The Finger x FatKidOnFire - Interview #88

The Finger x FatKidOnFire

Interview #88

It’s promising to be a fairly busy weekend here at FatKidOnFire, with two artist interviews and two MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire features to drop in the next 48 hours.

First off, a chat with an awesome little indie band from Greece’s second largest city…

Lia, lead vocalist from Thessaloniki’s The Finger, contacted me with their debut single way back in September. We got chatting after I’d had a listen to the great ‘Die! Die! Superhero!’ – I was so impressed I thought it’d be worth getting Lia and her four bandmates down for a short interview…

Who and what is The Finger? The Finger is a five piece rock band, hailing all the way from Thessaloniki, Greece. We are Lia Siouti, Sotiris Noukas, Sakis Azas, Andy Haralanis and Nick Ditsias.

How did you all meet? Our producer and bandmate Noukas Sotiris owns a recording studio, where we all met and worked together on several music projects. Through all the recordings, one thing led to another and we all decided to form the band. We all shared a common passion about rock music, so the rest was easy!

Your great debut single, “Die! Die Superhero!” (embedded below for those that haven’t heard it), was self released but was distributed digitally by Interscope Digital – how did your relationship with Interscope come about? How’s the single been received? Well, we don’t actually have a relationship with Interscope, we just signed up for the digital distribution where anyone can sign up and distribute their own release. The single is going pretty well for a debut from an unknown band! We’ve had great support from our listeners, from several blogs and radio stations abroad.

Die! Die Superhero! (free download) by The Finger

What does or will distinguish The Finger from the rest of the indie bands that are coming out of Greece at the moment? Unfortunately, we don’t have so many indie bands here in Greece… The bands are really trying more to make it in Greece,
than making it abroad. So we can’t really tell what or if will distinguish us from them. But we really hope that something will distinguish us from other bands coming from abroad!

Who or what influences you in your work? All five of us have different influences, thing that we believe shows in our music. From trip-hop and classic music to heavy metal. But the sound in our debut is very much influenced by the British rock scene. The political system in Greece is also a major influence to us.

What’s your take on the independent music scene in Greece at the moment? How does it compare to what’s coming out of the UK? The comparison is difficult, mainly because music in Greece comes from an entire different culture. Most of the bands here are mostly influenced by Greek folk music. However, there are many indie rock bands here making great music, they simply don’t have the same chances with bands coming out from the UK to make it abroad. Things are a little bit more difficult here for indie rock bands.

Where do you see the band being in 5 years time? It doesn’t really matter to us where we will be in five years, we mostly focus on what’s happening right now and we really care to make good music right at this moment! If that leads us to something bigger, we would be pleased and we’ll try to have as much fun as we can!

In A Fragment Of Time by The Finger

Where can people buy your music? When can we expect your album? Will you be supporting your album with a UK tour? We’d love a tour in the UK! Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific plan about something like this at the moment; weas of yet don’t have a booking agent abroad. Our album – if everything goes as planned – is expected to be finished by Christmas. “Die! Die Superhero!” can be bought in all major digital stores [purchase the single as well as grabbing the free download!], such as Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody and eMusic.

If you could say something to your fans, what would it be? Likewise to your haters? Fans: we love you. Haters: we love you more. Or not!

Top 5 favourite brands?

  1. Orange,
  2. Moog,
  3. Neumann,
  4. Fender,
  5. Our drummer loves Fanda Verdia.

Shoutouts To you and all the people who have supported us! Cheers!

I have only heard two tracks from The Finger’s debut album, but given how good they’ve been I’m not afraid to predict big things for this five piece. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Until we get another track on The Finger’s Soundcloud, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s hoping we see them make it over here at some point after Christmas for a little tour after the album’s launched. I’ll be going to see them, who’s with me?

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