MASS x FatKidOnFire - Interview #111

MASS x FatKidOnFire

Interview #111

Chris has been a bit quiet this week, having just gone and sorted himself his first job(/ internship) after graduating (congrats, by the way dude!) but has found time to sort another feature…

Time for a slightly different brand feature.

Usually, the brands that feature on FatKidOnFire are a straight-up clothing brand. However, these guys recently got in touch with us – and after learning a bit more about them – we couldn’t say no…

MASS produce work across various forms of media/ art, in their own words seeking “to document stories of challenging subject matter on a platform that is accessible to youth culture”. Launched as a collaboration with Leisure magazine last year, MASS are an exciting new venture that have already curated a few exhibitions.
With the ‘The Queen of Versailles‘ exhibition, MASS recently dipped a toe into fashion by releasing a tee to accompany the exhibition, and we’ve heard they’ve got one or two exciting plans for fashion-based ventures in the future…

Who exactly are MASS? What are your background stories? We are Jessica Bernard and Esther Theaker. A female duo with a Mauritian/ Jewish background. 

You work across a variety of media in order to document stories of, in your words, ‘challenging subject matter’. Tell us a little more about this and explain exactly what you do… We began making videos and photography projects and then later moved into curating. The exhibitions themselves centre around artists responding to themes within documentaries. We’re interested in looking at different cultures/classes and have been influenced by interesting storytellers such as Ruth Leitman, Lauren Greenfield and This American Life.

MASS launched as a collaboration (with Leisure magazine), and you continue to collaborate with various film companies etc. How do you choose who you want to collaborate with? We’ve been lucky enough to have people we like interested in what we do, and as a result, wanting to collaborate.

At the moment we are working with a distributor called Dogwoof who distribute influential documentaries.  They have released some of our favourite docs such as ‘The Interrupters‘ and ‘Hoop Dreams‘.

Is clothing/ streetwear something you can see MASS expanding into in the future? We don’t see it as the main aim of MASS but it’s something that on a personal level we like so will probably always have some involvement in it.

Streetwear is obviously something you have an interest in or have a relationship with in some way – what’s your take on the UK streetwear scene at the moment? We really like the Y’OH Streetwear. We feel that generally streetwear is associated with quite masculine traits but Kara Messina is doing something really cool in running a female-led menswear company.

Where do you see MASS in, say, 5 years time? Doing what we’re doing now, but with longer term projects.

What music’s getting you inspired at the moment? Hole & Kendrick Lamar.

It’s always nice to come across something different, and the MASS project is something we found particularly intriguing. I have something of an amateur-level interest in photography and video, and appreciate seeing people using them in new and different ways to tell stories and connect with an audience. MASS are a relatively new venture, and have already been involved in some ambitious project, so we at FKOF HQ wish them the best of luck, and will keep an eye on them for exciting times ahead!

If you fancy checking out what the duo have done already then head on over to their website. You can also keep up to date with them on their Facebook page.

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