Lucidity - Jot Maxi x FatKidOnFire


Jot Maxi x FatKidOnFire

In August of last year, we caught up with Macabre Unit founder Demon (and not for the first or last time either!) and gave out a FatKidOnFire mix and FKOF free download. One of the M.U.D crew hosted the mix (which you can stream and download below); but the MC wasn’t one I’d really heard of beforehand.

But an astounding new collaboration with Occult, aptly titled Lucidity, is going to change all that. The production, alongside its equally impressive video, is guaranteed to bring the extremely talented Jot Maxi into the limelight. We sent Korrupt to catch up with the ‘anti-MC’, to find out more about one of bass music’s next artists of note…

Jot Maxi & Occult

Yes Jot Maxi, you good? Yeah thanks, I’m alive.

That’s always a relief! When was your first encounter with spoken word? How has it impacted your life? When I was little, I used to stay up late until the good shows were on radio, recording them with my mother’s tape recorder – while writing my own verses to Coolio or Busta Rhymes. When I turned nine, my mum bought herself the Black Sunday album and I got into coming up with different type of flows. I was into anything powerful so to release my energy I did metal vocals for a few bands as a early teen, but something clicked in 2000 when the So Solid & Pay As You Go clashes entered my radar…

DnB was good but with this I could actually feel where my sound wanted to be. I’ve always been driven by futuristic or hard-hitting art and music, so I got fat goosebumps when I first heard grime & dubstep beats at the start of the millennium. I started out MC’ing on radio and at live sets round Europe for a few years then eventually made the natural transition to songwriter. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with different genres, searching inside my soul and cyberbrain.

What’s the philosophy behind your work? How would you describe your signature style? Right now, my philosophy is probably to attack a lack of philosophy, as it seems any wisdom we hear or read from writers or lyricists doesn’t register on us properly. Imagine if you took all the positive lyrics about lessons learned in the songs you’ve heard, and implemented the relevant ones into your daily way of living, treating any new psychological or emotional information like an update to your existing thought structure. But instead, musicians churn out the same subjects about the same mistakes for example. It probably doesn’t help that whenever our music finds a new freedom, its soul always gets dragged back into the glamorisation of a material lifestyle by the powers that be.

I guess I’m just angry, not only at the current state of music, mainstream, sub-genre or underground, but also with myself on a personal level. I believe this stage will pass and maybe I’ll relax a bit when I’ve finished my forthcoming album. It’s probably a bit messed up that I expect more of mankind and think that we should be smarter by now. It’s just how it is, but I know I idealise about a higher way of thinking… We call it cyberbrain.

Which writers or producers have influenced you over the years? Oh man. Korn, Saul Williams, Mr Lif, Wiley, Björk & Moby to name the ones that come to me straight out. I strongly suggest getting lost in their worlds if you haven’t before; they make some real powerful stuff to nurture the development of any potential cyberbrain.

How did your collaboration with Occult come about? How did that lead to LucidityOccult was the first on-a-level musician I met when I moved back to the UK In 2010 after touring southern Europe for 18 months as MC Jamalski’s padawan learner… I ended up in a house party at Occult’s yard & instantly considered him a bio-mechanism wired similarly to me. He had early UK underground influences & spoke in a mad made up dialogue like me! We set about doing radio shows on stations like UK’s Finest, Rood FM etc, performing live sets together, and the rest is future.

We’ve actually done quite a few tracks already, but we put Lucidity out there because it’s the first one that begins to enrapture what we had envisioned for the new sound; cyberbrain.

Jot Maxi - MUD

Besides your Jot Maxi Alias, what other projects are you involved in? Not an alias, it’s actually my real birth name. My mum was a class soul from the future, she called me Jot Maxi McNamee. See the way my last name sort of spells ‘MC name’, a bit crazy right?! My two other main passions are Graffiti & Parkour (free-running), but they have both taken the backseat because of my burning passion for music. I’m working on my first LP right now [on which Lucidity will feature] & until it’s finished I won’t focus on anything else. There’s actually going to be a track on there called No Alias about not needing a stage name to hide behind, if I did have one it would probably be MC Cyberbrain.

Have you got a specific workflow when you write? On the move, fully addicted to travel… I write best on busses, trains & planes… Surrounded by technology moving at high speed, pure cyberbrain.

If there were one tip for the next generation of writers out there, what would it be? Get real, then get unreal. Break yourself then rebuild. Don’t try and be gangster or fall into the same patterns of overused wannabe rudeboy subject matter. You will gain way more respect rhyming about ancient temples than about cocaine & fights. But what would I know? I’m just an outcasted virus-ridden defect cyberbrain.

Jot Maxi

Have you got a favourite bar?
“Most life insane, ghost inside the pain,
“I wish you could see through my eyes in the game,
“Like I let you hack into my cyberbrain!”

What producers or vocalists would you like to join forces with in the future? Yeah actually! Let’s find funding for an omega stage-show with Die Antwoord, Saul Williams, Lady Leshurr, Whitegirl Mob, Not4Kids, Danny Brown, Tempa T, Eptik, Jamalski, Princess Chelsea, Hopsin, Pikachunes, Occult & me amongst a whole bunch of others just going the purest form of insanity to crowds of thousands… Then on the tour bus there’s a recording booth & we all collaborate on mental tracks for a massive release that we would aptly title Cyberbrain!

Any shoutouts before we finish? Next level respect to Panarash, Jamalski, Family Business, Red Richards, Not4Kids, Gebonz, Ghostwriterz, Macabre Unit, anyone who knows me on a personal level… And most importantly, major love to my mother in the spirit world.

Of course massive props to FKOF for the interview & video feature!

Look out for sounds by Occult & I, both individually & when unified. Peace! #Cyberbrain

We recommend you take a few minutes out of your day to stop, listen and experience Lucidity uninterrupted. You can watch the video above or check it out on SoundCloud here. It’s brilliant – both verse and production. We’ll be hearing more of Jot Maxi (and Occult – but that’s for another time) this year – and we can’t wait…


  1. Demon – Parachutes [dub]
  2. Biome – Brimstone [MUV007]
  3. Demon – Kombat [FKOF Free Download]
  4. Rekta – Champion [MUD022]
  5. Dcult – Liu Kang [dub]
  6. Demon & Chapta – Fate [MUV006]
  7. Biome – Function [dub]
  8. Nomine – Ninjah [dub]
  9. Demon – Molecule [dub]
  10. Sleeper – Systema [CHST028]
  11. Demon – Morning Glory [dub]
  12. Biome – The Descent [dub]
  13. Demon – Physics [dub]
  14. Biome – Stuck Loop [dub]
  15. NDread – Untitled [dub]

The Lucidity video was shot, edited and produced by SLR Produktions
Lucidity will appear on the Jot Maxi LP later this year; released on SoundCouncil Records.

Jot Maxi

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