Indiji x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Indiji x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

We’ve followed (and covered) the rise of Seven‘s Uprise Audio imprint here on FatKidOnFire since the early days of the label. As many suspected when it first surfaced, UA has gone from just another dubstep label to one of the most important new labels – homing some of the older, more established artists alongside exclusive signings of fresh new blood.

One of the best examples of new blood picked up and cultivated by Seven and co-founder Verity is Caan Indiji Morgan – a young producer who calls Watford home. First appearing on the Live From The Future extended edition, Indiji has seen support from some of dubstep’s biggest influencers and recently dropped his debut solo release with UA. We caught up with him to find out more…


Caan, how are you dude? I’m good thanks.

For those who haven’t heard of you before, can you give us a brief overview of Indiji? Well, I produce and DJ mainly bass-driven music under the name Indiji. I’m glad to say I’ve also recently signed exclusively to Uprise Audio.

How did it all start for you? What got you into electronic music – and when did you decide to come out and start producing dubstep? I got into making hip-hop when i was quite young, but back when I started making grime was when I really started getting into electronic dance music. I used to listen to the some electronica/chillout music, but a lot of it was orientated around live instruments. It wasn’t until I got into grime that I started really exploring electronic music as a real ‘sound’ of their own. I’ve been producing for a while, but now I feel I’m making solid music.

Let’s talk inspirations, who or what inspires you to sit down and create a tune? I get inspiration from so many places! A lot of weird music inspires me to make more out-there stuff – but in a more solid dancefloor structure. I try to mix the original vibe of the earlier dubstep days with the clarity of today’s productions.


You’re one of the new artists Seven and the Uprise Audio team are bringing through in 2014. What’s that been like so far? It’s been good. It’s great to have a team like that behind you, you know your music can reach its full potential. They are all nice guys and girls as well; so its good to have likeminded people that you get on with around you!

Do you think labels have a responsibility to help new artists grow and develop? A lot of the labels these days seem to release a few tunes and then never work with an artist again. Does it help having the backing of an imprint like UA? Definitely. I’m really happy to be working with them, my tunes gets an invaluable set of ears to run stuff by and their incredible quality control is helping my sound develop.

You first appeared on the Live From The Future extended edition, and your debut release came out this week. For those who haven’t heard your tunes before, how would you describe your sound? I try to stay away from having a signature sound, but goin back to what I said earlier, with the UA stuff I would say it’s what dubstep was all about, with the production quality of newer music…


What can you tell us about the UA007 release? With these tracks I tried to go for fairly stripped back styles, but still sounding big/ hard-hitting for the dancefloors.

Of the other artists in the UA camp – or new artists coming up with you – are there any that you think are making standout music? LSN’s tunes are wicked! Every time I hear their new stuff I’m blown away. Their production is tight and they capture a vibe really well.

Have you got any advice for producers looking to get started? Anything you’ve done that you’d recommend doing or avoiding? My advice would be to work hard at mastering your production methods. Play to what works for you, but don’t be afraid to take advice if the piece of music could benefit from outside help. Don’t be afraid to make something really different from what you’re comfortable with! Also, do yourself justice and don’t upload your new beat to SoundCloud as soon as you’ve bounced it, wait until you’re really happy with your music before trying to find the right avenues to work with.

Last but not least, any final words or shoutouts? Thanks for your time and good luck with the release! Shouts out to Eddy Seven & Verity, you guys at FKOF and all the supporters!

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Indiji’s two track debut release on Uprise Audio is out now – you can grab it from Juno Download here – and read the UA release write up below…

Darknet begins with a cold drone lead, creating an cinematic atmosphere full of tension and suspense. The track then erupts into technical brilliance with a serious sonic delivery. The precise drum work and tight percussion, complimented by a thunderous sub bass groove, lay the frame work for the tight signature mids that this inspiring artist is becoming know for. The arrangement is perfect for DJs who like to ride out a long mix, whilst maintaining interest and variety for the home listeners.

“The intro of Shake The Foundations is a creeper. Again atmospheric pressure is the dish Indiji serves best with his intros and this track expresses that in full effect with its eerie pad – fit for any sci-fi movie space station sequence. The ambience is soon broken by some solid drum work, laying down the groove and compelling the listener to their head. This tune does what it says on the tin, when the bass drop it truly shakes the foundations of any club its being played in. A firm favourite of Youngsta and Vivek.”

Uprise Audio

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