We Own x FatKidOnFire - Interview #77

We Own x FatKidOnFire

Interview #77

You wait forever (well, two months) for a brand feature here at FatKidOnFire and then four turn up in the space of under a month – and we’ve got loads lined up to drop for you guys over the next few weeks as well!

We’re stoked to be featuring another of our new favourite brands tonight – but if you or someone you know would be interested in a FKOF feature feel free to get in touch – please use the contact details at the bottom of this interview.

What happens if you mix four 19 year olds, with a passion for electronic music and a habit of promoting parties attended by 2,500 people (yeah, you read that right), who also happen to be clothes designers? Well if you’re Marty, Theo, Tom and Ciaran, you throw parties like this…

And start a clothing label, otherwise known as We Own. We caught up with the crew earlier this week to see what they’ve been up to, what their plans are and what’s going on at We Own HQ…

Who are We Own? We are Marty Bell, Theo Kottis, Tom Ketley and Ciaran Dawson.

With such a diverse background in events promotion, electronic music and designing, how did you guys end up starting the brand and producing the clothing? Theo and me (Marty) originally founded We Own as just a clothing line; we were pretty good at geeking out on our computers so managed to design the first line of tees ourselves. We managed the photoshoots, videoshoots & designed the website ourselves too, then paid a friend in pizza & vodka to code the website together.

We threw a couple of parties to promote the clothing, which ended up going down a storm. We decided it’d be a wise idea to have some experienced events promoters to expand that side of our business, so that’s when Tom & Ciaran became part of We Own. Our parties have since quadrupled in size.

What does or will make your brand stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the UK independent clothing being dropped these days? Can you shed any light on your “talks with a major UK retailer”? Do you think working with a large retailer will damage your reputation? We’re one of very few clothing lines directed solely at the electronic music scene. We’ve only just made it out of our teens and are all heavily involved in the scene, so we’re pretty clued up on what’s fresh.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to discuss that retailer – but we do worry that going into major retail could affect our underground image, so we’re treading very carefully. It’s a difficult step for us.

Who or what influences you in your work? As mentioned before, our main influence would be the electro/ house/ DJ/ big party scene, so we like to keep everything very relevant to that. We like to find a balance with our clothing, keeping designs relevant to the scene but not so blatant that it becomes cheesey. We’d never put a pair of headphones or decks on a product, but we’ll use quotes like ‘Too Much Too Young’ and ‘Give ‘Em Hell’.

What’s your take on the independent clothing scene in the UK at the moment? How do we compare to the rest of the world – can UK brands compete on an international stage?
To an extent it’s extremely crowded, everyone has a friend that runs some new independent clothing line. On the other hand it’s pretty amazing what people are pulling off on their own – it’s sick to follow clothing lines as they evolve from a bedroom project to a full scale business. We haven’t really started our efforts overseas as yet, but have weekly orders from all over the world – so there’s definitely interest out there.

Where do you see you and We Own being in 5 years time? So hard to say – our direction will no doubt change with the scene, which is completely unpredictable. We hope to be stocked selectively in retail outlets worldwide, taking the parties with us as we launch in different cities. We’ve been discussing the possibilities of opening our own stores too – which is definitely on the horizon once we extend both our line & product range over the next few months.

Where can people expect to catch your product, are you in any physical stores? Not as yet! We hit our first festival with our merch tent last month and had the best time – so we’ll definitely be doing more festivals within the UK this & next year. Apart from that, you can only catch us online.

If you could say something to your fans, what would it be? Likewise to your haters?
The support we get from you lot is unreal. You’re all mad (in the best possible way). We hope you’re loving the summer line & enjoying wearing it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. Haters can SIT.

Top 5 favourite albums? Can we do songs? I can’t even think of the last album I bought! How about one track from each of us?


  1. Marty: Charlie Darker – Astromarx (Original Mix)
  2. Theo: Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia Remix)
  3. Tom: Calvin Harris – Feels So Close
  4. Ciaran: Avicii – Levels (Original Mix)

Shoutouts Our good friend Tom Welsh at GetDeluxe for his help with everything recently – the most impressive drunken videographer we’ve met so far (the drunk part was probably our fault). Also Tom at Honour Over Glory, a huge inspiration and help whenever we need it. And finally to FKOF for the feature! Thanks [great to have you guys down]!

The We Own guys are 110% living life to the full. Throwing insane parties, producing awesome clothes and generally having a great time – it’s a lifestyle we all want to have! And it seems there’s a lot of love for We Own – they recently surpassed the massive 10,000 fan mark on Facebook! Catch the guys online, on Twitter and on Tumblr – oh and you can win a We Own tee by simply commenting on this feature or reblogging this ->FKOF on Tumblr post

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