Thai Matic x FatKidOnFire - Interview #108

Thai Matic x FatKidOnFire

Interview #108

It seems, what with Chris on a recent roll with his Streetwear interviews, the non-MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire features here on FKOF have started picking up steam again. About damn time…

Through one way or another, I’ve been meaning to sort a feature with hip-hop artist Thai Matic for some time now. I was first put onto the London lyricist by none other than my boy RUDO (who we’ve not heard from in a long minute; but fear not – we’re working on that behind the scenes. S/S13 is going to be the one!) sometime last year. I’ve been following Thai Matic’s progress – along with the recent release of a new album. We caught up a week or so back to have a chat…

Who is Thai Matic? A young creative from North West london.

Can you tell us a bit about your background? I started out rapping in school then a quick spell in a group called KUz, our most high profile single was called ‘Dry Cry’. The group broke up and I went solo.

My first solo project ‘Let Me Land‘ was released in 2010 and heralded as a British hip-hop classic by some very well respected individuals. I’m now on my second solo outing entitled ‘End Of The Weak‘.

You’ve just released your EP, ‘End of the Weak’. Can you tell us a bit more about it? ‘End of the Weak’ is the culmination of blood, sweat and tears. I let a lot of things get to me and slow down my progress and I let down my team in some ways. ‘End Of The Weak’ is basically a note on my psyche reminding me to never let my weakness get the better of me…

How important has the internet and social media been in enabling you to share your music? It’s been very important in giving my fans instant access to my music and allowing me to keep track of people who are listening to my songs and be in control of my career.

What got you into producing music and writing rhymes? It was Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ that got me into writing and making music. I have always had a love of music in its entirety but I think that album really drove my passion to pursue hip-hop.

What does or will make your music stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the hip-hop being dropped at the moment? Individuality, it’s something I pride myself on. I feel a lot music sounds samey and I just want bring a change and make the music I want to listen to; while pushing the envelope creatively.

How does UK music compare to what’s being released/ supported in the U.S.? Can British hip-hop artists compete on an international stage? Yes we can most definitely compete, we just have to think globally and stop thinking locally. The problem with UK music is that we just think about targeting a particular group of people and not the whole world, there are some emerging artists like Labrinth that keep pushing the boundaries that will hopefully allow us to evolve.

What’s your take on the global hip-hop scene at the moment? I love it, it’s becoming extremely creative and that’s a good thing.

Who do you rate as artists/ producers? Right now I rate:

  • Kanye West, 
  • Labrinth, 
  • Kendrick Lamar, 
  • A$AP Rocky and 
  • Wretch 32.

They’re just some of a few people I’m feeling right now.

Where do you see you and your music being in a year’s time? On as many music radio stations as possible, even those that wouldn’t normally endorse hip-hop. Every record store, iPod, TV commercial, clothing store… Basically anywhere music can be played!

Where can people expect to catch your music? Are there any upcoming releases we can look forward to? You can find everything you need on my website. As for new releases you’ll just have to wait and see.

If you could say something to your fans, what would it be? Don’t let people tell you what to dream, live with no limits.

Likewise to your haters? Get a life.

Top 5 MCs at the moment – and why? Right now I’m feeling:

  1. Kendrick Lemar, 
  2. Pusha T, 
  3. Wretch 32, 
  4. Drake and
  5. Lupe Fiasco.

Simply because they are amazing lyricists, and I see a little of myself present in their styles.

Who are your current favourite streetwear brands? Supreme, Alife, Visvim, Palace (I only just got introduced to them), RUDO, BAPE, Neighbourhood, HeadPorter, A.P.C.

Any shoutouts? My crew, NWC… That’s it!

So you’ve had the words. Now for the music. Thai’s uploaded the latest release to SoundCloud – and I’ve been banging it about for a good few days now. It’s definitely a keeper. Hit up the website to support one of London’s finest upcoming MCs. Shout him on BandCamp, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be hearing a lot more of Thai Matic in the coming months…

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