re still hitting the production hard and doing as many gigs as possible. We’ve also started mastering music now. Our first mastering job was the Wheelers And Dealers Vol. 2 compilation – where we mastered 90% of the tracks. We we’re really happy with it and it went into Juno at #1!

Big/ Deep Tuna. Tell us more about the label – is it two labels catering for your deeper stuff as well as the tearout you’re best known for? Basically Big Tuna is for our tearout stuff.

We’ve recently done a collab with Sadhu and also released one of his solo tracks. We going to be doing more releases like that in future.

The first 3 releases were just our productions as we had such a backlog to get out. Deep Tuna is going to be the deeper sister label focusing on our productions and other producer’s stuff that we play out. We’re also going to be doing some various artist EPs so each release will be like a mini-compilation of stuff we like.

Are you still producing the deeper stuff or are you focusing on the more tearout side of things at the minute? We’d say we produce both styles equally to be honest. We love both and really enjoy producing it all. We get great support from both of the scenes’ big DJs as well which keeps us very enthusiastic.

Deep Tuna

You’re four releases into the imprint now, how has starting up gone so far? Yeah it’s been great. Everybody down at our distributor ST Holdings are really supportive and helpful. We’ve had a great response from the scene including Radio 1 support from Skream & Benga. All of our releases have charted well on Beatport too! The ‘Sound the Alarm’ EP came out a few days ago and is currently sitting at #5 which we’re really happy with.

The releases seem to have been strictly digital so far, have you got any plans for vinyl? Not at the moment as it’s just not profitable enough. Usually, with vinyl you sell only just about cover the cost of manufacturing it. The bigger labels, like Tempa and Deep Medi, are still moving a lot of vinyl though which is great. We would definitely do it in future if it was sustainable.

Three of your four releases so far have been your tunes; is the label a vehicle for Genetix tunes and collabs or will you be bringing other artists on board in the future? To begin with we had a load of our own stuff that we needed to get out so now we’ve gotten those behind us we’re going to start doing some different stuff. More artists, collabs and other projects will be happening this year.

We’ve got some wicked artists coming up on Deep Tuna including Razor Rekta, Subreachers, Haze and Tony Rocky Horror. He’s making some great tracks at the moment. We’ve also got some collabs coming up with Matt-U and Perverse and also a remix competition so news on that soon.

There seem to be lots of new labels popping up at the moment, challenging the more established imprints. What are your thoughts? Will these labels stand the test of time? Yeah there does seem to be more and more labels all the time. With the digital music industry being the way it is, they should do well as long as they’re releasing quality music. You see a lot of these labels up there in the charts with the biggest imprints. We think it’s healthy to give the new guys a chance.

I’ve noticed you saying you’ve been sent lots of new music on the label’s page. Are there any new producers making really standout music at the moment? Yeah we we’re looking for some new music for Deep Tuna. We got sent a lot of good stuff and the guy that stood out the most to us was Tony Rocky Horror. He’s had quite a lot of stuff out already but his new stuff is really good and we’re gonna be releasing quite a few of his tunes.

Have you got any tips for other label founders or people looking to get into working with a label? Any massive dos/ don’ts? Just make sure you have some quality control in place and that you know what your doing. You should have some musical knowledge and theory behind you really.

Any final words or shout outs? Hope the label goes well and talk to you both soon! Thanks Wil, too many to mention really – the list would go on forever! Just everybody who has helped us along the way, all our family and friends and all the peeps we’re working with right now to bring good music to the people.


Track list:

  1. Genetix – You’re Alive [Deep Tuna dub]
  2. Razor Rekta – Marina [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  3. Genetix – Afraid [Free Tuna]
  4. Matt U – Danger VIP [FKOF Free Download]
  5. Kaiju – M16 [Osiris Music]
  6. Genetix – Passenger [Deep Tuna dub]
  7. Vowid – Pearceite [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  8. Genetix – Mystical [Free Tuna dub]
  9. Sadhu – Ocean [Free]
  10. Genetix – Paleolithic [Wheel & Deal]
  11. Tony Rocky Horror – Modus Operandi [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  12. Genetix – Cryostasis [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  13. Wayfarer – Zeg [Uprise Audio]
  14. Genetix – Inside [Deep Tuna dub]
  15. Subreachers – Lo-Fi [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  16. Genetix – The Further [Free Tuna]
  17. J:Kenzo – Magneto (Feel It) [Tempa]
  18. Thelem feat. T Man – Bring Me Down [Innamind]
  19. Haze – Badness Ting [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  20. Genetix – Surface Tension [Biscuit Factory]
  21. Sadhu – Seperation [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  22. Genetix & Matt U ft. Double L – Shamanic Technology [forthcoming Deep Tuna]
  23. Khafu & Love The Cook – Evil Minds [forthcoming Rubix Records]
  24. Genetix – Charged [forthcoming Deep Tuna]

DEEPTUNA001 drops the third week of February, with many more releases scheduled soon after.
Keep an eye on Genetix via the links below for more information on both Big Tuna and Deep Tuna as its released.


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