Rascals’ x FatKidOnFire - Interview #98

Rascals’ x FatKidOnFire

Interview #98

This week is going to be something special.

Friday is FatKidOnFire’s 2nd birthday, tomorrow sees the first MakeItGood x FKOF #100 feature (the #100.1 mix got the upload earlier tonight) and we’re fast approaching the 100th brand feature as well. Oh, and the FKOF SoundCloud account is just about to hit 1,500 followers. Madness!

While I try and contain my excitement, I’ll try and get the following interview finished. When I’m not stuck in front of a computer, in the pub or at a dance, you’ll generally find me out on the bike. So any company that combines the streetwear aesthetic that work both on and off the line is guaranteed to get my attention…

Denmark’s Rascals’ did exactly that when they started popping up in all my favourite stores. Combining the Danish love of bikes and some seriously awesome streetwear silhouettes, Rascals’ might just be my new favourite brand. I got in touch with founders Martin and Patrick to find out more…

Who and what is Rascals’? Rascals’ was founded by two brothers Martin & Patrick. It is the latter who’s answering the following questions so hopefully our “brotherish” symbiosis allows me to speak for the both of us!

We are based in Copenhagen and we started this dream 4 years ago – with a very small collection of polyester track pants and hoodies meant for biking. Since then our range of styles has increased season by season and we can now present a full range collection.

Our main idea behind Rascals’ is to create an approachable streetwear brand capturing the spirit of Copenhagen and its people.

What’s it been like for you guys, moving out of Copenhagen and to the UK? How has the response been? Where else in Europe are you stocked? Getting into the UK market has been one of our main goals from the start; so we obviously consider it to be a great achievement. So far the response has been really positive and our London-based agents are doing a fantastic job establishing Rascals’ in the UK.

Other European markets are kind of a new chapter for us, but Rascals’ is already represented in the major European countries and with distributors in Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries we are hoping for some exciting seasons.

What’s your favourite piece from the S/S12 line – and why? Hmm, we are quite stoked on our camo styles this season. Mainly because the pattern and the colors are designed by ourselves and I think they add a lot to the overall feel over the collection.

I understand you’re a fan of Denmark’s ‘bike culture’, can you describe the inspiration a bit more? I think you are pretty much born a bike enthusiast in Denmark as biking is deeply rooted in the way we think of transportation. But I think the emergence of the fixed gear bike culture has added a new aspect to our biking culture. Biking seems to have become personalised in the bigger cities.

I consider the simple and practical look of the fixed gear biker to be a new take on streetwear in general and has definitely been one of our inspirations.

With your background in fixed gear/ ‘bike culture’, which bike companies are you rating at the moment – and why? Rascals’ is inspired by many things and the fixed gear is only one of them. Though we ride ourselves we are not enthusiasts, but I’ve just bought a Kona mountain bike, it’s a lot of fun and I like the collective feel of the brand.

What does or will distinguish Rascals’ from the rest of the European streetwear being dropped these days? Haha, hopefully the styles will speak for themselves!

We consider one of our strengths to be the broad range of inspirations we combine when creating the collections. We define Rascals’ as a streetwear brand, but we’re not constituted in a specific street culture; we’re not hardcore fixed gear riders nor skaters. We obviously drag inspirations from these cultures, but our ideas may just as well emanate from musical cultures or sports in general. I think this contributes to an overall unpretentious approach to our brand.

We’re not trying to “stay true” to specific culture’s dogmas, but instead we are trying to create something that inspires us and that is what we want to accomplish with Rascals’.

What’s your take on the independent clothing scene in the UK at the moment? How does it compare to what’s happening in Denmark? In my opinion, the streetwear scene in the UK and Denmark are quite alike. I think the major difference is a larger degree of differentiation among the stores in, for example, London compared to Copenhagen – where the scene is perhaps a bit stagnant at the moment.

But again, Copenhagen and DK in general is way smaller and the room for differentiation among the different subcultures seems more restricted compared to the UK.

Where do you see Rascals’ being in 5 years time? All the right places!

No seriously, it would be fantastic if we’d managed to establish Rascals’ in Europe in general. We are working hard on progressing Rascals’ towards a state where we are a street brand to take note of. Moreover Europe is definitely not our end destination and I think we both dream of introducing Rascals’ to the ‘States.

Where can people expect to catch your product, what UK stores is the brand stocked in? You can find us stocked in Coggles, who we launched exclusively with in the UK last season; as well as online store Glass Boutique. Very soon we will also be in Size! [You can also find Rascals’ stock at Urban Industry]

Can you If you could say something to your fans, what would it be? Likewise to your haters? I think our fans should become friends with our potential haters and convince them not to hate us. Problem solved.

Top 5 favourite albums? In no particular order:

  1. Radiohead – Kid A: This album keeps reappearing on lists of best albums and so forth. So perhaps a boring choice, but I cannot overstate the impact this album has had on the way I experience music
  2. The National – Alligator: An Album we both can agree on
  3. Tears For Fears – Songs form the Big Chair: Martin really has a soft spot for new wave pop music from the 80’s so many albums from that era could have appeared on this list. But considering the movie Donnie Darko’s influence on our summer collection, where the soundtrack is filled with numbers from this album, it makes sense to highlight Tears for Fears.
  4. Kitty Wu – Rules of Transportation: In my opinion one the most underrated albums of newer Danish rock. Perhaps their breakthrough should be in the UK!?
  5. The KissAway Trail: These guys grew up in the same small town as us and their music has already achieved noticeable attention in the UK.  Their third album will be released later this year so based solely on intuition I think this is one of my favorite albums to be.

(In an attempt to promote Danish music we’ve each chosen our respective favorite album from a Danish artist as the last two entries on this list).

Any shoutouts? Not really.

Like House of Billiam last week, Rascals’ is pretty much what I’d wear 24/7. And it works on the bike and in the pub – brilliant! Having seen the past few seasons online, I’m hoping I can make it into a brick and mortar store some point soon to see some Rascals’ bits and pieces in the flesh.

If you’re as keen on these guys as I am, hit them up online or follow them on Facebook. Remember you can pick Rascals’ up from Coggles, Glass Boutique and Urban Industry – but don’t sleep. These guys won’t stay in stock for long!

If you have any thoughts on what Martin and Patrick from Rascals’ have had to say, or want to recommend a new brand you’ve discovered or just want a chat about something you’ve seen on FatKidOnFire, drop a comment below or get in touch via emailTwitterFacebook or the FKOF TakesQuestions page.