Sanje Clothing x FatKidOnFire - Interview #61

Sanje Clothing x FatKidOnFire

Interview #61

Having started this new (wonderful) job, sorting FatKidOnFire HQ out with some new tech, struggling to adapt to working full time (after being unemployed for six months) and the usual chat associated with never having enough hours in the day it’s time for the next instalment in the series of FKOF brand features.

Brand features seem to have (unintentionally) taken a back seat to the makeitgood x FKOF features we’ve been running so we’re glad to get back to the good old brand content. This next brand is based in mainland Europe (we’ve had one or two difficulties with language barriers so bear with us) but we’ve done our best to get everything making sense and so we’re proud to present interivew #58…

Parisian Sanje Clothing are a clothing company with a difference. Designed by KKO, a young European designer, and manufactured in-house in New Delhi using premium Indian cottons and the company’s own specifications for cut and sizing, the brand produces ‘urban uniforms for street soldiers’ worldwide.

These urban uniforms are comprised of a tee, a hoody and sweat pants (which currently in production). Sanje got in contact after they launched last year and I was intrigued to learn more. After a few email exchanges with the manufacturing supervisor, I sat down with the brand owner, Stefano, and the following feature was born as I tried to find out more…

Who or what is Sanje Clothing? Sanje, the street mystik, is a brand that makes urban uniforms for street soldiers all around the planet.

Your designs are simple, strong and striking – do they have an underlying theme? What is your underlying brand philosophy and what inspired the brand’s logo? Our designs are deliberately striking to attract eyes in the crowd, like a sort of provocation… The underlying structure of the design is the contraction of a sentence arranged in a vertical way: “and(n) sin no more”. The ethymology of the word “sin” includes the concept of reaching our goals, keep our promise; so our slogan exhortes people to fight every day to keep to their disciplines. These slogans are placed vertically and have a sense of flow to remind of ancient calligraphy or warrior’s codes. [For a further explanation of the brand philosophy read the ‘About Us’ section on the Sanje website; the language is a little confusing but you get the gist of things]

What does or will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the European and UK streetwear packs? We think our designs will inspire a love-or-hate reaction but we’ve never seen anything like our work before, connected to hip-hop culture and its community… It’s a new concept inspired by the integralist component in street philosophy.

Who or what influences you in your work? Bansky and the Bristol scene, Astro, Popay, Pdb, Soulages, Atlas, Dogma, Lok iLL, Lost in though, Shuyu. Unknown masterpieces on walls from all around the world (NYC, LA, Tokyo, Milano, Roma, Paris, Berlin, Mexico city, Rio de Janeiro).

What’s your take on the UK streetwear scene at the moment, and how does it compare to the scene in mainland Europe? Our background is exclusive to hip-hop culture, especially music and aerosol art so our knowledge about other brands is very limited. We see what the hip-hop crews wear at their live shows or in their videos – most part of the time their clothes are from American brands though. So we don’t really know much from the UK…

Where do you see you and Sanje being in 5 years time? I just hope to get the chance to develop our collection and create new things. I do know that (Insh’Allah) I’m going to try my best every day to get closer and closer to my vision of perfection and self accomplishment. Like a soldier.

Top 5 favourite albums? (not in a order):

  1. Nas – Illmatic
  2. Notorious BIG – Ready to Die
  3. Gangstarr – Moment of Truth
  4. Pete Rock – Soul Survivor
  5. Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

It’s difficult to chose but if it helps my favourite MC is Method Man and my favourite song is “Lost in Thought” by Funkdoobiest…

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It’s always great to see start up brands doing something different – Sanje have jumped in at the deep end with hoody designs, a pair of sweat pants and tees. Whilst the price of the hoodies may put some off (it retails for €79) I’d recommend saving up and giving them a go – my hoody is dope! The Indian cotton and the cut of the hoody is pretty neat, and it’s always good to support such small independent brands. If you want to find out more about Sanje hit up their website and find them on Twitter or Facebook.

If you have any thoughts on what Stefano has had to say, or thoughts on anything else you’ve read let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).