Known x FatKidOnFire - Interview #113

Known x FatKidOnFire

Interview #113

My first proper day back on FatKidOnFire seems to have turned into a good one; with a new MakeItGood x FKOF feature, a few hints at future projects that are almost ready to launch and now this one from Chris – who’s seemingly becoming an integral part of the FKOF machine. But more on that later!

Chris is back with another introduction to a new brand who contacted us just after their recent launch. Chris and I got pretty excited with these guys and hopefully you will too! Read on for a cheeky 10% discount as well…

‘Hard graft’ and ‘ambition’ are two things it seems a lot of people find scary, and often a lot of projects people launch are severely lacking in both; despite having the best of intentions. It’s also rare that you come across a fresh, recently launched brand who seem like the real deal right off the bat.

Swindon-based Known, however, have all of the above by the bucket load, as well as a good variety of incredibly slick designs and products. The main driving force behind the brand is their tagline ‘Always On it’, which sums up their hard-work ethos and their undoubted passion for what they do. Another word you’ll see a lot with Known is ‘Outernationally’, something we touch upon in the interview. Read on and get an insight into one of my most-respected new brands…

Who are Known? The people behind Known grew up through the birth of hip-hop, went to the first dancehalls in the UK, saw Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva grow up in the skate scene in the early 80’s and spent hours each night jumping steps. People who had ‘3 Feet High a Rising‘ on a dodgy cassette tape and then got it mangled in their tape player. Who’s Walkman batteries went flat on a daily basis. People who missed the last train home after sneaking out to see Guru, and then had to sleep in the bus station all night still buzzing from the gig.

This brand is born out of love for a scene they have been a part of for decades. Trading war stories and sharing influences and then bringing it all together to create something that feels true.

What’s your background before the brand, and how did Known come into being? A skater, a designer and streetwear outfitter found themselves in the perfect place at the perfect time. The rest is Known.

What’s the concept behind your ‘Outernationally’ tag? Your Instagram sticker campaign shows truly Worldwide ambitions! It’s all about thinking big and encouraging positivity. The glass is most definitely half full, and we look outward and onward with open arms. We all have ambitions and goals – why not set them high? But we’re not going to get disheartened if things don’t happen the way we hope. If it’s good, it’s good, if it ain’t, well let’s try and make it so…

What inspires your designs? Do you try and convey anything in particular with them? Simplicity is what makes us tick, sharp and clean is where we’re most comfortable. You’ll notice that we’re not the most colourful of brands, as that’s simply not us – we try to sit relatively understated in our approach, but hope that the quality of what we do adds that element of difference. 

As a new brand, what are your feelings on the reactions you’ve got so far? There can sometimes be a negative vibe within the scene, how do you respond? Everyone has their opinion, and all opinions are completely valid. And to be honest, most of the comments we have had so far whether positive or negative, have been fairly on point. We are a new brand, finding our feet but ensuring that we don’t churn out anything that doesn’t jam with our ethos of creating a quality product. It’s easy at the start to spot any shortcomings of a brand. Oh, this is like that, and that feels a bit like this, and comparisons, no matter how original will always be made, but hopefully as the brand grows – so will it’s identity within the marketplace. 

Following on from that, what’s your take on the UK streetwear scene at the moment? The UK scene is bigger than ever, UK hip-hop has never been so well represented, UK street art is adored worldwide. UK people want a brand born out of that, that captures their ideas and ideologies and gives them a billboard they can literally wear to show the world who they are and what’s on their mind.

Known wants to play a part in representing that voice.

Any long term plans or goals you want to achieve with Known? The brands that last the longest are those that have an ethos, a way they present themselves, an ideology they always stay true to. This isn’t about being a flash in the pan or about throwing something out there that we don’t believe in. It’s about giving people a brand they can feel attached to, and they feel represents them as people.

Current soundtrack to your life? ‘It’s Good to be Here’ – Digable Planets. From the album ‘Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space)‘. 

“We love it where we’re from, but we kick it where it’s at.

Any shoutouts? Shoutouts go to the blogs and industry insiders who have given their time and expertise to bounce ideas off and patient families and girlfriends for putting up with the endless chat about t-shirts!

As I touched upon at the top of this post, Known are a brand I genuinely have huge amounts of respect and excitement for. I respect how grounded they are, whilst still remaining incredibly ambitious and optimistic; I respect how much groundwork they must’ve put in before their launch to be able to come out with such a variety of quality products (something that tends to be quite rare), and I’m excited about seeing where they go next.

We’ll hopefully be seeing even bigger and better things from them gracing the pages of FKOF in the future!

If you wanna check these guys out for yourself, visit their website, keep up to date with them via the usual Twitter (@weareknown) and Facebook. If you’re a user of Instagram, take a look at their campaign by hitting up @weareknown on there.

If you fancy getting involved and buying something you can get 10% off if you use the code


until the 1st of November.

It’s a busy season for streetwear (and fashion in general) so keep locked to FKOF for a fresh new Streetwear Radar landing soon…

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