NYLC x FatKidOnFire - Interview #107

NYLC x FatKidOnFire

Interview #107

It’s that time of week again, where Chris (FatKidOnFire’s Streetwear Editor) supplies us with an all new streetwear brand. After introducing himself via interviews with two American brands, he’s brought it back to Blighty with a chat with London’s NYLC

The staple of any independent streetwear brand is the graphic tee. Despite the number of brands out there, there’s still opportunity to put your stamp on what is essentially a blank canvas, and so that’s the go-to product for brands, new and old. For a while, that was also the case for London brand NYLC. However, recently they made the decision to go big, concentrating on premium cut and sew products. We catch up with them to find out more about their brand, and the decision to change focus.

Tell us about NYLC – where you’re from, who you are etc? We’re a London-based operation and we released our first pieces early this year. Now we are focusing a lot on re-designed classic menswear staples. Like with our jacket, a simple design with a few extra details you wouldn’t normally find. Whilst still trying to bring something new to the table.

Talk us through the decision to start NYLC… At first the brand was conceived to be a creative outlet, but then I started to take it more seriously. It also grew from a passion for modern design and other independents!

You describe yourselves as being about ‘re-created classic menswear’ – where are you coming from in terms of the designs etc? Yeah, we looked at some of the clothes that most men have. So Button up shirts, twill jackets, crewnecks; even things like wallets. We took to the drawing board and made all the changes that we thought would add value to these simple pieces, we are just trying to bring out something different from the things readily available.

Who or what do you find yourself being inspired by? I would say a lot of things inspire us. London and what Britain used to be have a theme through our products which you should be seeing more of soon. Then there are things like old workwear and art. So quite a varied list of inspirations.

In June you announced it was going to be a while until you dropped some new stuff, and that you were going to concentrate on cut & sew, premium products – what sparked the decision to go ‘big’ with premium items? The brand was first made to focus on t-shirts and sweatshirts, something which we have seen thousands of times. It seemed like we were just another t-shirt brand, there was nothing setting us apart. So we took a step back and wanted to create quality pieces that would last. And creating cut and sew items was the only step.

What’s your take on the UK streetwear/independent fashion scene? Any thoughts on what’s great and what maybe isn’t? I think that at the moment it is growing rapidly. Plenty of new companies are starting throughout the UK. All though all of them aren’t so great, it is good because it is a learning experience for everyone. I think the competitiveness pushes the owners to do something new, as oppose to churning out the pieces again and again.

In the words of my old school teachers, where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Internationally recognized and stocked in relevant stores around the world. Maybe even having our own retail location. You never know aha.

Current sound track to your life (favourite song/album etc.)? My all time favorite has to be the Madvillainy album!

Any shoutouts? Yeah, definitely! Thanks to all those that have been nice to us and supported our releases. All the small stores that took a chance with our early pieces, Especially the guys at Dais Boutique and the Dirty Girl Store!

It’s always pretty exciting to a come across a brand that’s taking a risk to do something to set itself apart, and NYLC are certainly doing that. Moving away from the ‘safe’ tees and sweats and onto premium, hand-made menswear is a move I admire. Cut and sew products are something that most brands aspire to making at some point, but NYLC have taken the plunge and gone in for it big time. I wish them the best of luck, and hope they make a success of it – from the teaser shots so far, the products look well designed and high quality, so they seem to be giving themselves the best chance possible.

Keep an eye on them for further details via their Facebook page, and their new site which is coming in the autumn.

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