PXL Clothing x FatKidOnFire - Interview #72

PXL Clothing x FatKidOnFire

Interview #72

It’s been a quiet few days here at FatKidOnFire HQ – a family wedding and then a weekend away put a stop to posting content after the interview and exclusive mix from Quickie Mart on Wednesday.

Luckily, I’m back in the 21st century and hooked up to some wifi; which means I can finally post the two brand features, an ‘Out and About…’ and another ‘New Music…’ update. Stay locked!

I first met Dacre, the driving force behind PXL Clothing, at the Reset last year. Dacre’s been designing in the music industry for the past 15 years and has a serious weight to his portfolio! When he dropped me an email the other week I was stoked to be able to offer a feature. We sat down and talked things through…

Who or what is PXL Clothing? Hey FatKidOnFire! PXL is a streetwear brand dedicated to geeks, freaks, Facebook fiends, bloggers, Twitteratti, YouTubers, RedTubers, Bebo-ers, B-Boys, Linked-In-ers, tech heads, downloaders, graphic designers, nerds, neaks and anyone who appreciates streetwear with an innovative and witty perspective…

Your designs are strong and striking – do they have an underlying theme? PXL has a fairly long history, can you tell us a bit more about the brand’s heritage? What’s your secret for surviving this long? Thanks but we’re not that old, the reference to ‘Est 1965’ relates to the year pixels where invented (thank FKOF for wikipedia)! But I have managed 15 professional years in the music game – that’s down to sheer ignorance, determination, getting in with the right people and always, always improving your skills.

What does or will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK streetwear pack? The quality of our garments but mainly, our vision: everything we do relates in some way to technology which is a bit random for fashion but hey – it’s working so far!

Who or what influences you in your work? The concept for the brand was inspired by the distorting effects that the digital world has on imagery. Low resolution, image corruption and distortion are all undesired effects but have become a style and an artform all of their own.

For years, as a graphic designer I was rejecting low res files and then things like Super Super Magazine and Cassette Playa came and embraced that style… It took me a while to get into it but when Kanye’s ‘Welcome to Heartbrake’ video dropped I just fell in love with it.

I’m massively inspired a load of people – I could write for hours! I look at amazing design (fashion, graphics, video, architecture etc) all the time and get jealous, and then sit on a Mac and work my ass off. Some key people though range from Scott Langton (who launched Artful Dodger a few years back) – he took streetwear to a new level of detail and creativity before selling the brand to Jay-Z.

Ralph Lauren, Russel Simmons, P Diddy – these guys turned brands into billion dollar businesses… Bench and Superdry are both UK brands that are worth 100s of millions – and they started from scratch. Early UK street designers – Trevor Jackson etc. King Apparel which are the only street up brand from the UK who have taken it to the next level. I could go on!

What’s your take on the UK streetwear scene at the moment? I think the UK scene is in a great state. There’s a great camaraderie and community feel within streetwear. There’s also a big drive for brands to evolve beyond t-shirts and into cut and sew which involves design, production and finance and business skills – the learning curves are massive and it’s great to see so many people evolving. I guess like music, the influence was American but now the UK music scene is leading the world and I think UK streetwear will slowly get the respect that UK couture and tailoring has…

Top 5 favorite albums? Only 5!? Wtf!


  1. Gangstarr – step in the arena
  2. Biggie smalls – ready to die
  3. Jay-Z – reasonable doubt
  4. Fleetwood mac – tango in the night
  5. MJ – Thriller


Shoutouts Oliver, Terence and Shaun at Pop Up Showroom. Nigel, Martin, Chew and the RWD team. My Mum, family and friends. All the brands: Trapstar, Benjart, Playdot, King, Second Son, KVMN, Ape etc. My stockists: MASH, Robot Bunny and Hustlebucks. Also online at Threadsaddiction.com, Sturbanclothing.com, Mashclothing.com and UKelevens.com.

It’s great to see Dacre and the rest of the PXL crew doing well. Their extensive limited range of tees, along with the sweat and hoody (all of which are available for purchase on the PXL webstore) are truly awesome – if you agree don’t sleep as once they go they don’t come back. Each design is limited to 100 prints so grab yourself a piece of PXL history whilst you can. If you want to support the brand; find them online, follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

If you have any thoughts on what Dacre has had to say, or want to recommend us a new artist or brand you’ve discovered or just want a chat about something you’ve seen on FatKidOnFire drop us a comment via the comments section below or get in touch through emailTwitter or Facebook.