Tokeyo TP x FatKidOnFire - Interview #64

Tokeyo TP x FatKidOnFire

Interview #64

We’ve had a busy week here at FatKidOnFire HQ. We’ve celebrated our 200th post, we’ve had our first car feature and our first shop profile and have generally just been too busy (but in a good way).

Tonight sees us slow things down, journey to Hollywood, (after spending last night in JPN) and connect with yet another hip-hop artist. We caught this next interviewee through D$ (who we featured here last week) as they share the same label. We were stoked after hearing his material and we’ve got a surprise for you guys…

California’s Tokeyo TP draws inspiration from some of our favourite hip-hop artists (Biggie and Tupac to name a few) – something that always gets our attention. We got chatting, after he got in contact through Facebook, and after listening to the three tracks available through his Soundcloud account we knew we had to get him down for a feature.

Tokeyo TP was also kind enough to provide FKOF’s first ever freestyle which you’ll find at the bottom of the feature (it was produced and in the FKOF inbox in 24hours, amazing turnaround!) so read more and get the freestyle on the stereo…

Who is Tokeyo TP? TP is a young versatile artist/ songwriter with unlimited potential and a drive to succeed. TP has been working on projects with Jazzin World Entertainment and dropped his first single “Monster” in December 2010.

I’m also currently working on my EP/ album.

What got you into writing rhymes? What got me into rhymes and hip-hop in general was listening to artists like 2pac, Biggie, Nas, Snoop etc. And falling in with just the whole art of hip-hop.

What does or will make your music stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the US/ UK (if you’re looking to break in) hip-hop being dropped these days? What makes my music stand out is my versatility and the way I am able to capture an event and turn it into a story. My style is unique and unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Who or what influences you in your work? Everyday life that we experience, relationships with loved ones, going to the club, or maybe even the worst days.

What’s your take on the UK hip-hop scene at the moment; compared to the one in the US? The UK hip-hop scene at moment (compared to the U.S.) is growing. The UK scene has a lot of supporters of hip-hop than in the U.S. The UK style is more of a traditional East Coast NY Flow.

Where do you see you and your music being in 5 years time? Making hit records and on the top of the Billboard charts world wide.

Where can people expect to catch your music? My Facebook page, the Tokeyo TP Youtube channel, Hot New Hip-Hop and Jazzin World.

Top 5 favorite brands?

  1. Jordan
  2. True Religion
  3. Nike
  4. Hanes
  5. Levis

Shoutouts Jazzin World Entertainment, Money In The Bag Entertainment and Kream Cheese.

The interview with Tokeyo TP is intentionally brief (he’s currently locked in the studio recording new material), but to make up for it we are proud to present our first ever exclusive freestyle!

Tokeyo TP x FatKidOnFire exclusive freestyle by FatKidOnFire

For more information on Tokeyo TP; find him on Myspace, peep him on Youtube, catch him on Twitter and keep up to date with his movements on Facebook.

If you have any thoughts on what Tokeyo TP has had to say, or thoughts on anything else you’ve read let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).