Infinity Inc. x FatKidOnFire - Interview #101

Infinity Inc. x FatKidOnFire

Interview #101

Things have been going from mad to mental here at FatKidOnFire over the past couple of weeks – hitting 1,500 fans on Facebook, the FKOF Twitter account is just about to hit 1,300 followers and SoundCloud‘s not far off 1,800 followers. And that’s with limited content being pushed out on the site (partly thanks to my pretty mental schedule and otherwise down to my inability to free up some time to sit down and blog).

For those of you who have interviews/ mixes submitted (and waiting) to go up on FKOF, hold tight and they’ll get the upload soon. I’ve got a backlog building so I’m doing my best to get everything out in the order it came into my inbox…

Tonight’s got a few posts lined up in an attempt to clear said backlog.

To celebrate reaching the 100th MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire feature, we did so with two artists. So I figured it was only fair to do the same, a few weeks later, when the FKOF brand series hit the big 100. #100.1 was with Heft Clothing, a startup label I thought that embodied everything good about the DIY streetwear ethic I’ve been supporting with FatKidOnFire over the past two years. The two brands I’d asked to potentially fill the #100.2 feature spot have both recently delayed their spot – so instead of waiting another few months to celebrate the #100.2 I’m going to push on with the series and come back to the second #100 interview when either of the brands are ready. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

#101 in the FatKidOnFire brand series is with yet another one-man-brand – the fast-growing Infinity Inc. from Sheffield. I first discovered Alec’s work via another independent Sheffield brand, Skull and Bones Boys Club, who featured in the FKOF series back at #81 in August last year. He’s been doing lots of awesome things with a few of the bands I’ve been following recently – and when he got in touch with his latest tees I offered up a spot on the series…

Who and what is Infinity Inc.? Infinity Inc. is a one man streetwear brand. I started about a year ago, I’ve been designing shirts for 4 or 5 years now and while the idea of doing a brand of my own was always in the back of my mind (but I never really pursued it). I did a small batch of tees that I sold for 8 quid each and they sold out in two weeks so I just took it from there really, a year on and I’m hooked.

How have you found starting/ managing everything so far? Is it something you’d recommend doing? Oh yeah totally, I FKOFing love it. Like I said I’ve been designing sh!t for other people for years now so I get a huge kick out of doing stuff just for myself.

Your main selling point at the moment is your awesome t-shirts. Is this going to define the label or have you got plans to extend the product line in the future? Absolutely. I’d love to put out some skate decks, caps, watches, windbreakers, all sorts. It’s just a case of getting the money together and a large enough audience to make it viable – it’s all pretty low key at the moment so I’m just trying to save up and a get the name out there at the moment before I start going properly mental on the product range!

What does or will distinguish Infinity Inc. from the rest of the British streetwear being dropped these days? I am really, really big on making the graphics as strong as possible – I’ve got a degree in Graphic Design which drummed the importance of type, layout and composition into my brain (and that’s definitely stuck with me). There’s loads of brands out there that have fancy websites, loads of products and lookbooks but awful graphics; so that’s something I’m really trying to avoid.

It’s obviously early days yet and my illustrative influences are probably pretty obvious – but I’m always trying to take steps towards really solidifying the Infinity art ‘style’ and make the brand as unique as I possibly can. My tutor on my course once told me “If everyone’s looking left, go right” and that really struck a chord with me. I’ve never been one for following the crowd and neither will the brand – you’re not likely to see me putting out any Navajo pocket tees or any of that cliched stuff. FKOF that!

What’s your take on the independent clothing scene in the UK at the moment? It’s pretty hit or miss – like anything really there’s a few people doing some really high quality, interesting stuff and a load of people putting out dire, bandwagon jumping tumblr fodder just to follow the crowd. I dig INDCSN, Palace, XCVB, Monroe and SABBC. I probably forgot some more but yeah, there’s some banging stuff coming out at the moment so I’ll concentrate on that rather than go bitching about the sh!tty brands and get myself into trouble!

What do you think the future holds for Infinity Inc.? Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years time? Like anyone in the brand game, I’d love to make a living off it but obviously thats a long way off. To have a wide range of stockists and a large audience and being able to consistently put out product without having to worry about having a load of it sitting in my bedroom would be sick – so I’ll just aim for that at the moment!

Where can people expect to catch your product, is Infinity Inc. stocked in any stores – or are you keeping the label strictly independent? At the moment we’re just online and in two Sheffield stockists – Balance & A New Shop. Balance is filled with legal highs and A New Shop has loads of cool vintage sh!t in it. They’re both cool places run by cool people so go give them a visit if you’re in the area.

If you could say something to your fans, what would it be? Likewise to your haters? Thanks for buying a tee and stick with us; the product is only going to get better. Don’t think I’ve had the chance to get any haters yet, or if there any I don’t know who they are!

Top 5 favourite albums? Changes all the time but off the top of my head;

  1. Modern Life is War – Witness
  2. Thursday – War All The Time
  3. More Than Life – Love Let Me Go
  4. Isis – Oceanic
  5. The Ghost Inside – Returners.

Any shoutouts? I’d like to thank my mum, all my mates in Sheffield, Brighton &  everywhere else, the lads in my band, anyone who’s bought a tee and my lovely girlfriend.

I’ve got a lot of love for guys like Alec, as those of you who’ve followed FKOF for a while will know. Running an independent business, in whatever industry, on your own is bloody hard work – it might not look like it with all the brands popping up on Facebook every week but I reckon Alec’s got the staying power. I’m not sure what Yorkshire’s got going on but there are more than a few awesome independent brands pushing out quality product at the moment. INDCSN, SABBC, Synapse Collective and now Infinity Inc. – all putting in a solid effort for streetwear in the North!

If you’re keen on finding out more about Infinity Inc. and Alec’s work, follow the brand on Facebook and Tumblr, and find the product on the all important Infinity Inc. Bigcartel page.

If you have any thoughts on what Alec from Infinity Inc. has had to say, or want to recommend a new brand you’ve discovered or just want a chat about something you’ve seen on FatKidOnFire, drop a comment below or get in touch via emailTwitterFacebook or the FKOF TakesQuestions page.