The Diggers x FatKidOnFire - Interview #68

The Diggers x FatKidOnFire

Interview #68

It’s been almost 6 weeks since the last brand feature here at FatKidOnFire. A bit of a drought we’ll admit, but luckily it seems the ball is starting to roll again as we get ready to drop our latest feature for you guys. There are more following this week so stay locked!

Chris from The Diggers dropped an email in the FKOF inbox early last week. He recently started The Diggers, a t-shirt based (for now anyway) brand that follows a tried and tested method of championing guest artists’ designs on tees.

The Diggers are modern day treasure hunters: pirates of the metropolis bringing you garments of unquestionable quality and style.

The Diggers currently have artwork from the extremely talented Mr Gauky, Keaton Henson (of Front Magazine fame) and Nate Trapnell and with an artist list like that we knew we had to get involved. The following is what happened when we sat down with Chris last week…

Who or what is The Diggers? The Diggers is a clothing brand based in Hackney, London. The name comes from digging in the crates; the art of hunting out new and exciting records.

Your tee designs are strong and striking – do they have an underlying theme or do you consider these designs to be your main brand image? Or is it more flexible? You seem to be collaborating with UK artists for your recent designs; is this something you’re looking to continue? The theme for the first collection is ‘New Discoveries’ – which really came from thinking about what it was that made Digging so special; the excitement of finding something new and sharing that with other people. I think if anything this is the underlying theme behind the brand. You can read how each artist interpreted the theme in their own way in the interviews over on our Artist page.

Mr Gauky and Keaton are both from the UK but Nate is Australian. I don’t really mind where an artist or illustrator comes from as long as their work is excellent and fits with the idea I’m working to. I’ve got artists in mind from Poland, The US, Brazil; all over. I am planning some distinctly British themes though.

What does or will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK streetwear pack? Hopefully the diversity of ideas and collaborations I’d like to work on. The picture in my head is a lot broader than what people can see of the brand now.

Who or what influences you in your work? In terms of The Diggers and clothing I’d say workwear is my biggest influence but you won’t get to properly see this until I’m in a position to do cut & sew. In terms of other brands it’s mainly the more grown up skate companies and similar like Silas, Huf, Norse Projects & Second Son. My creative background definitely has a massive influence on the way I work and approach projects. There have been lots of people and things that have influenced me over the years and it’s worth checking my blog over at for examples.

What’s your take on the UK streetwear scene at the moment? To be honest I didn’t really know there was one until I started doing research for The Diggers. I knew of brands out there that come from the UK but never really associated them with streetwear as such; apart from maybe Addict but one brand doesn’t make a scene. While researching for The Diggers I’ve seen quite a few brands that are overtly Urban but the brands that take a more British approach are definitely the ones I like the most.

Where do you see you and The Diggers being in 5 years time? It’s been such a mental rollercoaster just getting to this point. I’ve learnt so much and hopefully achieved a lot too. I plan a certain amount but to say where I see the brand in 5 years is a little beyond my doors of perception. Personally I’d like to be earning a decent living working for myself.

Top 5 favorite albums? It’s never an easy one picking a top 5 or even 10. I was asked the other day for a top 5 crate digging finds and did think after ‘what would be my top 5 albums’. I think for me an album works best when all the tracks work together as a whole and take you on journey, very much like a good mix.

  1. DJ Shadow – Entroducing
  2. Four Tet – Rounds
  3. Gorillaz – Demon Days
  4. Trentemøller – The Last Resort
  5. Dakota Suite – The Night Just Keeps Coming

Shoutouts All my friends and family who have helped and encouraged me. My girlfriend Ruby for taking the strain of a partner being self employed. The artists involved for really getting stuck into the brief I gave them. And definitely a massive big up to Wil for fearuring us on FKOF [glad I could help out man]!

It’s great to see new brands pop up but the real test is they can stick it out and last long term. The Diggers have a fairly solid concept and have so far collaborated with some seriously top notch talent so we reckon they’re one of the lucky ones who’ll survive and evolve! Hopefully we’ll see new designs and a foray into cut and sew from Chris and his artistic collaborators soon. If you want to find out more about The Diggers, find their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and keep locked on their website. As it happens, Chris is also a dab hand at Djing to keep locked for a possible feature on him later on in the month!

If you have any thoughts on what Chris has had to say, or want to recommend us a new streetwear brand you’ve discovered or just want a chat about something you’ve seen on FatKidOnFire drop us a comment via the comments section below or get in touch through emailTwitter or Facebook.